Updated October 5, 2017 - 11:19 PM EDT
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October 5th, 2017

Russia Signs $3 Billion Arms Deal With Saudi Arabia FISA Reauthorization Bill Extends Surveillance, Avoids Real Reform
Hawija: Iraqi Army Says It Has Recaptured One of Last ISIS Enclaves Russia Says It Fired 10 Missiles at ISIS in Syria
Suicide Bomber Strikes Shi'ite Shrine in Pakistan, Killing 20 UN Mission to Monitor Colombia's Truce With ELN
Russian Spymaster Denies Meddling in US Election UN Ending 13-Year Military Peacekeeping Mission in Haiti
UN Blacklists Saudi-Led Coalition for Killing Children in Yemen Russia Says Kills Seven Nusra Front Field Commanders in Syria Air Strike
Turkey Orders Detention of 133 Ministry Workers in Post-Coup Probe Ukraine Expels Another Russian Journalist Over Coverage
Turkish Security Forces Kill Five Kurdish Militants in Southwestern Turkey: NTV Syrian Rebels Resist Jordan Pressure to Hand Over Border Crossing
France Offers to Mediate Between Baghdad and Kurds Belgium Eyes British, US Jets; French Offer Under Legal Scrutiny
Woman's Murder Prompts Mass Eviction of Syrians From Lebanese Town German Spy Agencies Want Right to Destroy Stolen Data and 'Hack Back'
A 'Sonic Attack' on Diplomats in Cuba? These Scientists Doubt It Catalan Standoff Touches Separatist Hearts Beyond Spain
Moscow, Riyadh Work Together to Unite Syria's Opposition: Saudi Minister Sudan Regrets US Putting It on Trafficking List Before Sanctions Decision
Erdogan Says Turkey Will Close Iraq Border and Air Space Soon Germany Drops Mass US, UK Spying Probe on Lack of Evidence
Catalan Uncertainty Paralyzing Regional Investment, Spain's Economy Minister Says Spanish Markets Gain as Investor Nerves Ease Over Catalonia
Pakistan's Top Diplomat Pushes Back on US Claims of Militant Support Row Over Pakistani Paramilitary Unit Fuels Political Confusion
No Decision Yet on Whether to Go Ahead With Monday's Catalan Parliament Session: Speaker Saudi Arabia Says It Dismantles ISIS Cell in Riyadh
Russia and Saudi Arabia Sign $3 Billion Arms Deal US Condemns Arrest of Istanbul Consulate Worker
Suicide Bombing at Southwest Pakistan Shrine Kills 18 Spanish Lender Sabadell to Transfer Legal Base to Alicante: Spokeswoman
Spain to Make It Easier for Firms to Move Base From Catalonia as Business Alarm Deepens US Poised to Lift Sanctions on Sudan: Official
Pakistan Army Says State Exploring How to Integrate Militant-Linked Groups US to Ask NATO Allies for Some 1,000 More Troops for Afghanistan: Ambassador
US Expulsion of Cuban Diplomats Includes All Business Officers French, Nigerien Forces Operating Where Three US Soldiers Killed
Venezuela Raises Possibility of Russian Military Help to Counter US Trump Will Declare Iran Nuclear Deal 'Not in the National Interest'
Saudi Arabia Agrees to Buy Russian S-400 Air Defense System: Arabiya TV In Afghanistan, a Family Fights for Survival
Syria Fighting Worst Since Aleppo, Air Strikes Deadly: Aid Agencies Deadly Blast Hits Shia' Shrine in Pakistan's Balochistan
US OKs Sales of Advanced Missiles to Japan

October 4th, 2017

Children Wounded in Sinjar Bombing; 48 Killed in Iraq In a Wartime First, Afghan Military Fully on Offensive
Trump Told UN Chief: Netanyahu Harder to Convince on Peace Than Abbas Mattis Eases US Rules of Engagement for Afghanistan
Spain Rules Out Mediation With Catalonia European Commission Defends Spain's 'Necessary' Crackdown on Catalonia
International Observers 'Strongly Condemn' Spanish Crackdown on Catalonia

October 1st, 2017

Congress Is Trying to Give the F-35 a Pass for All Its Problems
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