The Imperial Personality: Justin Raimondo
Bush Wins, We Invade Iran: Gordon Prather
Pick Your Cynic: Sheldon Richman
If Israel Attacks Iran . . .: Claude Salhani
Israel Spy Dots Coming Together: Eric Margolis
The pertinent question: if Americans did not want these wars should they have been compelled to fight them?
– Frank Chodorov
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Updated Sept. 6, 2004 – 11:40 pm EDT
Seven US Marines Killed in Fallujah
Israeli Strike on 'Hamas Complex' Kills 14
GIs Battle Rebels as 500 Iraqis Seized
Iraq Extends al-Jazeera Ban and Raids Offices
Iraqi Troops Pull Back From Sadr's Najaf Office
Officials Play Down Larry Franklin in Spy Case
Russian Govt Admits Lying About Hostage Crisis
Officials: Terror Threat as High as Ever
US Assault on Iraqi 'No-Go Zones' Likely Before Elections
Iraq Sunni Clerics to Issue Fatwa Against Kidnappings
Israel Spy Dots Coming Together
by Eric Margolis
We Have Become the Crusaders
by Georgie Anne Geyer
Five Big American Blunders in the War on Terror  by William Arkin
Bush Wins, We Invade Iran
by Gordon Prather
Pick Your Cynic  by Sheldon Richman
'Responsibility,' Govt-Style
by Ronald Bailey

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Spy Case Ignites Mideast Policy Debate
Inside the Israel Espionage Investigation
Aide: Bush Sees America as '10-Year-Old Child'
Poll: Texans Don't See Success in Iraq War
UN: Iraqi Drone Aircraft Were No Chemical Threat
Refuse to Be a Human Shield? No Such Thing
Seoul's Uranium Bombshell Stokes Regional Nuke Fears
Izzat or Isn't It? 'Capture of Saddam's Deputy Turns Out to Be a Bluff
Violence Continues
Iraqi Nuclear Scientist Assassinated
Mortar Attack Kills Two US Soldiers at Iraq Base
Fighting Rages in Northern Iraq
US, Iraq Forces Clash With Sadr Militia in Baghdad
Car Bomb Explodes Near US Base in Iraq
Baghdad Beauty Salons a Target
Hostage Crises
Kidnappers Free Turkish Hostage After Employers Agree to Pull Out of Iraq
Cleric Blames US for Spoiling French Release
Radical Cleric Issues Fatwa Demanding Release of French Reporters
Chirac Briefed as New Difficulties Hold Up Hostages' Release
France Cautious but Hopeful for Hostages
Iraqi Politics
Sadr's Ex-Mentor Distances Himself
Iraqi Minister: Saddam Faces Trial Soon
Global Iraq Fallout
Iraq Rejects Iranian Assistance
Iraq's PM Warns France It Is Not Immune to Terror
Hundreds March for Peace in Nepal
NATO to Increase Force in Kabul for Election
Afghan School Blast Targets Modernization
Kashmiris Protest Abuse by Indian Security Forces
India, Pakistan Open Talks on Kashmir
India Accuses Pakistan of 'Holding It Hostage' on Kashmir Issue
Seoul Tries Hard to Keep Its 'Sunshine Policy' Free of Clouds
Authorities Probe Uzbek Terror Links
Two Killed in Bangladesh Bombing
Three Police Killed in Saudi Militant Attack
Russian Horror
Officials: 10 Terrorists Were Foreign
Investigators Suspect Attackers Hid Weapons at School Weeks Before Siege
Errors Caused High Body Count in Russian School Siege
Russian Crisis: How It Unfolded
Grim Search for Relatives in Russia
A Gruesome Scene in Russian School
School Shell Offers Grim Testament to Terror
Chechen Site Justifies Killing Children
Russia Parades Siege Suspect
Mideast Press Appalled by School Siege
Arabs Horrified by Russia School Slaughter
Terror in Russia's Future
More Chechen Strikes and Kidnappings Feared
In the Caucasus, Another Crisis Threatens
The Dramatic Rise of the Female Terrorist
Nigerian Troops Battle Rebels Near Oil Industry Center
Hunting Landmines in Angola for $7 Per Hour
Liberian Child Soldiers Get Soccer Collectibles
War at Home
Alabama Congressman Defends AIPAC Ties
Ex-Officer May Face Justice for Atrocities in Vietnam
Casualties Hit Record High as Press Attention Drifts
Senator: Commander Told of Military Drain
Bush's National Guard File Missing Records
Arrested Protesters Speak
Battle of Britain
Shortage of Stripes Forcing UK Sergeants to eBay
UK Tories Assert Right to Criticize Bush
Blair a Big Liability on EU Constitutional Referendum
British Say They Tread Softly to 'Win the Peace'
UK Tories Downplay Support for 'Islamophobic' Writer
US 'Homeland Security'
Bush Forms Civil Liberties Board
Justice Dept Asks for Secrecy in Privacy Suit
Leaking Flashlight Battery Causes Shutdown of Los Angeles Airport
UK 'Homeland Security'
UK Letter Bombs Prompt Police Warning
BBC Finds Airport Security Lapses
Gitmo 'Justice'
Former Detainees Detail Abuses at Guantanamo Bay
Australia Demands Changes to Assure 'Fair Trial' for Gitmo Detainee
Israeli Supreme Court Calls for End to Using Palestinians as Human Shields
Israel Has No Proof of Syrian Involvement in Bus Bombings
Gunmen Seize Governor's Office in Southern Gaza
Israelis Start Wall Construction in South
Egypt to Press Arafat on Reforms
War Dominates Gaza Poll
Two Palestinians Wounded by Israeli Gunfire in Rafah
Sharon Calls for Global Terror Alliance
Lebanon Says Relationship With Syria to Continue
Hezbollah Leader Rejects UN Call to Disband
South Lebanon 'Ripe for Change'
Russia 'Respects Lebanese Sovereignty'
Official: Iran to Extract Uranium in Early 2006
Iran Urges EU Not to Buckle Under US Pressure
World Focuses on Darfur, Neglects Other Sudan Conflicts
US Plans New Resolution on Darfur
Sudan Doesn't Oppose More Monitors for Darfur
Sudan Sanctions Could Include Oil Embargo
Violence Displaces 3,000 More in Darfur Since August
Schroeder's Party Routed in German Vote
German 'Heavy' Infantry Sent Out For Exercise
In Other News
Nationalists: Scottish Independence Inevitable
Judges Fear for Their Lives in Djindjic Assassination Trial
Honduran Police Slaughter Gang Youth

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Sino-Japanese Grudge Match

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Don't Call it a Wall

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The Honest Case for War

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Inventing Iraq Yet Again?

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