Bush's Last-Minute Boost: Ivan Eland
Taking Stock of Iraqi Deaths: Amy Quinn
Blair: Liar or Flip-Flopper?: Peter Oborne
Purple Hearts' Aftermath of War: Michael Austin
'Dr. No' vs. the Yes Men: Rep. Ron Paul
The winds that blow our billions away return burdened with themes of scorn and dispraise.
– Garet Garrett
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Updated Nov. 1, 2004 – 10:30 pm EST
Election Offers Little Choice on Iraq
Highest US Troop Level Ahead of Fallujah Assault
Iraqi Officials Split Over US Attack on Fallujah
Iraq Awash With Unaccounted for Weapons
Bin Laden Lauds Costs of War to US
Full Translation of bin Laden's Speech
Neocons Set to Pull Strings for Four More Years  by Kirsty Milne
Is Tony Blair Duplicitous, or Just Indecisive?  by Peter Oborne

Purple Hearts Shows the Aftermath of War  by Michael Austin

Liberal Hawks Bail on Bush
by Tim Cavanaugh
Taking Stock of Iraqi Deaths
by Amy Quinn
'Dr. No' vs. the Yes Men
Interview with Rep. Ron Paul

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Zarqawi's Role in Iraq Overstated
Car Bomb Kills Six at Education Ministry
Hollinger Sues Richard Perle
Navy Seal: CIA Roughed Up Iraqi Prisoner Before Death
In Ramadi, GIs Fight an Elusive, Expert Foe
Marines Can't Tell Who the Enemy Is in Iraq
Sorting Friends From Foes in Afghanistan
A GI Loses Faith in the War
Post-Arafat Power Struggle Looms
House Republicans Tell Bush to Clarify Intel Position
Helicopters Playing Increasing Role in Iraq War
Today in Iraq
US Citizen, Three Others Kidnapped From Baghdad Office
Iraqi Govt Bans Officials From Cooperating With al-Jazeera TV
Iraqi President: Military Attack Wrong Way to End Fallujah Revolt
Report Reveals Fraud Cases in Iraq's Rebuilding
Int'l Aid to Iraq Only a Trickle
Heavy Clashes in Ramadi as US Troop Buildup Begins
Iraqi Deputy Governor and Interior Minister Assassinated
US Bombs Fallujah as Showdown Looms
Black Watch Targeted as US Soldiers Pile In
Violence Continues
Bomb Blast in Ramadi Kills Marine, Wounds Four
First Female UK Soldier Dies in Iraq
Dead UK Female Sergeant 'Committed Suicide'
Iraqi Cameraman Killed Filming US Fight With Insurgents
New Rocket Attacks on Black Watch
Northern Iraq Pipeline Blown Up
The New Iraq
Anti-Insurgency Hot Line Set Up in Iraq
Peace Comes to Iraqi Kurdistan
Global Iraq Fallout
Parents of Slain Troops Lead Glasgow Antiwar Protest
Japanese Calls to Withdraw Troops From Iraq After Hostage Killing, Attack on Base
Arab World Taking a Dim View of Iraqi Insurgents' Tactics
Australian Opposition Slams PM for Endorsing Bush
Bulgaria Starts to Shift Its Troops in Iraq
Dutch Troops' Stay in Iraq Might Be Extended
US Soldier Killed in Southeast Afghanistan
Afghan Hostages Split Up
Afghan Kidnappers Ready to Negotiate
Militants Extend Afghanistan Hostages' Deadline
US Troops Leave Korean Border
Seoul to Scrap Cold War Relic, Anti-North Law
ElBaradei Pressures Iran, North Korea
South Korean Boats Fire Warning Shots at North Korean Boats
Thais Fear More Mayhem
Religious Divide Grows Amid Thai Unrest
Thai King Urges End to Violence
150 Dead as Riots Break Out in China
Concern Rises in Pakistan of a War Without End
Nepal Forces Clash With Maoists
Sri Lankan Muslim Party Declares War on President
How Colombian Farmers Beat the US Government
Drug War Complicates Colombian Peace Plan
The Return of bin Laden
Bin Laden Tape: A Scoop and a Mystery
Diplomats Question bin Laden's Statement
'Homeland Security'
CIA Chief Seeks Change in Inspector's 9/11 Report
US Ill-Prepared to Handle Bio Attack
Guantanamo 'Justice'
Disagreement Over Detainees' Legal Rights Simmers
Military Tribunals to Begin for Two Gitmo Detainees
Australian Gitmo Detainee Says He's on the Brink of Insanity
'War on Terror'
Ten USS Cole Suspects Escape Yemen Jail
Jordanian Acquitted of Plotting With Zarqawi
France Fights Terrorism With Authoritarianism
US Issues Terror Warning in Nordic, Baltic Nations
Ailing Arafat
Arafat's Condition Improving, More Tests Needed
Arafat Signals Recovery
Business as Usual for Terrorists in Arafat's Absence
Extremist American Board of Rabbis Calls for Worldwide Ban on France Over Medical Treatment of Arafat
Israelis Log a Deadly Toll Against Palestinians
Tel Aviv Suicide Blast Kills 4, Wounds 30
Palestinian PM Condemns Tel Aviv Suicide Bombing
Tel Aviv Bomber's Mother: Send Adults to Kill Israelis
Settlers' Attacks Keeping Palestinian Children Out of School
Hopes For End to Intifada Were Premature
ElBaradei Urges Iran to Suspend Uranium Enrichment
Afghan Refugees in Iran Pressured to Return Home
Middle East
Egypt: Sinai Bombings Not by al-Qaeda
Militant: Al-Qaeda Still Strong in Saudi Arabia
US-Muslim Relations: Hard Choices Ahead
Chopper Raids Hit Darfur Talks
Darfur Rebels Threaten to End Talks
Sudan Aid Agency Denies US Claim It Funded Bin Laden
Nigerian Unions Aim to Halt Oil Exports
Algeria Cancels Military Parades to Ease Tensions With Morocco
Ukraine Vote for President in Virtual Tie; Runoff Is Due
Western Observers Condemn Ukraine Elections
Top Russian General Shot Dead
War-Ravaged Economy Forces Chechens Into Rebel Ranks
In Other News
Judges Say Milosevic May Defend Himself

Police Terror Sweeps Across Haiti


The Truth Hurts

Bush's Electoral Prospects Get a Little Help from Overseas

Et Tu, Pat?

Lost Weapons – and Minds?

Nebojsa Malic
Tragedy and Farce

Ilana Mercer
Kerry's Cowardly Convergence

Ran HaCohen
Sharon's True Face Exposed (and Ignored)

Sascha Matuszak
Riding the Tiger

Praful Bidwai
US and India: Unequal Allies, Uneasy Partners

Joseph Stromberg
Inventing Iraq Yet Again?

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