Dog Days: Justin Raimondo
US Blinded by Love for Saakashvili: Mark Almond
Hands Off Najaf: Voices in the Wilderness
US Silent on Torture of Children: Lisa Croke
Bush's CIA Pick: 'Business as Usual': Jim Lobe
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Updated August 11, 2004 – 9:00 pm EDT
US Pulls Back From Najaf Assault
Al-Qaeda Plotting to Influence US Vote?
Report: bin Laden Plans Major Assassination
Iran by November?
Iraqi South Threatens Secession
Officials: Leak Let al-Qaeda Suspect Escape
Plame Case Could End in Supreme Court Standoff
Pentagon to Act Against Officers on Abu Ghraib
Bush Rips Kerry for Iraq 'Switch'
Pakistan Complains Over US Sting That 'Targeted' UN Envoy
South and North Korea Will March Together at Athens Olympics
A Looming Crisis in the National Guard  by Ed Offley
The Chalabis Aren't Alone in Their Corruption  by Patrick Cockburn
Shooting Mosquitoes on the Titanic
by Sean Gonsalves
US Blinded by Love for Saakashvili
by Mark Almond
Hands Off Najaf  Voices in the Wilderness
Guilt by Association Is Not Guilt
St. Petersburg Times

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UN Nuclear Tests Vindicate Iran
Ruling Offers Window Into Plame Investigation
CIA Pick: 'Business as Usual'
US Denies Key Witness to German 9/11 Trial
US Says Detainees Shouldn't Have Lawyers
UK Soldier's Homecoming Party Turns Into Wake
Cemetery Fight in Najaf Haunts Some US Soldiers
Car Bomb Near Jerusalem Kills 2, Wounds 16
Basra Tense After British Death
Tales of Torture
US Silent on Torture of Children
Abu Ghraib Pre-trial Hearing Relocated to Germany
Shi'ite Insurgencies
US Troops Fight Iraq Militiamen on Two Fronts
Iraqi-born Britons Join Sadr's Militia in Battle for Najaf
US Bombs Najaf as Civilians Urged to Leave
Cleric's Call From Shrine Rallies Backers Against US
Sadr Forces Push Offensive
Sadr Sticks to His Guns
Chalabis in Trouble
Chalabi Case Tests New Judiciary
Iraqi Judge Seeks International Assistance in Extradition of Chalabis
Iraq PM Gives Chalabi's Party 24 Hours to Evacuate Baghdad HQ
Ahmad Chalabi Sees US Behind Counterfeit Charge
Two Low Blows for the Chalabis
Violence Continues
Ongoing Fighting Threatens Security, Political Stability in Iraq
Militants Behead 'Egyptian Spy' in Iraq
Christian Compound in Iraq Mortared
Occupation Forces HQ in Baghdad Attacked
Mortar Attack Hits Japanese Base in Iraq
Americans Keep Dying
Houston Soldier Dies From Shrapnel Wounds
Louisiana Soldier Killed in Iraq
Fort Hood Soldier From Tennessee Killed in Iraq
Three Pendleton Marines Killed in Iraq
Illinois Marine Killed
Mississippi Soldier Killed in Iraq
Iraq Occupation
US Spending $500 Million to Improve Baghdad Infrastructure It Destroyed
US Denies Involvement in al-Jazeera Baghdad Office Closing
Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Rates Comparable to Vietnam Era
Iraqi Govt & Security
Iraqis Question Capability of Group Guarding Oil Facilities
Corruption Rampant in Iraqi Govt
Oil Prices Hit Record High – Slowing of Economy Feared
Human Rights Groups Slam Iraq's Death Penalty Decision
Tariq Aziz Tells Son He Faces Death
The New Iraq
Iraq's 'Hell' Still Lures Workers
Why Iraqi Christians are Moving to Syria
Iraq Team Wants to Reclaim Olympics as Symbol of Peace
Baghdad Shops Stock Once-Banned Books
Kurdish Scrapyard Sells Remnants of Saddam Military at Low Low Prices
Battle of Britain
UK Prisoners Could be Executed
Danish Colonel: British Violating Geneva Conventions in Iraq
Relative of Killed Soldier Urges Blair to Withdraw From Iraq
Gulf War Vaccine Still a Problem
Global Iraq Fallout
Protesting Reinstatement of Death Penalty, Danes Stop Handing Over Iraq Prisoners
Iraq Apologizes to Iran for Najaf Weapons Charges
Thai Troops Begin Withdrawal From Iraq
War of International Opinion Largely Ignored by US
UN Seeks More Money for Iraq Graft Inquiry
Mideast News Outlets Urged to Stop Reporting Hostage-Takings in Iraq
US Military to Ease Tactics in Afghanistan
Warlords Hold Keys to Afghan Presidential Election
Afghanistan Approves 18 Presidential Candidates
Shi'ite Warlord Grabs Flag of Downtrodden Minority in Afghan Presidential Race
Canadian Soldiers Arrive Home From Afghanistan
Former Mujahedin Commander Hopes to Turn Afghan Ski Run Into a Path to Peace
Pakistan Fear Terror Retaliation
Pakistan, India Fail to Define Terrorism
South Waziristan Tribes Hands Over Five Suspected Militant Abettors to Govt
Pakistan Will Not Allow UN to Inspect Its Nuclear Facilities
US 'Dismayed' at E. Timor Tribunal
Terror Charges Against Indian MP Dropped
Amid Protest, Indian State May Lift Anti-terror Law
China Ups Ante in Ancient-Kingdom Feud With Korea
Threats Prompt US Closure of Sri Lankan Embassy
Nepalese Troops Attack Maoists
Malaysia Police 'Brutal, Corrupt'
Not Really a Terror Story
'Terrorist' House Cat Storms Airline Cockpit, Forces Landing
New CIA Chief
Bush Names Rep. Goss to Head CIA
Reaction to Goss Nomination to Head CIA
Goss' Combative Side
Last Month, Sen. Roberts Dismissed Goss as Possible CIA Nominee
The War at Home
Wounded Soldiers Adjust to New Lives
Eye Injuries Life-Changing for GIs
Retired US General Advises Canada to Reject Missile Defense Plan
Antiwar Group Reverses Course, Applies for New Parks Permit
Antiwar Protesters Go High-tech
Fallout Remains From Photos of Troops' Coffins
'Homeland Security'
Pakistani National Arrested In N.C. After Scouting Buildings
Officials Failed to Act on Las Vegas Terror Threat
Reporter Faces Jail Over Silence in CIA Leak Probe
Hijackers' Friend Objects to 9/11 Report
'War on Terror'
German 9/11 Trial Defense: Witnesses Likely Tortured
9/11 Conspirators Revealed Links with Chechen Fighters
Seized Files Show al-Qaeda Alive and Well
US Team Tracks Terror Funds in Pacific
Malacca Strait: Target for Terror?
Confessed Bali Bomber Could Walk Free
Bombings in Turkey
Bombs Hit Two Turkish Hotels
Kurds Say They Bombed Turkish Hotels
Al-Qaeda–Linked Group Claims Credit in Istanbul Bombings
Self-Proclaimed Istanbul Bombers Declare War on Europe
Tourists in Turkey Targeted
Don't Give up on the Immortal Istanbul
EU Investigation Finds No Fraud in Palestinian Authority Funds
Israeli DM Freezes Plan to Arm Palestinian Police
Palestinian Lawmakers Blame Arafat for Lack of Reforms
Franks: Threat to Israel Justified Iraq Invasion
26 Years Later, UN Still Patrolling Israel-Lebanon Border
Settlers Fight Israel on Two Fronts
UN: Israeli Violations of Lebanese Airspace May Spark Border Clashes
Rights Group Slams Israeli-only Roads
Israeli Woman Suspected of Helping Plan Palestinian Terror Attacks
15 Injured in Israeli Helicopter Attack
New Zealand: Gang Leaders Defer to Jailed Israelis
Middle East
Diplomats: IAEA Links Iran Uranium to Pakistan
Hand Over Nuclear Weapons and Know-how, Iran Tells Britain
Egypt Sees a Glimmer of Hope for Reform
Libya to Pay $35 Million for 1986 Berlin Bombing
Algerian Forces Kill, Arrest Militants
Sen. Frist: Sanctions Not Enough in Darfur Crisis
Darfur Rebels Not Aware of Talks, But Welcome Them Anyway
Sudan Launches Fresh Helicopter Attacks in Darfur
Darfur Militia Recruited for Sudan Police
Amnesty Demands End to Free-Speech Abuses in Sudan
EU: Darfur Massacres Not Genocide
African Union Delays Decision on Darfur Peacekeepers
Scared and On the Run, Villagers of Darfur Fear for Their Lives
Mugabe Vows to Maintain Military Spending in Zimbabwe
UK Group Accuses Zimbabwe of Torturing Election Opponents
UN Accuses All Armed Groups in Congo Province of War Crimes
Georgia-Russia Tensions Spurred by Bad Translators
Economy Chief Killed in South Georgia
Defense Chiefs Talk Down Georgian Crisis
Russia Concerned Over Threat from US Defense Shield
The Myth of Russian Nuclear Security
Hunting Nuclear Waste Dumped in Moscow
Putin's Petroleum Oligarchy
In Other News
Venezuela: Polls Point to Likely Chávez Victory
Monitors Say Ukraine Election 'Heavily Biased'
Germans Seek WWII Reparations From Poland
Mauritanian Military Officers Arrested in Coup Plot

Dog Days

Bringing Back Saddam (Almost)

Sino-Japanese Grudge Match

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Summer of Discontent

Praful Bidwai
India-Pakistan Hope Gives Way to Uncertainty

Ran HaCohen
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Matthew Barganier
The Honest Case for War

Joseph Stromberg
Inventing Iraq – Yet Again?

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