Larry Franklin's October Surprise: Justin Raimondo
WMD Myth Meant to Deter Iran: Juan Cole
Season of Cynicism: Alan Bock

Is Kirkuk About to Explode?: Aaron Glantz

Sidelined Neocons Stoke Future Fires: Jim Lobe
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– Benito Juárez
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Updated Oct. 8, 2004 – 10:30 pm EDT
Bush: Report Shows Saddam Was Threat
Cheney: Report Finding No WMD Justifies War
Hospital: US Strike Kills 14 at Iraqi Wedding
Lifeless Towns Typify US-Iraqi Achievements
Dozens Killed as Bombs Hit 3 Egyptian Hotels
Video Shows UK Hostage Bigley Beheaded
Pentagon Meddling Crippled Postwar Humanitarian Aid in Iraq
Gaza Death Toll Hits 85 in Ninth Day of Israeli Offensive
WMD Myth Meant to Deter Iran
by Juan Cole
Sidelined Neoconservatives Stoke Future Fires  by Jim Lobe
How Long Will It Take to Recover From Iraq?  by Pat M. Holt
Is Kirkuk About to Explode?
by Aaron Glantz
Putin Pays for Appeasing the US
by John Laughland
The No-Win Solution  by Rajan Menon

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Powell: US Doesn't Doubt Sharon's Commitment to Peace
Sharon Denies Plot to Freeze Peace Process
NY Times' Miller Jailed for Contempt in CIA Leak Case
Is Withdrawal the Silent US Policy?
Gen. Zinni Expects US Troops in Iraq 5-10 Years
Many Helped Hussein Evade Sanctions
A Glimmer of Hope, but What About the Sunnis?
CIA Releases Oil-for-Food 'Secret Lists'
Army Denies Gitmo Release Remark
Three-Quarters of a Million Afghan Refugees See Hope in Absentee Ballots
Violence Continues
Blasts, Gunfire Ring Through Baghdad as US Expands Offensive
Two US GIs Killed by Roadside Bombs
Bomb Discovered at Green Zone Restaurant
Dutch Soldier Injured in Attack on Convoy in Southern Iraq
US Warplanes Target Iraq Roadside Bombs
41 Media Workers Have Been Killed in Iraq
Hostage Crises
Indonesian Hostages Arrive Home
Indonesian Hostages Say They Were Beaten
Iraqi Politics
Militants Warn Fallujah Insurgents to Be Cautious About Peace
Poll: Iraqis Losing Interest in Upcoming Elections
2/3 of Iraqis Say They Are Likely to Vote
Iraqi Govt Hopes to Find Saddam's Loot
Saddam's Daughter Insists on Approving His Lawyers
The New Iraq
Iraq: Making the Most of a Bad Situation
Religious Power Making Inroads in Secular Iraq
Iraq Occupation
National Guard Soldier Pleads Guilty to Murdering Iraqi
240 Detainees Released From Iraq Prisons
Senior Sadr Aide Released From US Detention
Iraqis May Sue US Over Invasion
South African Soldiers May Be Heading for Iraq
South Korea to Send 150 Airmen to Iraq
Global Iraq Fallout
Oil Hits $53/ Barrel
Sharp Divisions May Delay International Conference on Iraq
Criticism Mounts Over Japan's Role in Iraq
Aussie Voters Face Choice on Iraq
Australia's PM Has No Regrets on Iraq
Battles of Britain
The Shocking Truth About the UK's Top Euroskeptic
UK Muslim Reservist Loses Iraq Case
Scottish Minister Opposes Merger of Historic UK Regiments
Karzai Pledges Inclusive Government if Elected
Afghan Warlord on Election Trail With Horsepower
Karzai: Conditions Are Right for 'Fairly Free' Vote
Fair Elections Not a High Priority in Afghanistan
Karzai Hopes to Become Leader in His Own Right
Pakistan Car Bomb Kills 40 During Rally
Pakistan Bans Political and Religious Gatherings Nationwide
South Waziristan Ceasefire Collapses
India, the US, and Nuclear Proliferation
US Spy vs. Indian Spy
Bush Supports China-Taiwan Reunification, but No 'Unilateral Attempt'
US Warns EU Against Arms Trade With China
Sihanouk's Abdication Catches Nation by Surprise
Bomb at Indonesian Embassy in Paris Wounds 10
Terrorism Links in Indonesia Point to Military
Bangladesh Urges India to Discuss Militant Camps
Nepal Govt Forces, Maoist Rebels Both Target Civilians
Thai Cabinet Reshuffle Sparks Violence
Russia-Venezuela Alliance Takes Flight
Chile to Investigate CIA Activities
US Congress Wants to Pay for Colombian Ex-Militants to Become Farmers
Haiti's Latest Violence – Beheadings
Dysfunctional British Sub Deal Threatens Canada's Leader
European Union
Expansion Brings EU to Foreign Policy Void
Turkey a Step Closer to Joining EU
Nigeria Oil Militia Not Disarming
50,000 Killed in Nigerian Clashes in Past Three Years
Mutineers Kill Guinea-Bissau Army Chief
Not Finding WMD
Bush, Cheney Concede Iraq Had No WMD
Former UN Inspectors Cite New Report as Validation
Saddam's WMD Pretense Meant to Deter Iran
Weapons Report Creates Firestorm at Senate Hearing
Lies, Damned Lies, and Bush's Statistics
WMD Report Sinks Bush's Main Rationale for War
Was Saddam's Real Secret Weapon an Insurgency?
Report: Iraqi Generals Surprised at Lack of WMD
Bush Defends Iraq Invasion in Face of New Report
US Says Iraq Sought Russian Defense Systems
Reports Put Pressure on Bush Over Iraq Invasion
WMD Report's Major Findings
No WMD: World Reaction
US WMD Report Triggers Condemnation From Iraqis
We Saw No WMD – Blair Labeled Us 'Naïve Dupes'
Blair Under Fire Over Iraq Report
Blair Faces Final Judgment on WMD
France Says Report's Bribe Claims Are Bid to Smear Chirac
French Anger at US WMD Report
Japanese Opposition to Grill Koizumi Over US Weapons Report
The War at Home
More Problems for Bush Military Nominees
Families Plan to Skip Military Draft
NYPD Questioned on Fingerprinting of GOP Convention Protesters
Prof Pursued by Mob of Bloggers
Foreign Monitors to Observe US Elections
USAF Counterspace Operation Doctrine
'Homeland Security'
Senate OKs Closer Watch of FBI Translation Unit
Intelligence Reform Bill Creates De Facto National ID Card
Election Terror Warning Causes Confusion, Skepticism
FBI to Use Other Federal Agents to Investigate Election Plots
Schools Warned to Watch Out for Terrorists
Tech Firms Fight for Homeland Security Pork
Judge Admonishes Lawyers in Anthrax Case
'War on Terror'
After Convictions, the Undoing of a US Terror Prosecution
Yemeni Gitmo Detainee Claims Mistreatment
German Spy Chief Says Bin Laden Is Alive
Russia Pushes for UN Vote on Terrorism
Aussie Suspect Denies Link to 9/11 Plans
Terrorism and the Internet
Israel's High-Tech Demolition of Gaza
Surgeon Captures Grim Picture of Gaza Mayhem
UN Warns of Growing Gaza Crisis
Arab League 'Fed Up' With US Veto of Anti-Israel Resolutions
Two Palestinian Teens Killed in Missile Strike
Iran's Hardliners Tighten Their Grip
Russia, Iran to Continue Nuclear Cooperation
Russian Foreign Minister May Discuss Missiles With Iran
Middle East
Saudi Democratization to Include Women?
Bombed Egyptian Resorts Were Used by Vacationing Israelis
US Navy Copter Crashes in Kuwait
Putin Aide Says Russian State Threatens Economic Growth
Russia to Maintain Nuclear Parity with US
Russia Rejects Nuclear Criticism
Russian Officer Arrested in Kidnapping of US Journalist
Putin Fires Ossetia/Ingushetia Envoy
Russia Calm on US Announcement of Missile Defense Deployment in Alaska
Russia Pays Fawning Tribute to Birthday Boy 'Putin the First'
Darfur Still Dangerous, Despite Global Pressure
Focus on Darfur Seen Clouding Peace Effort
British Troops to Form Africa Intervention Force
Geldof 'Diplomacy' Eclipses UK Promise of Troops for Africa
Source: Sudan Arming Tribes
Sudanese Women's Responsibilities Put Them at Risk of Rape
Sudan's Shadowy Militia

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Inventing Iraq – Yet Again?

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