Terrorism – The Price of Empire: Pat Buchanan
Soldier for the Truth: Sgt. Samuel Provance: J. David Galland
Fear and Terror, Year Three: Nebojsa Malic
A Plea for the Abducted: Ed Kinane
Halliburton's Purloined Letter: Juan Cole
The Terror Enigma
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Updated Sept. 9, 2004 – 10:30 pm EDT
Experts Predict Extended War
Insurgents Hold Fallujah Despite US Bombing
Rumsfeld Vows Iraqi Govt Will Retake Cities
Dozens Killed in Latest Iraq Fighting
Up to 30,000 Iraqis Killed Since US Invasion
Bin Laden Deputy Says US 'Pinned Down' in Afghanistan
AIPAC Soliciting Donations to Combat Spy Probe
Australian Embassy Blast in Jakarta Kills 11, Wounds 160
Pakistan Strike on 'al-Qaeda Camp' Kills 55
Retired Brass Call for Independent Torture Probe
Officers: US Policy Allows Army to Hold Detainees in Secret in Afghanistan
Russia Prepared to Make Preemptive Strikes on 'Terror Bases' Worldwide
Soldier for the Truth: Sgt. Samuel Provance  by J. David Galland
Halliburton and Iraq: The Purloined Letter  by Juan Cole
Do As the Next of Kin Do Every Day
by Bill Berkowitz

Terrorism – The Price of Empire
by Patrick J. Buchanan

Chechnya: Neocons' Next Kosovo
by John Laughland
A Plea for the Abducted  by Ed Kinane

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Britain Backs Russia on Preemptive Strikes
Russian DM Unwilling to Blame Chechens
Guantanamo 'Spy Ring' Is a Big Bust
Sharon Denies Israel Is Spying in US
2004 Casualty Rate More Than Double 2003
US Tank Commander Murdered Iraqi 'Out of Pity'
Conservatives Disenchanted With Bush Foreign Policy
Desert Donkeys and Palace Pachyderms: US Politics in Iraq
US Military Tribunal Frees Guantanamo Detainee – Improperly Classified as Enemy Combatant
Violence Continues
Iraq Invasion's Forgotten Victims
US General Says Samarra Will Fall
Sadr Militia Attacks GIs in Baghdad
Battle Rages in Rebel Stronghold, as Aid Workers Flee Iraq
Truck Drivers in US Convoys Killed in Iraq
US Chopper Crashes West of Baghdad, No Deaths
Annan: Iraq Violence Could Deter Elections
Hostage Crises
Italian Sympathy for Iraqi Resistance Dwindles
French Headscarves Still Fueling Hostage Crisis
Group Linked to al-Qaeda Says It Seized Italian Women
Fears Grow for Italian Hostages
Kidnappers Deny Asking for Ransom for French Journalists
Italian Politicians Work to Release Hostages
Opponents of the War, but Targets All the Same
Iraqi Politics
Saddam Generals Working for US
Sadr's Baghdad Fiefdom
President Yawar: Iraqis to Vote in January
Report on Iraq Finds Its People Hang on to Dwindling Hopes
The New Iraq
Iraqis Turn to Weblogs for Free Speech
Speakeasies Flourish Out of Islamists' Sight
Iraqis Exported UN-Monitored Items Under US Occupation
Video Shows Idema Being Warmly Greeted by Kabul Officials
Three Americans Urge Dropping of Charges They Ran Afghan Jail
One Month to Woo Afghan Voters
Afghanistan Gets Foreign Reinforcements Before Election
Afghan Militants Fire at US Troops
US Troops Use New Tactics to Hunt Down a Resurgent Taliban
Taming the Taliban
Indo-Pak Peace Hinges on Civil Society Contacts
India, Pakistan to Discuss Kashmir Bus Service
Eight Civilians Killed in South Waziristan Explosion, Shootout
Nepalese Maoists, Security Forces Attack Media
Maoists Tell Nepal's Top Resort to Close
North Korea
North Korea Warns of Nuclear Arms Race
Californian May Oversee North Korea Economic Zone
On Okinawa, Trouble at Home Base
Bobby Fischer Wins Injunction Against Deportation Order
Malaysia, Brunei Teams to Monitor Ceasefire in Philippines
China Visit Clouds Australian Support for US
Rebels Accuse Sri Lankan Army of Breaking Truce
Russia & Terrorism
Russian Govt Response to Beslan: Trash Civil Liberties
Chechnya: Russia's Second Afghanistan
School Siege in Russia Sparks Self-Criticism in Arab World
Russia Lays Out Case Against Beslan Terrorists
Russia Offers $10 Million Bounty for Chechen Rebels
Rights Groups Accuse Russia of Beslan Cover-Up
Beslan Mourns Lost Innocence
Russia's Ingush Neighbors Can Expect 'Payback'
Putin Rips US Call for Diplomacy With Chechens
Will the Beslan Massacre Unify or Divide the West in War on Terror?
'Black Widows' Behind Beslan Tragedy?
Russian Officials Rally 130,000 Against Terror
In Other News
Think Tank Blasts Bush Commission Report on Cuba
Turkish Stocks Soar on EU Hopes
Arrested Yemen Journalist on Hunger Strike
1,000 and Counting
For 1,000 Troops, There Is No Going Home
Many Faces, One Heartache
Family 'Thanks' Bush for Death of Son
Rumsfeld Tries to Justify the Deaths of 1,000 Americans
Mother's Search for Answers to Son's Death
Small Towns Disproportionately Share Casualties of War
Many Americans Shrug as Iraq Death Toll Rises
The War at Home
$2.3 Trillion in New Debt Expected by 2014
Kerry Reversal: WMD Only Reason for War
Kerry, Keeping Up Criticism of Bush, Lists Costs of Iraq War
Bush Laments Loss of Life in Iraq, Touts 'Progress'
Boston Globe: Bush Didn't Complete Guard Duty
Iraq War Making National Guard Recruitment Difficult
Army Gave Congress Bad Data on Suicides
Bush Rules Out Return of Military Draft
Draft-Resister Memorial to Be Built in British Columbia
'Intelligence' and 9/11
Sen. Graham Alleges White House 9/11 Cover-Up
House Republicans Question 9/11 Panel Recommendations
Bush Backs Budget Authority for New Intelligence Post
Senate Bill Seeks to Overhaul Intelligence Community
Online 9/11 Memorial Planned
'War on Terror'
Richard Clarke: War on Terror a Failure
FBI Pats Itself on Back for Arresting Detroit Innocents
More Reports of Cities Misusing Terror Funds
Bali Bomber Publishes Book 'Justifying' Attack
Airline Turbulence From 9/11 Goes On
Tens of Thousands March in Rome Against Terrorism
Israeli Activists Demolish West Bank Outpost
Israeli Tanks Enter North Gaza
Qureia Threatens to Resign Yet Again
Israel Warns Against Travel to Sinai
Sharon: Wall Will Include Three Settlements
Israelis Battle Over Gaza Plan
Germany to Help Israel Get More Subs
Israel's Gaza Operations Fail to Halt Rocket Attacks
Sharon Issues Warning About Iran's Weapon Program
Iran Confirms Nuclear Talks With Europe
Israel, Syria Spar Over Peace
UN Urges Israel to Accept Syrian Overtures
France and Syria, a Tangled History
Lebanese Reject Notion of Israeli Peace Treaty
Since 9/11, Rich Arabs Again Frolic in Lebanon
Saudi Arabia
After Tumultuous Summer, Has Saudi Terror Peaked?
Slain UK Oil Exec's Brother Accuses Saudis of Collusion in Khobar Attack
US to Propose New UN Strategy on Sudan
US Report Finds Sudan Promoted Killings
US Threatens Sudan Oil Sanctions
Pressure Mounts on Sudan Over Darfur
Nuke Trafficking Charges Against South African Man Dropped
Hard Homecomings for Returning Angolan Refugees
Algerian Islamists Pick a New Leader
Mugabe Accused of Plan to Rig Election

Neoconservatism and Espionage

The War God’s Own

Chechen Attacks on Russia: A Harbinger for the United States?

Misunderstanding Terrorism

Praful Bidwai
India-Pakistan Dialogue Moves Between Stagnation, Hope

Sascha Matuszak
Sino-Japanese Grudge Match

Ran HaCohen
Don't Call it a Wall

Matthew Barganier
The Honest Case for War

Joseph Stromberg
Inventing Iraq Yet Again?

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