What We're Up Against

Anyone who thought Bush's second term would mean a moderation of the neoconservative agenda of perpetual war was bound to be bitterly disappointed and the bad news is already confirmed. The moderates are out the radicals are in.

They're talking about Paul Wolfowitz the intellectual architect of the Iraq war as the new National Security Advisor. Rumsfeld will stay and Colin Powell, the lone voice of moderation in the top foreign policy councils of this administration, is rumored to be on the way out.

Bereft of restraint, or common sense, this ideology-driven administration is determined to spread the gospel of "democracy" with evangelical zeal at gunpoint, whether the peoples of the Middle East want it or not.

The neoconservatives who took control of American foreign policy early on in this administration are only just now hitting their stride. It's war, war, and yet more war war without mercy. We must fight them, stop them, expose their lies and their motives but we can't do it without you.

Yesterday, 235 of you contributed over $12,000, and we thank you. But we need to raise a total of $50,000 this week to continue at our current level through the next quarter.

Forget the usual fundraising alarmism this country has never been in more danger. We are losing ourselves our character as a people in a bloody orgy of evil, and moral Americans must stand up and be counted.

Antiwar.com is your bulwark against the murderous madness that now grips the minds of our rulers. We track them daily, hourly, with up-to-the-minute reports of the latest developments and with solid analysis. We depend on your support and we need it now more than ever.

You can give in or you can fight back. Join us today in the battle to retake our country from the War Party. Your donation is urgently required now, more than ever.

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Updated Nov. 9, 2004 – 8:40 pm EDT
16 GIs Killed as Fallujah Battle Rages
Attorney General Ashcroft Resigns
'Phantom Fury,' Phantom Victory
Arafat: 'Brain Hemorrhage, in Critical Condition'
Sunni Party Quits Iraqi Govt Over Fallujah
Fallujah Ushers in New Phase of Resistance
US Mimics Pariah States in Fallujah Offensive
Top CIA Officer Criticizes Agency's bin Laden Effort
Time for a Conservative Debate on War  by Paul Weyrich
Fallujah: All the Makings of a War Crime  by Tony Kevin
NATO Is a Threat to Europe and Must Be Disbanded  by Jonathan Steele
For the Empire, All Is Permitted
by Andrew J. Bacevich
The Quagmire Deepens in Fallujah
by Erik Leaver
Yasser Arafat Died Years Ago
by Robert Fisk

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Resistance Over Fallujah Builds in Baghdad
US Colonel: Satan 'Lives in Fallujah'
'We're Here to Fight the Infidels'
Ordinary Fallujans Seeth at US Destruction of City
CIA Role Inside the US Expands
Judge Rules Gitmo Trials Unlawful
Legal Know-How Absent at Gitmo?
'I Got My Kills – I Just Love My Job'
Today in Iraq
Rumsfeld 'Expects Few' Civilian Deaths in Fallujah
Emergence of Copycat Militant Groups Bedevils Intelligence Official
Could Bring 'Heaviest Urban Fighting Since Vietnam'
Fallujah Rebels May Lie Low, Strike Back Later
200 Iraqi Troops Desert After Threats
Black Watch Suicide Bomber Was 'White'
Sadr's Men to Stand for Election
As US Troops Grumble About Iraqi Counterparts, Officers Express Confidence
Assault on Fallujah
Insurgents Will Run Wild, Despite the Fallujah Onslaught
Battle for Fallujah Rages
US, Iraqi Forces Fight Their Way Into the Heart of Fallujah
Two Marines Killed at Start of Fallujah Offensive
US: 42 Insurgents Killed in Fallujah
US Tests New Tactics in Urban Warfare
Suicide Attack in Fallujah Assault Countdown
Fallujah Fallout
Thousands of Iraqis Flee to Jordan Border
Zarqawi Rallies Muslims as US Strikes Fallujah
Allawi Shuts Iraq's Airport and Borders
As Fallujah Empties, Nearby Resort Fills With Sorrow
No Holiday for Children as Fallujah Empties
Allawi Plays for High Stakes Using Force to Ensure Elections
Sadr: Fallujah Assault Not Justified
Violence Continues
Iraq Police Ambush Kills 25 Militants
Toll Mounts as Triangle of Death Lives Up to Its Name
Black Watch Soldier Killed, Two Wounded in Central Iraq
Baghdad Church, Hospital Blasts Kill Eight
US Soldier Killed by Small Arms Fire in Baghdad
Southern Iraq Roadside Bomb Kills Two
US Airstrike Near Samarra Kills One, Wounds Four
Battle of Britain
Black Watch Pays Price for Backing Fallujah Offensive
Blair Defends Assault on Fallujah
UK Casualties Treated in Germany
Global Iraq Fallout
EU Chief Casts Doubt on Iraq Elections
Australia Defense Chief Assures That No Aussies in Fallujah Attack
Fallujah Onslaught Starts Arab War of Words
Afghan Kidnappers Impose New Deadline
Four Afghan Journalists Offer to Take Place of UN Hostages
India Follows China's Central Asian Steps
Europe and India Sign 'Strategic Partnership'
Four Killed in Kashmir Suicide Bombing
Jihad in Holland
Dutch Muslim School Hit by Bomb
Dutch Look for al-Qaeda Link After Killing of Filmmaker
Turkey’s Economic Attraction to EU
France Seeks to Improve US Ties
Russian Troops Kill 22 Chechen Rebels
Belarus Still Clings to Its Soviet Past
The War at Home
VA Backlog Forcing Iraq, Afghanistan Vets to Wait for Treatment
New York Times Editorializes for More US Troops in Iraq
Halliburton Acknowledges Bribes May Have Been Paid
Ground Zero Is Setting of a Suicide, and a Mystery
Remote Control Planes Take Place of Soldiers
Gitmo 'Justice'
Government Suffers Setback in Guantanamo Trials
Guantanamo Prisoners Getting Their Day, but Hardly in Court
Freedom for Chinese Detainees Hinges on Finding a New Homeland
Uighur Detainee Denies Working With al-Qaeda
'Homeland Security'
Ohio County Vote Tally Hidden Over 'Terrorism Risks'
US Judge: Rights a Victim of Terror War
New Study Puts 9/11 Payout at $38 Billion
9/11 Compensation Weighted Toward Emergency Responders
Got Anti-Nuke Pills? Probably Not
'War on Terror'
Nova Scotia Concerned US Law Reaches Into Canadian Databases
Jordan Acquits Four Suspected in Plot to Attack US Forces
Arafat's Legacy
Arafat's Wife Attacks His Aides
Aides Seek to Wrest Control of Arafat From His Wife
Tug of War Over Arafat
Palestinian Aides Try to Unravel Mystery of Arafat's Condition
Palestinians Struggle to Find Leadership
Suha Arafat Surfaces as Major Player
Little Affection in Ramallah for the Wife Who Put Paris Before Palestinians
The Bottle Blonde With a Hand on the Purse Strings
Will $1 Billion Be Buried With Arafat?
Sharon Govt Partner Quitting Over Gaza Pullout
Netanyahu Backs Down in Bout With Sharon
How Much Did the US Know About Israel's Nukes? Everything
Blair to Revive Issue of Mideast Peace at Bush Meeting
EU, US Pressure on Iran Could Backfire
Two Issues That Could Hinder Iran Nuclear Deal
Iran: Nuclear Pact May Be Finalized Soon
Iran Nuclear Deal Seen Doomed Without US
Middle East
Egypt Rejects Speculation Over Nukes
Palestinian Unrest About Arafat Puts Lebanon on Alert
Gadhafi Son: Nationwide Elections Coming Soon
Ivory Coast
French Tanks Surround Ivory Coast Presidential Palace
Ivorian Throngs Assemble to Shield President From the French
French Stand-Off in Ivory Coast
France's Ivorian Quagmire
Ivory Coast Facing UN Sanctions
US, Africa Team Up to Intervene in Darfur
Tribal Leader's Actions Underscore Complexity of Sudanese Conflict
In Other News
ElBaradei: Nuclear Security Is a 'Race Against Time'
Rebels Order Colombian President's Assassination

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