Imperial Hubris: Justin Raimondo
Expect No Second Term Conversion: R.B. St. John
Bush's Backward Nuclear Policy: Gordon Prather
Diego Garcia: Paradise Cleansed: John Pilger
North Korea: Almost a Debate: Jessica Azulay
To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.
– Abraham Lincoln
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Updated Oct. 4, 2004 – 9:10 pm EDT
US Says Corner Turned on Iraq
Baghdad Blasts Kill 21, Wound 96
Samarra Hospital: Dead Mostly Women, Children
GOP Split Over Iraq Widens
As Vote Nears, Afghans Cowed by Local Militias
Two US Soldiers Killed by Baghdad Gunfire
Two Iraq Hostages Killed, Two Others Freed
Samarra Buries Its Dead, Fallujah Pounded by US Warplanes
Don't Expect a Second Term Conversion  by Ronald Bruce St. John
Saddam as the 20th Hijacker
by James Bovard
Tony Blair Has Lost His Grip on Reality  by Peter Oborne
Bush's Backward Nuclear Policy
by Gordon Prather
Diego Garcia: Paradise Cleansed
by John Pilger
Is Ali a Terrorist?  by Michael Coren

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New No. 3 at CIA Was Caught Shoplifting
Unaired Iraq Story Shows Eyes on CBS
Bush Campaign on Defensive About Prewar Iraq Intel
Samarra Locals' Fury at US Raids
Iraqi Parties Join Forces, Sunni Boycott Feared
Sharon: Israel Will Expand Gaza Offensive
London Mosque Linked to Beslan Massacre
Rice Insists Saddam's Tubes Posed Nuke Threat to US
Violence Continues
Saddam Trial Hampered by Violence in Iraq
Eight Iraqi Customs Officers Killed, Antiquities Stolen
Danger Around Every Corner Stifles Iraq's Rebirth
Iraqis Flee Fighting in Samarra by River Boats
Arab Workers Warned Not to Enter Iraq
Two Bodies, One Beheaded, Found in Baghdad
Iraqi Sunni Clerics Blast Samarra Massacres
Hostage Crises
Jailed Cleric Refuses Release in Exchange for Indonesian Hostages
Iraqi Cleric Claims to Have Seen UK Hostage Alive During Negotiations
Brother May Try to 'Buy' Bigley
Gadhafi Vows to Help Free UK Hostage in Iraq
Ireland Works to Free Bigley
West Bank Family Pleads for Release of Iraq Hostage
Italy Denies Ransom Paid for Hostages
Iraq Occupation
Boot-Camp Virus Runs Rampant as Vaccine Discontinued
US Air Strike Hits Fallujah 'Arms Store'
Marines Capture Three Foreign Fighters Near Iraq-Syria Border
NATO Says 3,000 Troops is 'More Than Enough' to Train Iraqis
South Korean Troops Assume Control of Kurdish Province in Iraq
GIs Join Iraqis in Community Policing Duty
The New Iraq
Iraqi Scientist's Family Seeks Her Freedom
Iraq's New Police: Scared, but at Least Employed
Global Iraq Fallout
US Policies Stir More Fear Than Confidence
Widespread Antiwar Rallies in Australia
Iran to Attend Iraq Election Meeting
Report: Three Nations Blocked UN Oil-for-Food Probe
BBC Governor Under Fire for Iraq Contracts
US, Allies at Odds Over Iraq Debt Relief
Japan FM: Portion of Iraq Aid Will Help Cover Election Costs
UN: Election Violence Escalating in Southern Afghanistan
Election Posters Fail to Paper Over Puzzlement Among Afghan Poor
Democratic Vote an Alien Concept in Afghanistan
US, Afghan Forces Attack Taliban Ahead of Vote
For Afghan Voters, the Worry Is Staying Alive
Afghan Voters Face Rising Threats
With Election a Week Away, Karzai Heads to Germany to Accept Award
UN Nuclear Chief Urges South Korea to 'Come Clean'
Taiwan Talks Peace but Waves a Snotty Rag at China's Rhino
Abkhazia Holds First Elections
Pakistan Interior Minister Says Talks in South Waziristan Progressing
More Bombs in India, 53 Now Dead
Bangladesh Ex-PM Calls for Strike, Vows to Oust Govt
Local Bosnian Elections: Lower Turnout, More Support for Nationalists
Politics of War
In the Senate, Raising a (Quiet) Republican Voice Against the Administration
US Debate Renews Focus on North Korea
Cheney Changed His View on Iraq
Kerry Accuses Bush of Avoiding the Truth on Iraq
The War at Home
Activist Minister: 'Christian' Doesn't Necessarily Mean 'Warmonger'
No Plans for a Draft, But Rumors Keep Nation Edgy
NY Times Does Not Spare Itself in Critique of Rush to War
28 People Arrested Outside White House
Denver Rallies Applaud Anti-Nuke Nuns
Three Nuns and One Unholy Case
Navy Pulls Plug on Controversial Project ELF
'Homeland Security'
Feds Puzzled by Sheriff's Terror Alert
Do Bongs Breed Terror?
Bomb Threat Clears DC's RFK Stadium
'War on Terror'
London's Dirty Bomb Plot
France Joins Spain to Catch Pair Suspected of Terrorism
France Arrests 18 Suspected Basque Separatists
Scotland's Anti-Terror Plans 'A Shambles'
Britons Protest Detentions of Foreign Nationals
Agents Have Trouble Tracing Terrorists on the Internet
Sharon to Keep Israeli Troops in Gaza Until Attacks Stop
Ibrahim, Shin Bet Wants You to Join al-Qaeda
Gaza Clash Tests Withdrawal Plan
Iran Brands Gaza Operation 'Genocide'
Hamas Commander Reported Wounded in Missile Strike
UN Demands Israeli Apology Over Accusations Hamas Using UN Vehicles
Israel Seeks Removal of UN Relief Director
Iran FM: Iran Ready to React if Israel Attacks
Meeting Could Ease US-Iran Tension
Iran Refuses to Surrender Nuclear Fuel Technology
Divided Iran Swings to the Right
Middle East
Moves Toward Reform Wane in Saudi Arabia
Turkish Troops Clash With Kurdish Rebels, Three Killed
Pain Lingers On in Beslan
Grozny, a Siege With No End
Aid Workers: Darfur Genocide Warnings 'Wildly Exaggerated'
Terrified Civilians Hide in Darfur
Haitian Police Arrest Senate Leader, Two Other Politicians, in Connection With Beheadings
Clashes in Haiti Kill 14
Jakarta Bombers' House of Horrors
Indonesian Terrorist's Wife Now a Suspect

Imperial Hubris

India, Pakistan Turning a New Leaf?

Good News Where You Can Find It

'Most Humbly Yours…'

Ivan Eland
More Bureaucracy, Less National Security

Ran HaCohen
Whose Fault Is It?

Sascha Matuszak
Nonviolent Chauvinism

Matthew Barganier
Understanding America's Terrorist Crisis: What Should Be Done?

Joseph Stromberg
Inventing Iraq Yet Again?

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