Most of the People, Most of the Time: Ivan Eland
A Soldier Explains Why We Can't Win: Al Lorentz
The New Cult of the Temple: Uri Avnery
Some Terrorists Apparently OK: William Marina
Landslide in Indonesia: Fabio Scarpello
The Terror Enigma
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Updated Sept. 21, 2004 – 8:10 pm EDT
Bush Aides Divided on Confronting Iran
US Spy Agencies: Strikes on Iran Wouldn't Work
At UN, Bush Defends Invasion
Anti-Bush GIs Hope for Quick Pullout from Iraq
Iraqi Group Says Second US Hostage Killed
British Hostage's Brother Blasts UK Govt
Two Marines Killed in Separate Iraq Attacks
New CIA Chief: Cheney May Have 'Stretched Iraq Intelligence'
Feds Order Airlines to Turn Over All Passenger Data
US Tactic in Fallujah: Bomb Cars, Wait for Help, Then Bomb Helpers
'If You Harbor Terrorists, You Are a Terrorist'  by William Marina
Another Nuclear Embarrassment for Washington  by Eric Margolis
The Neocons Target Damascus
by Saul Landau & Farrah Hassen
Bob Barr vs. the FBI  by Nat Hentoff
The New Cult of the Temple
by Uri Avnery
Rumsfeld's Impeccable Logic
by Rick Horowitz

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McCain: Bush Not Straight on Iraq
Voters Fear Another War
Marines Bide Their Time Outside Fallujah
US, Iraqis Raid Sadr's Najaf Office
A Grisly Pattern: Slaughter of Yet Another Hostage
Kerry Echoes GOP Senators on Iraq War
Syria to Withdraw Troops From Lebanon Immediately
Aussie PM Threatens Overseas Strikes
Indonesia: Landslide Sweeps Away Megawati
GOP Senator Who Voted Against Invasion Says He May Not Vote for Bush
Source of Insurgents?
US: Iran Is Helping Insurgents in Iraq
US Pressing Syria on Iraqi Border Security
Iraqi PM: Terrorists Are 'Pouring In'
Ukrainian Company Accused of Trying to Send Reinforcements to Iraqi Resistance
Iraqi Nat. Sec. Advisor Warns of Civil War
Going After Iraq's Most Wanted Man
Zarqawi Seen as Suicide Recruiter
Hostage Crises
Militants in Iraq Release Video of US Captive's Beheading
Sobbing American Hostage Killed by 'Zarqawi'
Barbarism Designed to Intimidate
Briton May Have Paid a Fatal Price for His Passion for the Middle East
Report: Islamist Group Frees 18 Iraqi Soldiers
Violence Continues
Gunmen Open Fire on Turkish Journalists and Red Crescent Workers in Mosul
Two Sunni Clerics Killed in Baghdad
US Soldier on Patrol Killed in Iraq
Car Bomb Kills Three in Mosul
Three Kurds Beheaded in Iraq
Iraq Occupation
Soldiers Suffer, the CO Eats Popcorn
NATO Again Fails to Finalize Iraq Agreement
Bulgaria Nixes Iraq Troop Relocation Plan
Rumsfeld Warns Military, Contractors on Human Trafficking
Iraqi Politics
Allawi Will Face Doubts on Visit to US
Allawi Says Saddam Depressed, Begs for Mercy
Iraqis Warn US Plan to Divert Billions to Security Could Cut Off Crucial Services
Battle of Britain
Majority of Brits Want Iraq Pullout Deadline
British Envoy to Italy Stirs Waters With Bush Barb
UK Opposition: Blair Should Apologize for Iraq War
Britain Confirms – and Ignores – Fault in 'Warrior' Weapon
UK Foreign Secretary and Allawi to Hold Talks on Iraq Security
Global Iraq Fallout
French Think Tank Slams US for Iraq Planning Failure
Indian PM: No Troops for Iraq
Iraqi Militants Claim Bush Backs 'Greater Israel'
The Transatlantic Drift
Berlin Bans Islamic Conference Backing Iraqi Resistance
Bush, Blair Take Hits Over Iraq
Two US Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan
Afghan Vice President Survives Attack
US Military Alleges Plot Against Afghan Elections
Pakistan to Block India's Bid to Join UN Security Council
Musharraf May Stay in Uniform
Musharraf: No Timeline Sought on Kashmir
For Pakistan, There Are Good Taliban and Bad Taliban
Pakistan Troops Seize Seven Missiles in South Waziristan
Protesters Blockade Northeast Indian State, Call for Repeal of Terror Law
North Korea
North Korea Won't Give Up Nuclear Development
UK Oil Firm Signs North Korea Deal
China Sees End of an Era
China: Start of an Era as Jiang Steps Down
China Test-Fires New Cruise Missile Which Threatens Taiwan
US Sanctions Chinese Firm Over Weapons Sales
Japan to Re-Launch Security Council Bid
Euro Observers Criticize Kazakh Election
Nepalis Light Candles in Call for Peace
Presidential Politics
CBS, Rather Apologize for Bush Guard Story
Questions Surround CBS Source
Experts Question Kerry's Iraq Plan
Kerry: Withdrawal From Iraq Would Begin Next Summer
Bush: Kerry Prefers 'Stability of a Dictatorship'
Kerry Hits Bush for 'Colossal Failures of Judgment' in Iraq
Bush Seeks Election Bounce at UN
The War at Home
Mother of Slain GI Blasts Iraq War
Vets Find Stress Hard to Shake
War Protest Elicits Emotion on Both Sides
French ISP Confirms US Government Block on Access
Six Flags Over Islam
War in Space
Air Force Official: US Must Reach for Space Dominance
Worldwide Protests Against Militarization of Space Next Week
'War on Terror'
Intel: SE Asian Terror Groups in Secret Alliance
Ridge Hails US-Europe Anti-Terror Work
UK to Release 'Anti-Terrorism' Detainee
French Judges Order Terror Trial
Lawsuit Begins Over Post-9/11 Canadian Arrests
Costa Rica Deports Arabs With Fake Documents
Ohio Imam Gets Two Months in Prison for Lying About Terror Links
Israel-Kiwi Spy Scandal
Spy Scandal Puts Israel-New Zealand Ties on the Rocks
Israeli-NZ Rumble at UN?
How Israel Tries to Win Friends and Influence Kiwis
Settlers Warn of Catastrophe Due to Withdrawal Plan
Palestinian Militant Gets Vote, Israel Cries Foul
Palestinian Police Carrying Weapons Despite Israel's Ban
Arms Smuggling in Gaza at Record High
Hamas Vows Revenge for Israeli Killings
Two Palestinian Collaborators Shot Dead in Nablus
Iran May Resume Uranium Enrichment at 'Any Moment'
Iran Threatens to Halt Access for UN Inspectors
Iran Rebuffs UN Agency on Atom Issue
Libya Urges Iran: 'Be Like Us'
Middle East
Bush Lifts Embargo on Libya
Saudis Fall Further From US Grace
Russia & Her Neighbors
Russia Uses KGB Playbook on Press
Grieving Beslan Residents Suspect Death Toll Coverup
In Beslan's Wake, Ancient Hatreds May Boil Over
Vladimir Putin, President for Life?
North Caucasian Precipice
Pardon for Kidnap-Murder Colonel Hotly Disputed in Russia
Russia's Duma Regroups With Eye on Terror
Putin: Trading Blood for Money
Russia Opposes Sanctions on Sudan, Eyes Arms Sales
Ugandan Army Kills 25 Insurgents in Sudan
Logistics, Bureaucracy Frustrate Efforts to Aid Darfur Refugees
Militia Attacks Congo Town, 14 Killed
Rwanda 'Genocide' Priest on Trial
The Power of Radio Helps to End Uganda's Long War
Senegalese Separatists Name New Leader
Bomb Mastermind Eludes 20,000 Indonesian Police
Jakarta's Voters Defy Terrorists
In Other News
Germany, Japan, India and Brazil Join to Push for Permanent UN Council Seats
German Politicians Refuse to Cooperate With Far Right
EU Demands New Turkish Penal Code

Indict the War Party

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Praful Bidwai
India-Pakistan Dialogue Moves Between Stagnation, Hope

Sascha Matuszak
Sino-Japanese Grudge Match

Joseph Stromberg
Inventing Iraq Yet Again?

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