Buck Up, You Lefties!: Justin Raimondo
Opportunities Ahead: Alan Bock
Blair Will Be Rewarded: Peter Oborne
Minimize the Mandate: Paul Craig Roberts
US Lost Evidence of Saddam's Abuses: Jim Lobe
The executive has no right, in any case, to decide the question, whether there is or is not cause for declaring war.
– James Madison
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Updated Nov. 5, 2004 – 9:00 pm EST
Bush's Hands Untied in Iraq
Bush Won't Estimate Costs of 'Staying the Course'
More Strain, More Stress for US Forces
US Faces Gap in 'Intelligence War' in Iraq
'Doctors Without Borders' Leaving Iraq
Arafat in a Coma: 'Between Life and Death'
Soldiers Describe Looting of Explosives From Iraqi Facility
National Guard Fighter Jet Strafes New Jersey School
History Is Against the US in Iraq
by Pat M. Holt
Blame It on Arafat: Dennis Ross and The Missing Peace
by Michael C. Desch
The Kurdish Powder Keg Is Ready to Blow  by Ali Ezzatyar
Minimize the Mandate
by Paul Craig Roberts

US Interests 'Regrettably Harmed'
by Karen Kwiatkowski

Ashcroft Ignores the Supreme Court
St. Petersburg (Fla.) Times

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UK: US Attack on Iran 'Inconceivable'
Hersh: Military Afraid to Tell Bush the Truth
Three US Soldiers Killed in Iraq Attacks
Oil Targets Threatened if US Storms Fallujah
Field Hospital in Iraq on Alert
US Lost Evidence of Saddam's Abuses
Colombia: Bush's Triumph Gladdens Uribe, Scares Others
Rumsfeld, Ashcroft to Resign?
Israel's Gaza Commander Resigns in Protest
A Volley of Fire From a
Fast-Moving Target
Today in Iraq
Iraqis Living Abroad to Vote in January Elections
Allawi Calls on 'Spectators' to Join Occupation
CentCom Chief: Bad Iraq News Is 'Hype'
Black Watch's Hell Near Baghdad
UK Troops Move Further Into Iraq
Violence Continues
Three UK Troops, Translator Killed in Iraq Suicide Attack
Militants Used Grenade Attacks to Lure Black Watch Into Trap
Clue to Attack in Iraq Started With Eyes
US Marines Helpless Against Sophistication of Suicide Bombers
Aid Workers Increasingly a Target
Fallujah Plans
US Hits Fallujah by Air and Ground, Preparing for Major Offensive
Marines Prepare for Fallujah Battle
US Troops Move Toward Fallujah
Iraq Setting Up Shadow Fallujah Administration
Iraqi Reporters Prepare for Front Lines in Fallujah
Iraqis Want to Talk
Iraqis Say US Should Talk More, Shoot Less
Iraqis Challenge Bush to Do Better Than Saddam
EU to Discuss Iraq Aid Proposal With Allawi Friday
Global Iraq Fallout
Coalition Members Mull Iraq Pullout
Poll: Japanese Oppose Extending Iraq Mission
Philippines Prepares Plan to Evacuate Workers From Iraq
India Ready to Help in Iraq Election
Czech Troops to Remain in Iraq
Italy Reaffirms Troops Commitment to Iraq
UK DM Dismisses Gulf War Syndrome Evidence
Pakistani Militants Plot to Kidnap Westerners in Afghanistan
Karzai Promises Security in First Speech Since Election
Karzai Vows to Disband Private Militias
South Waziristan Blasts Kill Nine Pakistani Soldiers
Four Civilians Killed in Afghan Bomb Attack
Asian Papers Urge End to US Unilateralism
Southern Thailand Shootings Kill Nine Buddhists
China's Minority Fears
Indonesian Cleric Taunts Prosecutors With Another Terror Confession
Six Killed in Kashmir Violence
US Grant to Aid Removal of Vietnam Land Mines
Ivory Coast Planes Bomb Rebel City
Liberian Ex-Warring Factions Disband
Annan Urges Action in Darfur
US Recognizes Macedonia by Its Constitutional Name
Side Effects of America's Macedonian Name Recognition
Nine Misconceptions About the Macedonian Referendum
Second-Term Bush
Republicans Predict Shake-Up in Cabinet
Second Term: From Unilateral War to Multilateral War?
On Foreign Policy, How Bold Will Bush Be?
Bush to 'Spend Political Capital' on Finishing Iraq War
Bush Laments Coalition of the Unwilling
Decision Time on the Cabinet Stars
US Election: World Reaction
Bush Win Is a Win for Indonesia's Military
How the World Sees Bush's Victory
Asians Dismayed, Leaders Relieved by Bush Win
Japan: Bush Reelection Means Even Closer Ties
More of the Same Is Bad News in Middle East
Palestinians Angered by Bush Win
Malaysia's Mahathir Blamed for Bush Comeback
The War at Home
Dollar Falls on Fears of US Deficits
Defense Stocks Surge After Bush Win
Bush's Victory Pains Parents Mourning Son
Airborne Laser Faces 'Do-or-Die' Tests
US to Stockpile 75 Million Doses of Anthrax Vaccine
57 Arrested in Anti-Bush, Antiwar Protest
Torture, Abuse, Detention
Report Details Guantanamo Abuses
Marine Says He Was Ordered to Grab Iraqi Prisoner's Neck
Detainees' Cases Show Another Side of Gitmo
'War on Terror'
French Judge: US Too Focused on bin Laden
Bin Laden Perfume: The World's Most Wanted?
Even in Canada: Personal Freedom a Victim of Fight Against Terrorism
Ailing Arafat
Palestine in Turmoil as Arafat Deteriorates
Two to Assume Arafat's Roles
Possible Successors to Arafat
Mystery Surrounds What Ails Arafat
Qureia to Travel to Gaza to Coordinate Policies
In Ramallah, Life as Usual
Bush and Sharon: Opposites That Attract
Bush Will Try to Revive Middle East Peace Roadmap
Arabs Remind Bush of Mideast Peace Commitment
Israeli Tank Fire Kills Three Palestinians
Middle East
Official: Iran Can Make Nukes, but Doesn't Want To
US Embassy Closes in Syria as Precaution
Peace Corps Expands in Muslim World
Basque Separatists Consider Nonviolence
Russia Test-Launches Two Ballistic Missiles
Ingush Security Officer Implicated in Beslan Siege
Germany, Poland Rule Out War Compensation

Buck Up, You Lefties!

Opportunities Ahead

Democracy Deployed

Bush's Electoral Prospects Get a Little Help from Overseas

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Et Tu, Pat?

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Kerry's Cowardly Convergence

Ran HaCohen
Sharon's True Face Exposed (and Ignored)

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Riding the Tiger

Praful Bidwai
US and India: Unequal Allies, Uneasy Partners

Joseph Stromberg
Inventing Iraq Yet Again?

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