Updated September 13, 2017 - 11:26 PM EDT
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September 13th, 2017

Trump Warns Colombia It May Be Decertified as Drug War Ally Chelsea Manning Named Visiting Fellow at Harvard
As Russian Wargames Begin, NATO Continues to Overestimate Size 'Christian Media Summit': Israel to Sponsor Evangelical Journalists' Trip to Jerusalem
Declassified List Shows Sites in Mosul With Unexploded Bombs B-52s Are Back in the Skies of Afghanistan Dropping Bombs Once Again
Arms Control Experts Urge Trump to Honor Iran Nuclear Deal Tunisia Parliament Approves Controversial Amnesty for Ben Ali-Era Corruption
Venezuela Rivals Hold Exploratory Talks on Crisis Trapped by Landmines and a Creek, Rohingya Languish in No-Man's Land
Rice Told Investigators She Unmasked Trump Officials in Undisclosed UAE Meeting: Report Turkey Orders 79 School Employees Detained in Post-Coup Probe: NTV
Iran Arrests ISIS Member, Foils Attacks: Revolutionary Guards NSA Broke the Encryption on File-Sharing Apps Kazaa and Edonkey
NSA's Quiet Presence at a Base in England's Countryside Revealed in Snowden Documents How the NSA Built a Secret Surveillance Network for Ethiopia
Sloppy US Spies Misused a Covert Network for Personal Shopping – and Other Stories From Internal NSA Documents New Snowden Documents Released
Al Qaeda Warns Myanmar of 'Punishment' Over Rohingya Israel Endorses Independent Kurdish State
UN Probes Tanzania and Uganda Deals With North Korea Kenyan Police Fire Tear Gas After Women Attacked at Election Meeting
As North Korea Girds for Latest Sanctions, Economy Already Feels the Squeeze China Backs UN Call for Justice in Yemen, US and Saudis Don't
US Says Air Strikes in Somalia Kill Six Al Shabaab Fighters Red Cross Halts Aid to Swathe of South Sudan After Staff Member Killed
Bomb Hoaxes Cause 45,000 People to Be Evacuated Across Russia Five Militants, Two Soldiers, Killed in Egypt's Sinai
Saudi Calls for Social Media Informants Decried as 'Orwellian' Turkey Will Take Its Own Security Measures After Russia Defense Deal: Erdogan
Suicide Bomb Near Cricket Stadium in Afghan Capital Kills at Least Three Israeli Prime Minister Backs Kurdish Independence in Iraq
Colombia Sees Peace With ELN Rebels Harder Than FARC Canada Stalls on Mali Mission, Could Hit Security Council Bid
Canadian Teens Tried to Use Christmas Lights for Bomb: Prosecutor Pakistan Kicks Out Medical Charity MSF From Country's Tribal Region
Niger, Mali Leaders Seek Funding for New Anti-Jihadist Force Angola's Opposition Loses Appeal to Annul Election Result
Region Must Do More to Pressure South Sudan Leaders to End Conflict: US Diplomat Pakistan Has Borne $123 Billion as Cost of War on Terror Since 2001
Fearing Russia, Sweden Holds Biggest War Games in 20 Years Kurds Will Find It Hard to Implement Independence, Says Iraqi Foreign Minister
Evacuated ISIS Fighters Reach Syria's Deir Ezzor, Pro-Damascus Commander Says Rights Groups Target Police, Spy Chiefs Globally Under New US Law
15,000 Evacuated in Moscow After Bomb Threats Spain Threatens to Arrest Over 700 Catalan Pro-Referendum Mayors
Lieberman: 'Anyone Over 18 Must Enlist' Hezbollah Sends Reassuring Messages to Israel Amid Syria Strike, IDF Drills Near Lebanon
15 Marines Treated for Burns After Amphibious Vehicle Catches Fire at California Base Kaspersky Lab Antivirus Software Is Ordered Off US Government Computers
US Sent Weapons to Syria Through Ramstein Military Base: Report Girl Strapped With Bomb Kills Five in Cameroon Mosque
Senate Defeats Measure to Repeal AUMF The Pentagon's $2.2 Billion Soviet Arms Pipeline Flooding Syria
Duterte Escalates War on Critics: Human Rights Agency Budget Slashed to Us$20 Russian Network RT Must Register as Foreign Agent in US

September 12th, 2017

Kurdish President Vows Independence Vote Will Happen; 52 Killed in Iraq Top Secret Camp of ISIS Brides and Children Prime Target for Vengeful Iraqis
US, Russian Diplomats Agree They Don't Want Further Escalations of Tensions US Bombings in Afghanistan Hit Five-Year High in August
Trump Says North Korea Sanctions Insufficient, 'Tougher Steps' Needed ISIS Defectors Flock to Syrian Border Looking to Flee
China and Russia Warn US Not to Seek North Korea Regime Change Senate Intel Panel Slips Sentence Into Bill That Risks Spying on US Citizens
Pakistan Still Hasn't Received Trump's Demand List Hundreds of ISIS Defectors Mass on Syrian Border Hoping to Flee

September 11th, 2017

National Debt Hits Historic $20 Trillion Mark
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