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Add to that the power and reach of the pro-war media – the Murdoch empire, Clear Channel, and the Fox News-National Review-New York Sun axis of disinformation – and you get some idea of just what we're up against.

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Updated August 5, 2004 – 9:10 pm EDT
Sadr's Forces Battle US, 16 Killed
Officials: Terror Attack Not Imminent
Credibility Cloud Hangs Over Terror Warnings
NY Mosque Raided Over Missile Sting
Arab Troops Would Be Unwelcome in Iraq
CIA Curbs War Critic Author
Intense Fighting in Iraq, Rebels Down US Copter
Abused Iraqi Detainees Held 'No Intel Value'
Military Intelligence Ordered Captives Hidden, Court Told
Investigators Conclude Senator Shelby Leaked Intel Info
Whistleblower Explodes 9/11 Commission Report
Emergency Official Stages Mock 'Anti-Tax' Terror Attack on Meeting
Attacking Neo-Cons From the Right
by Jim Lobe
9/11 Report: A Waste of Time and Paper  by Karen Kwiatkowski
Somalia: Ghost of Intervention Past
by Nuruddin Farah
Where's Rumsfeld?  by Harold Meyerson
A Truce With the Muslim World
by Mark LeVine
Forever Young, Forever Gone
by Nicholas Kristof

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Violence Flares Again in Two Georgian Separatist Regions
Moonies Empower North Korea Nukes
British Raids Net a Leader of al-Qaeda
Fallujah Tribesmen Raid Home, Free Six Hostages
Children in Iraqi Prisons
US Troops Raid Police Station, Arrest Iraqi Colonel
UK Activist Sees Opening in Iraq Failure
Iraqi Governor Resigns After Kidnappers Release Sons
Iraqi Islamist Groups Deny Responsibility for Church Bombings
Violence Continues
12 Killed as Iraqi Police and Rebels Clash in Mosul
Ethnic Violence May Explode in Kirkuk
Kurdish Militant Leader's Brother Killed
Marines Surrounded Sadr's Home 'Accidentally'
Ramadi Militants Warn All Truck Drivers
US Struggling for Troops
40 NATO Troops to Head to Iraq
Coalition: No More Allies Will Leave Iraq Over Kidnappings
Egypt Refuses to Deploy Iraq Troops
Phantom Legions for Iraq
South Korea Begins Shifting Troops to Iraq
US Troops to Guard UN Staff in Iraq
Turkish Ban Disrupts US Supplies
Tales of Torture
Officer Denied Detainees Water
UK Guantanamo Detainees Say They Were Abused
Denmark Dismisses Two Top Iraq Commanders Over Abuse Charges
'Justice' in Iraq
Iraqi Rights Minister Wants 'Truth Commission'
Chalabi Nephew Under Investigation in Killing
Iraqi Editor's Arrest Condemned
US Backs Allawi on 'Executions'
Saddam Speaks to Red Cross, Writes Family
Saddam Hopes to Wait for Trial in Swedish Jail
Scholar Admits Smuggling Iraqi Relics
The New Iraq
Turkey's Christian Revival Shows Iraq What Might Be
Water Offers Deadly Relief in a Blistering Iraqi Slum
Global Iraq Fallout
Worried Families in India Wield Power of Publicity
Musharraf Steps Back From US on Iraq
UK Navy Chief Warns Against Cuts
Clashes Intensify in Waziristan
Pakistan Arrests Two Terror Suspects
Former Pakistan PM Concerned Over Use of Helicopter Gunships in Balochistan
Al-Qaeda Computer Expert's Parents Go Into Hiding
Afghan Defense Minister Backs Karzai Rival
Gunmen Kill Relief Workers in Afghanistan
Afghanistan's Transition: Decentralization or Civil War
The New Afghanistan: Now with Polystyrene
Friendly-Fire Pilot Loses Last Appeal
Russia Denies Helping North Korea with Nuclear Missiles
South Korean Navy Defies Government, Fires on Northern Ship
Korean Missile Said to Advance; US Is Unworried
North Koreans Still Starve
Australian Minister to Visit North Korea on Peace Mission
US Embassy in India to Close Over Security Concerns
9 Police Killed in Kashmir Battle
China, Pakistan Engage in Anti-terror Exercise
Thai Report Criticizes Move Toward Authoritarian Rule
Russia & Her Neighbors
Oil Prices Slip Sharply as Yukos Fears Abate
Separatist Tensions Flare Again in Georgia
Russia and Georgia on War Footing Over Abkhazia
Georgian President Threatens to Kill Russian Tourists
Georgians Fire at Russian Delegation in South Ossetia
Four Killed in Rebel Attacks in Chechnya
Activists Call for Chechnya Summit
Russia to Focus on Kosovo in UN
Latest Terror Alert
Communication Breaks Down Between FBI, Local Officials
Al-Qaeda Strategy Is Called Cause for New Alarm
An American Debate: How Severe the Threat?
Terror Alerts Leave America Uncertain
Terror Warning Is Said to Lead to New Arrests
Alert #6, or Just Another Scare?
Terror Threat Consensus Proves Elusive
Nobody's Really Sure If Current Terror Alert is Real or Not
9/11 Commission
Analysts Offer Reservations on 9/11 Recommendations
9/11 Commission Urges Congress to Take More Power
9/11 Panel Criticizes Bush Recommendations
The War at Home
Iraqi Officials Robbed at Gunpoint in Memphis
Call-ups to Create State Trooper Shortage
SEC: Halliburton Under Cheney Filed Misleading Reports
Iraqi Funds Go to Halliburton
US to Fasttrack Citizenship for Immigrant Troops
'Homeland Security'
How the Administration Is Obstructing the Supreme Court's Terror Decisions
Statue of Liberty Security Makes Visit No Easy Task
Nuclear Safety Lapses Won't Be Revealed
Nuclear Security Contract Draws Fire
Four Guantanamo Detainees Refuse Hearings
Algerian Gitmo Detainee Vows to 'Kill Americans' if Released
Father Demands Release of Son from Guantanamo
'War on Terror'
The Changing Face of Terror
South Africans Alarmed by 'Terror Plot'
South Africa Denies It's an al-Qaeda Target
MPs: UK Must End Terror Detention Law
Aussie FM: Moderate Islam Key to Winning War on Terror
Children Killed by Israeli Fire
Israeli Forces Kill 4 Palestinians in Clashes in Gaza
Bombs Rock South Lebanon Camp
UN Evacuates Gaza Staff
State Dept. Warns Against Travel to Israel
Anarchy, Not Chaos, in the West Bank
Palestinian Collaborator Reveals His Motives
Weak Points: Israeli Security Worse Than Advertised
Israel May Reduce Compensation to Settlers Who Don't Evacuate Willingly
Pregnant Palestinians Lose Babies, as Israel Seals Gazans Gazans
EU Seeks to Question Palestinian Prisoners About Use of Funds
Israeli Spy Using Canadian Passport?
Egypt Urges Israel to Reopen Rafah Crossing
Women Step Forward in W. Bank
Israelis Cut Power Lines in Refugee Camp
Israel to Treat Combat Stress With Cannabis
Middle East
Cairo Sheikh Denounces Terror, Touts Peaceful Islam
Saudis Preparing for First Elections
US Family Sues Over Saudi Detention
Iran FM: Enriching Uranium Is Our Legitimate Right
Lawyer: Syrian Political Prisoners Gain Freedom
Renaissance in Arab Cinema Captures Divided Societies
Sudanese Forces 'Directly Involved' in Slaughter of Civilians
Sudanese Rally Against Foreign Intervention
African Union to Boost Darfur Troops
Egypt Urges Sudan to Act on Darfur

Revenge of the Mahdi

Summer of Discontent

What Color Is the Wolf Today?

Sino-Pak Policy: Carrot and the Stick

Alan Bock
Out-Toughing the Republicans

Praful Bidwai
India-Pakistan Hope Gives Way to Uncertainty

Ran HaCohen
Don't Call it a Wall

Matthew Barganier
The Honest Case for War

Joseph Stromberg
Inventing Iraq Yet Again?

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