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I've earned capital in this election and I'm going to spend it." ~ George W. Bush

But at what price for the Iraqi people?

Fallujah is surrounded, and the blow could fall at any moment. The post-election slaughter is about to begin. And, unfortunately, dear readers, it's time for our quarterly pledge drive.

The President of the United States and his supporters believe he has a mandate and not just from the American people, but from God. His terrible swift sword is poised and ready to strike well beyond Iraq.

World War IV, as his neoconservative camp followers call it, is about to begin and Antiwar.com is our last line of defense. Can you imagine a second Bush term without us?

It could happen if we don't meet our quarterly goal of $50,000.

Since 1998, we've been bringing you the war news on a daily basis, and warning of the gathering danger to our liberties and the peace of the world. We've documented the lies, the evasions, the trumped-up charges, the double-talking criminality of a regime that seems to have gone mad with power and hubris. You know you can count on us to bring you the news that the mainstream media won't touch until it's too late.

Constantly updated, and totally reliable, we're on the job 24 hours a day just so you don't have to be.

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Updated Nov. 8, 2004 – 9:40 pm EDT
Fallujah Assault Begins
US Embed: Parts of Fallujah on Fire
Could Bring 'Heaviest Fighting Since Vietnam'
Iraqi Defense Minister: 'Liberate This City'
Official Documents: US Planned to Nuke N. Korea
The Antiwar Right Is Ready to Rumble
US Judge Halts Gitmo Trial: 'Contrary to Miliary Justice'
Many Marines Face Fallujah With No Combat Experience
Arafat's Wife Says PA Officials Plan to 'Bury Him Alive'
Blinkered Bush Set to Blunder Again  by Tom Engelhardt & Dilip Hiro
1,000 Is Just a Number, Until You See the Crosses  by Richard Anderson
Fallujah: You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet  by Rahul Mahajan
Bye-Bye, ElBaradei  by Gordon Prather
Fallujah's Screams Won't Be Heard
by Madeleine Bunting
Iran Sanctions Help the Mullahs
Scripps-Howard Newspapers

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Carnage and Martial Law
High Stakes of Taking Fallujah
Coalition Faces Suicide Army
Aid Agency Exit Leaves Iraq Further Isolated
Missing Missiles in Iraq Could Total 4,000
Conflict in Ivory Coast Explodes, 30 Die
There Is Life After Arafat
Europe Reaches Agreement With Iran in Nuclear Talks
US Unprepared for Bio-Terror, Experts Warn
Moving on Fallujah, US Soldiers Seize Hospital, Endangering Patient Care
Today in Iraq
Syrians Reinforce Security at Iraq Border
Iraq Govt TV Broadcasts Foreign Fighters' Confessions
US Forces to Give Iraqis Cash for Reporting Explosives
Iraqi Killed in Karbala for Urging Election Boycott
Gang Fight Over Voter Registration Card Shortage in Karbala
Iraq Quagmire Has Echoes of Brutal Algerian Eight-Year War
US: Fallujah Insurgents Ready for Battle Despite Losses
Residents of Fallujah Wait in Terror for US Assault
US Heading Into Major Urban Assault in Fallujah
US Jets Pound Iraq's Fallujah, Fierce Ground Clashes
Commanders Give Marines Pep Talk Before Fallujah Assault
US Officers: Troops Seize Small Rebel Area in Fallujah
The Insurgents
Report: Extremists Moving Across Iran-Iraq Border
Zarqawi Group Posts Video of Attack on UK Troops
Allawi Vies for Support in Insurgent Fight
A Look at Possible Iraq Insurgency Groups
Insurgents Use Media to Fight Americans
Zarqawi Group Claims String of Deadly Iraq Attacks
Militants Terrify Baghdad's Formerly Middle-Class Haifa Street
Violence Continues
21 Shot Dead at Iraq Police Stations
12 Iraqi Guardsmen Abducted and Killed
Two US Convoys Attacked in Iraq, Soldier Killed
Bomb Disposal Experts Maimed in Suicide Attack
Iraqi Gunmen Kill Three Province Officials
British Civilian Killed in Iraq
Car Bomb Explodes Near Home of Iraq's Finance Minister
Iraq Militant Group Says It Killed Two Arab Translators
Two Black Watch Soldiers Injured in Suicide Attack
Body of Missing Turkish Driver Discovered in Iraq Morgue
Bomb Wounds Security Chief in Kufa
Hostage Crises
French FM: Journalists Held Hostage in Iraq Are Alive
Iraqi Militants Threaten to Kill Three Jordanians
Buddhist Monk Pleads for Release of Sri Lankan Hostage
Battles of Britain
UK Govt Probes Science of 100,000 Iraqi Civilian Death Report
UK Military Families Start Antiwar Campaign
Black Watch Deaths Put Blair on the Spot
US Ambassador to Afghanistan: 'I Didn't Come Here to Be a Flower Pot'
Afghan Militants Hold Talks on Hostages, but No Deal Yet
Afghan Militants Hope to Trade UN Hostages for Gitmo Detainees
India Test Fires Nuke-Capable Missile
Indian Army Launches Major Offensive Against Rebels
Thai PM Vows 'Iron Fist' Against Southern Rebels
Two More Buddhists Killed in Thai Revenge Attacks
The War at Home
Separated by War, Joined in Purpose
Dollar Continues Slide as Foreign Govts Sell US Assets
Discharged Gulf War Vet Sues Army Over New Call-Up
US Voters Want Stable Iraq as Top Priority
Hundreds Take to Seattle Streets for Antiwar Protest
Evangelicals Say They Led Charge for Bush
Gitmo 'Justice'
Guantanamo Serenade
Guantanamo Bay Justice: Three Hours Behind Closed Doors
Accused Taliban Member Appears at Gitmo Hearing
Gitmo Hearing Postponed for Australian Terror Suspect
'Homeland Security'
Security Planning for Bush Inaugural at Unmatched Level
DC Officials Still Fearful About Emergency Preparedness
Negotiators See New Hope for Intelligence Bill
'War on Terror'
CIA Official: Evolving Nature of al-Qaeda Is Misunderstood
Terrorists Want Nukes, Australia Warns
Arafat and After
Palestinian Official Says Arafat Has Liver Failure
PA Leaders Leave for Paris, May Declare Arafat Dead
Israel Plans Gaza Burial for Arafat
Israeli Labor MP Backs Arafat Burial in Jerusalem in Trade for End to Attacks
French FM: Arafat Alive, Condition Is 'Complex'
Palestinian Line of Succession Answers and Raises Questions
Likely Arafat Successor Abbas Described as Pragmatist
Bush, Blair to Meet Over Arafat
Hezbollah Sends Reconnaissance Drone Into Israel
Undercover Israeli Soldiers Kill Four in Jenin
Ivory Coast
French Unleash Force in Ivory Coast
French Reinforcements Land
French Troops Deploy to Key Points in Ivory Coast City
Ivory Coast Mobs Searching for French Citizens to Kill
French Copters Airlift Residents in Ivory Coast to Safety
France May Seek Arms Embargo on Ivory Coast
UN Condemns Ivory Coast Bombing of French Troops
Attack on Somali Officer Seen as Warning to African Union
African Union Seeks Cash to Send More Troops to Darfur
No Justice for Sudanese Rape Victims
Jihad in Holland
Dutch Mosques Attacked
Murder Fuels Fears Among Dutch
Low Turnout Kills Macedonian Referendum on Albanian Autonomy
Peaceful Rebels Export Expertise
New Approach Sought to German-US Rift
UN Nuclear Watchdog Ends Inspections in South Korea
Koizumi: Japan's Military Must Contribute Abroad
Taiwan Defends Aging Weapons After Munitions Blast Kills Three
Protest in Kashmir Over Alleged Rapes by Soldiers
Canadian Media Loses Fight Over Closed-Door Policy of Sub Hearing
Honduran President: Sorry About the Death Squads

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