America's Dead Remain Faceless: Ilana Mercer
A Win/Win Exit Strategy: Thomas Gale Moore
'Most Humbly Yours…': Nebojsa Malic
High Time for Bush to Tell the Truth: Ray McGovern
Sen. Kerry, Help Is Not on the Way: Tom Engelhardt and Bruno Giussani
How could man rejoice in victory and delight in the slaughter of men?
– Lao Tzu
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Updated Sept. 30, 2004 – 8:00 pm EDT
Baghdad Bombings Kill 42, Mostly Kids
Israeli Troops Push Into Gaza, 33 Killed
Kirkuk: The Next Iraqi War
Oil-Rich Iraq Provinces Push for Autonomy
'Enduring Bases' in Iraq: US Presence for Decades
Iraq DM: Rebel Cities to Be Retaken in October
House Intel Plan Sidesteps Anti-Torture Laws
After Their Heads Roll, America's Dead Remain Faceless  by Ilana Mercer
Sen. Kerry, Help Is Not on the Way
by Tom Engelhardt and Bruno Giussani
Diplomacy Is Cheaper Than War
by Jude Wanniski
A Win/Win Exit Strategy
by Thomas Gale Moore
High Time for Bush to Tell the Truth
by Ray McGovern
My Son Died for a Lie  by Rose Gentle

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10 New Hostages Seized in Iraq
Court Strikes Down Internet Provision in PATRIOT Act
Jane's: Israeli Moles Penetrate Pentagon
Iraq War Will Play Heavily in Presidential Debate
Coming Apart at the Seams
Fallujah Residents: US Tactics Fueling Insurgency
Cover-Up Claim in British Plane Downing
Soldier Recalled to Iraq Commits Suicide
New Zealand Denies Deal on Release of Israeli Spies
US-Backed Warlords Threaten Afghan Elections
Pentagon Tests Spy Blimp Over DC
A Mess
Continued US Airstrikes in Baghdad Draw Criticism
'Garden of Eden' Has Become a Mess
Security Is Deteriorating in Baghdad
Lack of Equipment Hampers Iraq's Border Forces
Thousands of Fearful Christians Flee Iraq
Violence Continues
Battles Abound in US-Iraqi Raids
Attack That Killed Two UK Soldiers Was Revenge for Raids on Sadr Forces
Clashes Break Out in Heart of Baghdad
Shi'ite Official Killed in Baquba
US, Iraqi Troops Seize Car-Bombing Suspect
Hostage Crises
Blair: If Kidnappers Get in Touch, We'll Respond
UK Hostage Slams Blair in New Video
Italy Disputes Reports of Ransom
Official: Italy Paid $1 Million for Hostages
Kuwaiti Paper: Iraq Captors Wanted $5 Million Ransom, Settled for $1 Million
Freed Italians Give Hope for Other Hostages
Freed Italian Hostages Eye Return to Iraq
The Agony of Kenneth Bigley
Iraq Kidnappers' Statement Praises France
Hostages in Iraq: For Europe, It's Personal
Iraqi Politics
Iranian Mujahedin in Iraq at the Crossroads
Iraqi Political Parties Raise Concern Over Election Plans
Iraqi Arabs, Turkmen Meet to Discuss Kurds
Iraq Occupation
Navy Keeps Tight Lid on Identities of SEALs Charged With Abuse
US: Syria Agrees to Seal Iraq Border
Ukrainian Officer Dies in Car Accident in Iraq
Global Iraq Fallout
Poll: Most Aussies Believe Iraq War Increased Terror Threat
Egypt to Host Summit on Iraqi Elections
Turkey Vows to Pursue Trade With Iraq
Congressman: World Bank Needs to Do More for Iraq
Battles of Britain
Report: UK Started Planning Invasion of Iraq Before Blair Denial
UK Operations in Iraq Cost $2.7 Billion
Blair Claims He Didn't Lead Britain to War on False Grounds
UK Conservative Leader: Blair Did Lie About Iraqi Weapons
UK DM Names Soldier Killed in Iraq
US's Gitmo Tribunals 'An Insult to Britain'
Pentagon Announces Billion-Dollar Plan to Build Five Afghan Army Bases
US Military Beefs Up Security Ahead of Afghan Elections
Seven Killed as Taliban Attack Afghan Govt Office
Traumatized Afghan Women Turn to Drugs
Pakistan: Why Farooqi Had to Die
India, Pakistan Discuss Troop Withdrawal From Kashmir Glacier
North Korea
North Korea Tries to 'Up the Ante'
US Reacts Calmly to North Korea Nuclear Claim
China FM Doubts North Korean Nuclear Claim
China Accuses Taiwan of Warmongering
US to Build Eight Subs in Deal With Taiwan
China Boosts Presence in Central Asia
Hu Is Firmly in Control of China
Southeast Asian Nations Back Thai FM for UN Secretary General
Japan Defense Chief Sees Global Role for Military
Maoist Strike Continues to Disrupt Nepal
Forces Fail to Nab Rebels in Philippines
Sri Lankan Rebels Seek European Help
Politics of War
Bush's Rationale for the Invasion Continues to Evolve
Neither Candidate Has Allowed Full Access to Military Files
All Foreign Policy Roads Run Directly Through Iraq
Families of Iraq War Dead Target Bush in Ads
60 Minutes: Shelving a Story to Boost Bush?
Former Air Force Chief of Staff Criticizes Bush Actions on Iraq
US Leaders Speak
US Ex-Soldiers Dodge Call-Up
US Vets Urge Bush to Intervene and Prevent Canadian Draft-Dodger Statue
Top Air Force Lawyer Steps Down, Investigated for Affair
US Searches for Lost H-Bomb Off Georgia Coast
Iraq Veterans Face Long-Lasting Mental Health Issues
The War's Littlest Victim
Outsourcing the Pentagon
The Shadow Pentagon
Who's Getting Rich Off Pentagon Contracts?
The Pentagon's Stealth Rainmaker
'Homeland Security'
9/11 Reformers Fear 'Poison Pills' in Bill
White House Generally Backs Senate Intelligence Measure
University of Arizona Professor Reported to FBI for 'Hating America'
'War on Terror'
Yemen Sentences USS Cole Bombers to Death
Lindh Asks for Shorter Sentence
Cuba, Russia Agree to Condemn Terrorism
Palestinian Lawmakers Plan No Confidence Vote Against Qureia
Israel DM: Settler Evacuation Won't Spark Civil War
US Peace Activists Accuse Israeli Settlers of Assaulting Them
Israeli Army Opens Fire on Stone-Throwing Schoolchildren
Two Children Killed in Rocket Attack on Israeli Town Near Gaza
Interview with Mordechai Vanunu
Israeli Troops Kill Seven Palestinians in Gaza Raid
Children on Both Sides Killed on Northern Border of Gaza Strip
Israel Military Intelligence Predicts a Safer Israel in 2005
Powell Urges End to Intifada
Israel DM Threatens Iran Again
Russia Opposes UN Security Council Taking Up Iran's Nuclear Issue
South Africa Offers to Help Iran Resolve Nuclear Concerns
Middle East
Jordan Cracks Down on Critics of US Alliance
Oil Price Surge Brings Boom to Middle East Markets
Libya Says Compensation Paid to Berlin Bomb Victims
Gulf Arabs on Holiday Travel Closer to Home
Chechen Warlord Trapped in a Forest by Russian Forces
US, Russian Warships Drill Together in North Sea
Russian Schoolchildren Must Now Carry Passports at All Times 'For Security'
Joint Letter Attacks Putin 'Reforms'
Sudanese Official: Pursuit of Janjaweed Leader Could Lead to War
Chad Blames 'Divided' Darfur Rebels
UN Calls for African Monitors in Darfur Camps
Darfur Villagers Forced From Homes
Oil Ends Below $50/Barrel on Nigeria Ceasefire News
Nigeria to Meet With Militia Leaders to End Threat to Oil Production
Setbacks for Ivory Coast Peace Hope
In Other News
Black Offers to Cede Control of Hollinger
Rights Group: Bosnian Clerics Stirring Up Tension
French Poll Shows Hostility Toward Turkey's EU Bid
Canadian Military Watchdog to Investigate Claims of Recruitment Discrimination

A Neocon By Any Other Name

'Most Humbly Yours…'

More Bureaucracy, Less National Security

Whose Fault Is It?

Alan Bock
A Debate at Last?

Sascha Matuszak
Nonviolent Chauvinism

Matthew Barganier
Understanding America's Terrorist Crisis: What Should Be Done?

Praful Bidwai
India-Pakistan Dialogue Moves Between Stagnation, Hope

Joseph Stromberg
Inventing Iraq – Yet Again?

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