Rise of Empire: Justin Raimondo
Evolving Empire: Chalmers Johnson
Najaf Prompts Talk of Secession: Lisa Croke

Egypt's Iron Fist: Cam McGrath

World Military Costs Near $1 Trillion: Thalif Deen
We may extend our dominion over the whole continent...but be assured it will be at the price of our free institutions.
– Rep. William Waters Boyce
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Updated August 18, 2004 – 9:50 pm EDT
Sadr Agrees to End Najaf Crisis
Kerry Blasts Bush Troops Pullout Plan
GOP Congressman: Iraq War Not Justified
US Troops Attack Sadr City, Kill 50
Marines Picked Najaf Fight Without Pentagon's OK
US Accounts for Global Surge in Military Spending
Translation Mistake Brings FBI Mosque Sting Into Question
US Refrains from Condemning Israeli Settlement Expansion
Evolving Empire: Bush's Troop Realignment  Chalmers Johnson Interview
The No-Fault National Security Strategy  by Karen Kwiatkowski
You, Too, Could Be A Suspected Terrorist  by Anthony Romero
Bush and Kerry Both Unfit for Office
Madison Capital Times
Will Abu Ghraib Fade Away?
by Ashraf Fahim
Tyranny in the Name of Freedom
by Dahlia Lithwick

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Oil Surges Past $47 a Barrel on Fresh Iraq Threat
Analysts: Bush Plan Vague on Troop Movement in Asia
What the Coalition Knew Before the War
Geopolitics in Iraq an Old Game
Army Guardsman Sues Over Stop-Loss Rule
Iraqi Police Threaten to Kill All Journalists in Najaf
Al-Qaeda Network Resilience Raises Attack Fears
Bloomberg: Behavior May Cost NYC Protesters 'Privileges'
Sharon Ends West Bank Construction Freeze, Approves 1,000 New Settlement Homes – Says US Gives 'Tacit Approval'
Flashpoint: Najaf
Najaf Prompts Talk of Secession Among Iraqi Politicians
Rumsfeld Says US Troops 'Unlikely' to Storm Najaf Holy Places
A Najaf Family's War Outside the Door
Lack of Escort Delayed Iraqi Peace Mission to Najaf
Sadr Welcomes Vatican Offer to Solve Najaf Crisis
Najaf Battles Leave Many in Risky No-Man's Land
Najaf Police Chief Vows to Crush Sadr Militia
Calling the Shots in Najaf: This Time, It's Personal
Reuters Photographer Shot in Najaf
Violence Continues
US Soldier Killed in East Baghdad
British Soldier Killed in Basra
Journalist Killed in Fallujah
Baghdad Mortar Attack Kills 7, Wounds 47
Hostage Crises
Turkish Firm Hopes Iraq Pullout Means Hostage Release
Kidnappers Take Lebanese Man, Demand Employer Leave Iraq
Lebanese Seized in Iraq
Iraqi Police Free Jordanian Hostage
Global Iraq Fallout
Iran Can See Opportunity Across Border
Indian Workers Say They Applied for Gulf Jobs, Ended up in Iraq
Iraq Remains Off-Limits to Philippine Workers
The New Iraq
Dinar Brokers Bet on Iraq Stability
Coming of Age in Iraq
Everyone's a Poet in Iraq
Idema: US Knew of Rogue Prison in Afghanistan
Afghan Vote Threatens Bush Credibility
Afghan Rebels Fight to Within Sight of Regional Capital
US Brokers Ceasefire in Western Afghanistan
US Military Staying out of Afghanistan Drug War – for Now
Police on High Alert as Election Violence Erupts in Pakistan Town
Pakistan Interior Minister: NATO, US Should Beef Up al-Qaeda Hunt
Pakistan PM: Transfer of Power Within a Week
Al-Qaeda Suspect's Father Urges Pakistan Not to Extradite Him
A Bubble of N. Korean Exposure
South Korea's Dilemma Over North Korean Refugees
Aussies Offer North Korea Incentive to Abandon Nukes
China Trying to Save Talks With North Korea
China Tests New Guided Missile
Taiwan Air Force Shows Strength to Deter Chinese Invasion
Maoist Threats Close Nepal Firms
Sri Lankan DM: Rebels Smuggling Weapons
Uzbek Blast Trial Restarts
Sudan Asks Libya for Help in Darfur
Sudan Puts Pressure on Charity After Lynching of Worker
Red Cross Aid Departs for Darfur
UN Reports 478 New Darfur Refugees
Sudanese Family Uneasy in US Exile
Teachers Targeted in Darfur
Burundi Army Chief: Congo Troops Massacred Tutsis
Burundi Army Might Enter Congo in Response to Massacre
Burundi Massacre Threatens to Ignite Conflict
Survivor Tells of Massacre
Yukos Loses Tax Appeal
Yukos Official Denies Talk of Imminent Bankruptcy
Russia Rejects Treason Appeal of Convicted CIA Mole
Russian Oil Pipeline Through Turkey Gaining Support
In Other News
Venezuelan Majority Keeps Chavez in Power
Haiti Court Acquits Rebel Leader of Murder Charges
18 Killed in Nigerian Cult Clashes
UN Seeks More Neutral Posture
Carl Mydans, Wartime Life Photographer, Dies
The War at Home
Iraq Callups Sap Manpower Back Home
Berg's Father Meets With Defense Officials
Kerry Would Reduce Missile Defense Spending
Europeans May Aid US Firms with Star Wars
Iraqi-Americans Demonstrate Against Occupation
NYC Mayor to War Protesters: Shop Till You Drop
Veterans Search for Nuclear Secrets
Wounded Soldier Battles Nightmares, Injuries From Iraq
Military Not Pursuing Prints of Fahrenheit 9/11
Many Reservists Losing Civilian Jobs
US Troop Shift Plan
Pullback Could Alter Ties With Allies
US Troop Withdrawal Reactions Overseas
German Concern Over US Pullout
US Intel Community
CIA Official: US Spared bin Laden
Rumsfeld and Key Senator Signal Disagreement With 9/11 Report
  Rumsfeld: Intelligence Reform Risky
The New Face of Bush's Terror Team
9/11 Panel Wants National ID Debate
Intel Committee Chair Backs Spy Boss
'Homeland Security'
How the Pentagon Is Overcoming Privacy Laws to Spy at Home
NY Times Gets 2 More Subpoenas in Plame Case
Alert Fatigue: Living Under Code Orange
Media Attorneys Worried About Wen Ho Lee Hearing
Secret Service, Others Used in Place of Air Marshals
Tired of Post 9/11 Hassles, Arab Tourists Head East
Hackers Take Aim at GOP
UK 'War on Terror'
UK Arrests Eight on Terror Charges
UK Terror Charges Revealed
Ashcroft Hails Charging British Suspects
UK MP: Increase in State Databases a Threat to Civil Liberties
Is Torture OK with UK Courts?
Canada 'War on Terror'
Lawyers Argue Canada Should Not Send Terror Suspects to Be Tortured in Egypt
'A Lot' of Canadians in al-Qaeda
Global 'War on Terror'
9/11 Suspect Linked to Terror Cell
Witness: Terror Suspect Was 'Anti-US'
Aussie Lawyer May Monitor US Military Hearing Against Terror Suspect
US Seeks to Monitor Gitmo Detainee, Lawyer Meetings
Developing Nations Seek Voice in Terror Fight
Would Israel Strike First at Iran?
Iran: If Israel Attacks Us, We'll Blow up Their Reactor
State Dept. Presses Case Against Iran
Iran May Get Uranium From South Africa
Israeli Military Can Afford to Cut Billions
Israeli Intel: Palestinians Plan to Kidnap Soldiers
Death and Destruction in Gaza
Regional Press Doubts Israeli Sincerity in Syria Deal
Hezbollah Reelects Nasrallah
Israeli Soldiers Kill Palestinian Boy
Five Killed in Gaza Blast
Three West Bank Palestinians Killed by Israeli Gunfire
Israeli Government Fails to Address Bully Settlers
Middle East
Egypt's Iron Fist: Crushing Terrorism, or Human Rights?
Saudis Launch US Ad Campaign
Turkey Appoints Security Council Leader
Georgia's New Leader Baffles US and Russia Alike
Russia Stands to Gain Power From Georgian Meltdown
Russia Says It Won't Get Involved in South Ossetia
New Clashes in Georgia Rebel Zone
Heavy Shelling Batters South Ossetia

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The Honest Case for War

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Inventing Iraq Yet Again?

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