Kerry Is Clueless on Bases: Justin Raimondo
Repositioning on the Titanic: Alan Bock
How the Media Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Rumsfeld: Norman Solomon
Terror = Disenfranchisement?: Ritt Goldstein
Spying Is Not a Science: Leon Hadar
When the tyrant has disposed of foreign enemies by conquest or treaty, and there is nothing to fear from them, then he is always stirring up some war or other, in order that the people may require a leader.
– Plato
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Updated Aug. 20, 2004 – 9:10 pm EDT
Najaf: Iraqi Govt Talks, Stops Shooting
Abu Ghraib Probe Points to Top Brass
Lancet: US Army Doctors Had Role in Abuse
Abu Ghraib Whistleblower Wants to Be Heard
Audit Shows $8.8 Billion Missing in Iraq
Memo: 'Terror' Election Barring Voters Could Stand
Dems' Pro-War Stance Is Puzzling
by R.W. Bradford
The Empire That Fell as It Rose
by Tom Engelhardt & Jonathan Schell
How the Media Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Rumsfeld
by Norman Solomon
The New Caesars  by Gary Hart
Bad News? Issue a Terror Alert
by Bill Berkowitz
Congo: After 44 Years, UN Should Know Better  by Arnaud de Borchgrave

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Oil Nears Record $50/Barrel
We Have How Many Troops in Europe?
War Overtakes Economy as US Voters' Top Concern
David Kay: Those Involved in WMD Failure Must Pay
After Noise and Deals, Iraq Gets a Parliament
Iraqi Soccer Team Angered by Bush Campaign Ads
Sadr Fighters' Threats Send Oil Surging
First Hand Account From Inside Najaf
Denunciations of Allawi Ring From Shrine of Imam Ali
Najaf Shrine is One of Shi'ite Muslim World's Holiest
Flashpoint: Najaf
US Confused by Sadr's Motives
CNN Producer: Experience Inside Najaf Mosque 'Fearsome'
Mortar Attack in Najaf Kills 7, Wounds 21
Violence Continues
US Forces Overrun Sadr's Baghdad Powerbase
10 Killed in Fighting in Sadr City
Heavy Fighting Rages in Baghdad Slum
US Planes Bomb Fallujah
Sadr Militants Torch Iraq's South Oil Co. Headquarters
Two Polish Troops Killed, Five Injured in Iraq After Ambush
Mortar Fire Hits US Embassy in Badhdad
Hostage Crises
Iraq Group Threatens to Kill Journalist
Sadr Group Demands Kidnappers Release Journalist
Iraqi Militants Will Kill Turkish Hostage Unless Firm Withdraws Within 72 Hours
UN in Iraq
UN Marks Anniversary of Baghdad HQ Bombing
'Wrenching Questions' Remain a Year After UN Baghdad Bombing
Annan Vows to Protect UN Staff
Battle of Britain
Major Slams UK Army for Iraq Call-Up Suggestion
British Mom Slams Official at Meeting Over Son's Death in Iraq
Killed UK Soldier's Family Condemns Blair Over Iraq
A War of Words
Global Iraq Fallout
New York Crude Smashes Past 48 Dollars for First Time
India Rules Out Talks on Hostages
Danish Troops in Iraqi Limbo
Violence Reminds Returning Afghans Why They Left
US Unleashes New Anti-Taliban Weapon: Charm
Former US Banker to Become Pakistan PM
Pakistan Against UN Security Council Role in Non-Proliferation
Pakistan Serves the US Heads, Not Tales
Casualties Feared as Militants Clash With Pakistani Troops in South Waziristan
Algerian Terror Suspect Arrested in Pakistan
Women Press for End to Draconian Indian Law
Village Birthplace of India's Leader Points Way to Peace
Rebel Chief Killed in Kashmir Gun Battle
Israeli Tourists Flock to Islamic Revolt-Torn Kashmir
North Korea Is Reaching out, and World Is Reaching Back
North Korea Resists US Nuclear Incentives
Korean Blitz Hits Wrong Target
Nepal Appeals for Talks With Maoists
Buses Defy Maoist Blockade
Maldives Unrest Worries International Community
UN Sees Opportunity to Turn Screws on Burma
US Protests Chinese Mistreatment of US Citizens
Aussie FM Reversal on Taiwan Comments
Georgian Separatism
Georgia Seizes Strategic Location in South Ossetia Fighting
Moscow Scoffs at Georgia's Call to West
Clashes in South Ossetia Leave 11 Dead
Moscow Police Raid Rights Group
Russian DM: US Missile Defense Is No Threat
Violence in Darfur Part of Political Power Struggle
US Worried by Amnesty Report on Darfur
Voice From the Grave Sudan's Hope for Future
Sudanese Refugees Run From Nightmare Without End
Burundi/DR Congo
Burundi Govt Rejects Talks With Hutu Rebels
Burundi Inching Closer to Ending Long Civil War
Congo Recalls Ambassador to Burundi
Rebel Leader Threatens Congo Peace
Downsizing, Robert Mugabe-Style
South African President Seeks Urgent UN Reform
South African Soldiers Ambushed, Robbed Immigrants
Conference Searching for Peace in Nigeria
Shifting Troops
Reshaping – Not Reducing – the Global Footprint
South Korea Asks US to Delay Troop Cuts
US: Significant Force to Stay in Germany
Russia Unfazed by US Redeployment Plan
US Troop Shift: A Tale of Two Cities
US Intends to Deploy Forces in Azerbaijan
US Leaders Speak
Bush Proposes Increased Benefits for National Guard, Reservists in Combat
Rice Counsels Patience During 'Ups and Downs' in Iraq
Rice Admits US Fails to Influence Muslims
US General Violated Rules with 'Satan' Speeches
Rumsfeld: Missile Defense Ready by Year's End
The War at Home
'Oil Shock' Has Economists Worried
America's Rising Evangelical Foreign Policy
Anarchists Emerge as the GOP Convention's Wild Card
Police Turn Up the Volume for GOP Convention
NY Teens Appeal Antiwar Protest Conviction
Soldier Who Cited Alcohol, Drug Problems in Refusal to Go to Iraq Is Sentenced
Man Launches 'Bullets Not Boobs' Campaign
380,422 Teeth and One Chickensh*t Sales Dept
Army's Anthrax, Smallpox Vaccination Procedures Tightened
US Soldier Sues Defense Department Over Iraq Call-up
'Homeland Security'
The Return of COINTELPRO
FBI's Albany Terror 'Sting' Begins to Unravel
Judge Orders Court Date for Hamdi
Intelligence Reforms Hit Resistance
US Reporters Fined Over Spy Case
Homeland Security Officer Charged in Attack on Chinese Tourist
Ashcroft Playing Terror Card to Keep Haitians Out
Man Seen Sketching Transamerica Building in San Francisco Wanted for Questioning
Stolen Laptops Held Sensitive Airport-Screening Data
Border Patrol Union Says New Rules Muzzle Critics
Nuclear Data Found Missing at Dept of Energy Office in New Mexico
Ted Kennedy's 'No-Fly' Nightmare
Perfume Closes Down Texas Airport
'War on Terror'
Judge Orders US to Release Data on Overseas Detainees
Blairs Trapped in Italian Palace by Security Fears
UK Teen Terror Suspect Arrested
US Eyes Money Trails of Saudi-Backed Charities
Dutch Police Hold Madrid Bombing Suspects
Israeli Politics
Sharon Says He'll Press Gaza Pullout Despite Political Strife
Peres: Coalition or Early Elections
Israel's Top Court Upholds Dropping of Sharon Case
Rice Urges Israel to Halt Settlement Expansion
The Wall
High Court in Israel Revisits Wall Policy
115 Nations Back Sanctions Against Companies Building West Bank Fence
Hague Ruling May Lead to Sanctions Against Israel
Violence in the Holy Land
Qassam Rocket Hits Sderot Shopping Center, Child Injured
A Cruel Fate in Jerusalem: Will Six-Year-Old Walk Again?
Israel Kills Teenager in Rafah Raid
Palestinians Crushed Between Israeli Restrictions, Arafat's Idiots
Settlers Training to Foil Gaza Pullout
British Journalist to Be Released by Israel, Not Permitted in West Bank
Israel a Human Trafficking Haven
Iran Disquieted by Nearby US Presence

Iranian Was Overweight for Judo Bout, Not Boycotting Israeli Competitor

Middle East
The Battle of Ideas Within Islam
31 Killed in Latest Yemen Fighting
UK Oil Exec Shot Dead in al-Qaeda Attack in Saudi Arabia
Lebanon Rises From Its Ashes
Venezuelan Opposition Leader: Voting Machines Rigged
US Poll Firm in Hot Water in Venezuela
The Chavez Victory: A Blow to the Bush Administration
'War on Terror'
Colombia Reverses: Will Exchange Hostages for Prisoners
Milosevic Turns 63 Alone

Kerry Is Clueless on Bases

Repositioning on the Titanic

Does Your Government Really Have an Interest in Protecting You from Terrorism?

Sino-Japanese Grudge Match

Nebojsa Malic
Summer of Discontent

Praful Bidwai
India-Pakistan Hope Gives Way to Uncertainty

Ran HaCohen
Don't Call it a Wall

Matthew Barganier
The Honest Case for War

Joseph Stromberg
Inventing Iraq Yet Again?

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