No Exit From Iraq?: Justin Raimondo
Kerry's Entangling Alliances: Michael Badnarik
Libertarians Face Off on Intervention: Jon Basil Utley
Weapons No One Looked For: Matthew Barganier
Israel's Coming Civil War: Uri Avnery
The worst evils which mankind has ever had to endure were inflicted by bad governments.
– Ludwig von Mises
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Updated Oct. 27, 2004 – 8:50 pm EDT
The Weapons No One Looked For
Palestinian Official: Arafat's Health Worse
Allawi: Negligent US to Blame for Massacre
US Considers Ways to Increase Troops in Iraq
Army Won't Shorten Combat Tours in Iraq
Military Resists Deployment in War on Drugs
British Troops Move North to Baghdad
Kerry's Entangling Alliances
by Michael Badnarik
What Would Patton Say?
Who Cares?
 by William L. Anderson
Bush Is Militaristic, Not Pro-Military
by Ian Williams
Israel's Coming Civil War  by Uri Avnery
NATO's New Colonial Order
by Rick Rozoff
War on Terror, or War on Charity?
by Salam al-Marayati

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Libertarians Face Off on Intervention
Insurgents Kidnap 11 Iraqi Guardsmen
Kerry Steps Up 'Explosive' Attacks
The Soldiers Who Said No
A GI Speaks: 'The Numbers Have Faces Behind Them'
UN Terrorism Treaty Deadlocked
South Korea Joins China in Criticizing US on N. Korea
Knesset Bitterly Divided, Approves Gaza Pullout
Discord on North Korea as Powell Finishes E. Asia Trip
Four Car Bombs Explode in Mosul
'The Insurgency'
Who – and Where – Is Zarqawi?
US: Fallujah Airstrike Killed Zarqawi Aide
Rebel Group Warns of Unprecedented Attacks if Fallujah Stormed
Insurgents South of Baghdad Eager to Battle British
Zarqawi Group Seizes Japanese Hostage
Homemade Bombs Largest Killer of Coalition Soldiers in Iraq
Iraq Occupation
US Gave Britain Date of War in Advance
US Troops Reinforce After Fallujah Air Strike
Australia Probes Iraq Bomb Blast
GI Janes Battle Iraqi Insurgents
The New Iraq
Media in Iraq See Through a Shrinking Window
Baghdad Schoolyard No Haven From Fear
Iraqi Children Must Work for Families' Survival
Global Iraq Fallout
France Offering Data in Oil-for-Food Probe
Scottish Cabinet Split Over Army Cuts
Bush Backers 'Exploiting Norway's Role in Iraq'
15 Tribal Elders Die in South Waziristan Attack
Pakistani Operations in South Waziristan Renews Debate on Tribal Law
84 Die During Detention Following Thai Demonstration
Deaths in Custody Could Inflame Thailand's Muslim South
India & Her Neighbors
Defense Pact to Expand India's Role in Sri Lanka
India Cool on Kashmir Proposals
Indian Troops Kill Six Militants in Kashmir
South Korea on Alert Over Border Fence Hole
Taiwan Shows Off Missile Defense Strength
UN Expert Condemns US Coalition in Afghanistan for Beating People to Death
Abkhazia: Background on a Rebellious Province
US Relations With Ukraine Hinge on Sunday's Vote
Ukraine Campaign Tainted by Violence
NATO Says No 'Firm Evidence' of Terrorist Activity in Bosnia
Spain Suspends Claims to Gibraltar
France, Germany to Set Up Rapid Reaction Battle Group
UK Referendum on EU Constitution Set for March 2006
Missing Explosives?
Troops Did Not Have Orders to Search for Explosives
Duelfer: No Order to Investigate Missing Iraq Explosives
Tip of the Iceberg
US Says Securing All Arms Caches In Iraq 'Impossible'
Embedded Reporter Saw No Explosives Search
US on Loss of Iraqi Explosives: At Least They Weren't Nukes
Tons of Explosives Gone Missing: Whose Fault?
CBS Had Iraq Story, Just Not in Time
The War at Home
Grandmother Confronts Cheney on Iraq
Halliburton Says War Profits Weak
Lullabies From the 'Axis of Evil'
Hip-Hop on the Frontline
'Homeland Security'
Feds to Remove Govt Web Pages 'Helpful to Terrorists'
Pentagon Opposes New National Intel Director
'War on Terror'
On Stand, Terrorist's Lawyer Denies Aiding Violent Cause
US Offered to Send Gitmo Detainees Back to UK
Scientists Warn of DNA-Targeting 'Ethnic Weapons'
Syrian Is Named as Mastermind of Madrid Attacks
Gaza Showdown
Netanyahu Threatens to Quit if No Referendum
Heavily Guarded Sharon Arrives for Vote
Settlers Mass Outside Israeli Parliament Before Vote
Arab World Split on Gaza Pullout
US Warns of Possible Anti-American Terror Attacks in Israel
Israeli Commander Arrested in Probe Over Shooting of Palestinian Schoolgirl
Israeli Army Ends Latest Gaza Incursion
Arafat Breaks Ramadan Fast
Middle East
Jordan's Cold Peace With Israel
Syrians Glum About US Polls
Six Killed in Algeria Violence
Moscow Protests UK Star Wars Plan
In Russia, Only the Terrorists Learned Their Lessons
Congo War's 40,000 Rape Victims Face Rampant Disease
Forgiveness for Uganda's Former Rebels
Thatcher Challenges Legality of Equatoguinean Coup Questioning
The Struggle to Pry Open Brazil's Military Archives
Cuba Announces Ban on US Dollar in Response to Sanctions

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US and India: Unequal Allies, Uneasy Partners

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