Bush Aides Backtracking on Iraq: Juan Cole
FBI Audit Leaves Vital Questions Unanswered: Sibel Edmonds
Electing to Abstain: Nebojsa Malic
Reject Draft Slavery: Rep. Ron Paul
Bush's Case for War Crumbles: Jim Lobe
We cloak ourselves in cold indifference to the unnecessary suffering of others--even when we cause it.
– James Carroll (Boston Globe, 9/21/04)
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Updated Oct. 7, 2004 – 9:20 pm EDT
Bush's Case for War Crumbles
NYT's Miller Jailed for Contempt in CIA Leak Case
Dozens Killed as Blasts Hits 3 Egypt Hotels
US 'Almost All Wrong' on Iraq Weapons
US Soldiers Will Remain in Samarra Indefinitely
Paul Bremer: Inner Circle No More?
Rockets, Gunfire in Baghdad as US Expands Offensive
Saddam Was More Concerned About Iran Than the US
Sharon Aide: Palestinian State Shelved With US Blessing
FBI Audit Leaves Vital Questions Unanswered  by Sibel Edmonds
Elections Will Not Pacify Iraq
by Patrick Cockburn
A National Guard Scandal That Matters  by David Englin
Bush Aides Backtracking on Iraq
by Juan Cole
Reject Draft Slavery  by Rep. Ron Paul
Another Failed Govt Project
by Harry Browne

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CIA Report on Iraq WMD
Pentagon Israeli Spy Rejects Plea Deal
Bush Pins Hopes on Afghanistan Amid Iraq Turmoil
UN Unions Want Workers Out of Iraq
Video: US Pilots Kill Civilians
US Military Families Breaking Their Silence
Oil-for-Food Probe to Reach White House
Oil Hits $53/ Barrel
Bombs Kill 39 at Pakistan Religious Rally
US Military Aid to Latin America Grows
House Set to Nullify More Civil Liberties
US Iraq Survey Group Unable to Find Any Evidence of Post-1991 WMD in Iraq
Tales of Torture & Murder
US Soldiers Used Electrical Cord to Help Kill Iraqi General
Guantanamo Briton Says He Was Tortured, Witnessed Murder by US Troops
'The Insurgency'
Why the Insurgency Won't Go Away
Iraqi PM Says No Truce Deal With Sadr Militia
Iraqi Sympathy for Zarqawi Grows Amid US Airstrikes
Iraqi Leaders Vow to Retake Rebel Enclaves as British FM Visits
Small Iraqi Town Held Captive by Thugs, Militants
Najaf 'Accepts' Price of Stability
Violence Continues
The Invisible Injury
Car Bomb Kills 16 Iraqis Near Baghdad
Pro-Saddam Kurdish Leader Assassinated in Mosul
Outside Baghdad, a Close Encounter With a Roadside Bomb
Reporter's Letter From Iraq
Hostage Crises
UK Hostage's Brother Urges Support for Antiwar Demonstration
UK Will 'Listen' to Kidnappers, but Still Won't Negotiate
Gadhafi Pleads for British Hostage Release
Militants Kidnap Kurdish Translator
Dubious Plan to Free French Hostages
French PM Denies Failed Attempt to Rescue Hostages
Saudi Held Hostage in Iraq Sues al-Jazeera for Videotape
Hostage Killing Prompts Anger in Italy
The New Iraq
Of the $18.4 Billion to Rebuild Iraq, Less Than Seven Percent Actually Spent
Baghdad International: Not Your Regular Airport
Iraqi Airways Hopes to Be a Carrier Like Any Other
Baghdad to Bid for World Cup
Iraqi BMW Drivers Targeted by Police
Iraqi Blogs Building Free Speech
Battles of Britain
Blair: US Report of No WMD Shows Saddam Was a Threat
How Bad Is Iraq Report for Blair?
UK Tories: Iraq Has Slid Into a 'Dangerous Half-War'
Howard Urges UK Independence Party Voters to Back Conservatives
UK Conservative Leader Charts Euro-Skeptic Course
UK to Scrap Oldest Infantry Regiment
Afghan Bomb Targets Karzai's Running Mate
Taliban Spreads Fear as Afghans Prepare to Vote
Afghanistan: Idealism in Hostile Territory
Unfamiliar Road to the Polls
Afghan Women Under Attack for Asserting Rights
A Forgotten Afghan Village Finds Its Voice
Afghan's Election Security Blanket
Afghan Govt Tries to Curb Drug Trade
Afghanistan's Drug Boom
DNA Tests Confirm ID of Man Who Beheaded Pearl
UK DM Hails Pakistan al-Qaeda Fight
US Agrees to Slow South Korea Pullout
Seoul, Tokyo and the Forbidden Nuclear Card
ElBaradei Stresses Need for Security in Koreas
UN Nuclear Chief: North Korea Talks Too Slow
EU Threatens Burma With More Sanctions
Indian Maoists Meeting in Calcutta to Discuss Strategy
Congress Urges Bush to Pressure China to Allow UN Torture Probe
Abkhazia's Leader Fires His Premier
Rights Groups Tell Tamil Tigers to Stop Killings
In Nepal, It's the King's Move
Powell: Brazil Bid for UN Security Council Seat Solid
UN Atomic Agency, Brazil Reach Agreement
US Commander Pledges Aid for Colombia
Argentina Finally Recognizes Veterans of Falklands War
UN Troops Move Into Haitian Slum
The Iraq Mistake
War's Rationales Undermined Yet Again
US Report Finds Iraq Was Minimal Weapons Threat in 2003
Inspector: Iraqi Arms Threat Was Waning
Bremer Critique on Iraq Raises Political Furor
Bush Allies Admit War Blunders
Report's Release Bad Timing for Bush
Bush Still Insists Iraq War Justified
Looking Back at War
Book Claims US Almost Got French Help in Iraq
Saddam and the French Connection
Hussein Had an Eye on His Legacy
Hussein Beat Sanctions With Bribes
Politics of War
Cheney in the Debate: Rewriting History
Republicans Were Eager to Shoot Down Draft Bill
After Debate, Iraq and Weapons Fuel the Campaign Dialogue
Bush Defends Iraq War in Run-up to 2nd Debate
Kerry: Franco-German Troops for Iraq Unlikely
The War at Home
Charges Dropped Against 227 Antiwar Protesters From GOP Convention
Controversy Over Fort Detrick Expansion
9/11 Conspiracy Theories Thrive on Internet
'Homeland Security'
Senate Approves 9/11 Bill at Odds With House Version
Senate Wants Database Dragnet
Stepped-Up Searches at Ferry Docks Rankle Civil Libertarians
Small Town Library Takes On the Feds
Weapons Ban Eased at DC-Area Airports
'War on Terror'
US: Mexico Not a Haven for Terrorists
Plutonium: Rising Terror Threat
UK Atty General: Prison Without Trial 'Justified'
Is Banned Muslim a Moderate or Militant?
France Tries Suspected Militants
Al-Qaeda Online
Assault on Gaza
Israel Continues Onslaught on Gaza
Israel Continues Assault as Peace Process 'Frozen'
Palestinians Won't Bring Anti-Israel Draft to General Assembly
After US Veto, Palestinians to Bring Israeli Acts to Fourth Geneva Convention
US Asks Israel to Clarify Pullout Comments
Israel Holding 25 UN Employees Without Charges
UN Hits Back Over Israeli Charges
Israel's Latest PR Disaster
Stretcher Case
Poll: 2/3 of Palestinians Favor Peace Talks
Two Girls, Two Shots to the Head
Cyprus Protests Israel Violating Its Air Regulations
UN: Iran Readies Uranium for Enrichment
Iran Ready for Confrontation or Negotiation Over Uranium Enrichment
Syria Willing to Cooperate on Iraq, Peace With Israel
France Believes Syria Holding Hostages
Russia & Her Neighbors
Russia Claims 500 Terror Attacks Averted This Year
Putin Targets Terrorist Financing
Explosion Rocks Armored Car Near Moscow
Sudan's UN Ambassador Urges US to Send Troops if Genocide Is Taking Place
UN Warns It Cannot Cope if Darfur Violence Continues
African Force for Darfur Not Yet Ready
Blair Outlines Sudan Demands
Turkey & the EU
Turkey Advances in Its Bid to Join European Union
EU Puts Turks on 10-Year Timeline
Turkey's March West
In Other News
UN Panel to Frame Guidelines on Legality of Preemptive Strike
Spanish Police Arrest Five More Suspected Basque Separatists
French Paratroopers Reinforce NATO Troops in Kosovo
Bosnian Muslim Commander's Trial Begins

Kerry, the Hawk

Electing to Abstain

US and India: Unequal Allies, Uneasy Partners

War Lies Are Piling Up

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Good News Where You Can Find It

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Whose Fault Is It?

Sascha Matuszak
Nonviolent Chauvinism

Matthew Barganier
Understanding America's Terrorist Crisis: What Should Be Done?

Joseph Stromberg
Inventing Iraq Yet Again?

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