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The Iraq war started with overwhelming support in the U.S., in an atmosphere that brooked little dissent. Today, it splits the nation into irreconcilable camps: Americans are nearly evenly split on the question of whether or not it was a good idea to invade and occupy a country that posed no threat to us and had never attacked the U.S.

It was a long, hard slog rolling back the rising tide of pro-war sentiment, but once the facts started to get out there Iraq had no "weapons of mass destruction," no links to the 9/11 hijackers, no nukes and no means to make them Americans began to wake up. As the arguments made by the antiwar movement from the beginning were confirmed, one by one, the tide of public opinion began to turn. can take some credit for that.

They don't call us the 37th most popular English-language news site on the Internet for nothing. Sure, we're still peanuts compared to the major news organizations. But one thing we do have and that is an audience: and it is growing by leaps and bounds.

What's important about this rather amazing performance is not that we're stars (although Justin Raimondo thinks he is!), but that it forces the War Party to operate within certain constraints. Because once they begin circulating their latest lie, it isn't long before broadcasts the debunking around the globe.

They can't get away with it anymore and they won't. Not as long as we're around. And that depends entirely on you. We depend on your contributions to survive, on a mere mini-fraction of what the War Party spends but it's all we need to keep getting out the truth. So far, you've been very generous, with 621 of you contributing over $26,000 in three days. We are half-way there – we can't stop pleading until we meet our goal of $50,000 for this quarter.

So go here and contribute now because we're fighting for the future.

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Updated Nov. 11, 2004 – 7:40 pm EDT
Arafat Heads to Cairo Funeral
600 Insurgents, 18 GIs Killed in Fallujah
200 US Casualties Reported in Fallujah
Fierce Fighting Explodes in Mosul
Arafat's Legacy
Two Marine Copters Shot Down Near Fallujah
The Failure of Success in Fallujah
Baghdad Car Bombing Kills At Least 19
Violence Breaks Out Across Iraq
Bush Pick for Att. Gen. Behind Gitmo Policies
Forgotten Casualties: Over 17,000 US Troops in Iraq Wounded
From Saving Lives to Taking Them
by A. T. Mann
Toward a Defensive Approach to National Defense  by William S. Lind
FBI Incompetence and the First WTC Bombing  by James Bovard
Pyrrhic Victory in Fallujah
by Dahr Jamail
US on Collision Course With Iran
by Paul McGeough
Die Now, Vote Later  by Naomi Klein

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'Hundreds' of Insurgents Killed in Fallujah
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Shi'ites Wary of Fallujah Sparking Civil War
650 US Troops in Iraq Hit by Parasite
Fallujah: Battle Reports
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Confusion and Ambushes as Marines Take Fallujah Mosque
US Troops Say They Are Cornering Insurgents in Fallujah
Mosques Bombed as Fighting Rages in Fallujah
US Claims Militants Are Trapped as Air Strike Hits Clinic
US Says 70 Insurgents Killed in Fallujah Mosque Battle
Army Pilot Shot in Copter
The Insurgents Speak
'Every Town Will Become a Fallujah'
'The Only Place I Am Going From Here Is Heaven'
A Yemeni's Journey to Fallujah
Fallujah Rebels Say US Using Gas Weapons
Tragedy of Fallujah
Fallujah: Hidden Tragedies in Helpless City
Medicines and Food Scarce for Trapped Fallujans
The Perpetual Gloom of Fallujah Not Easily Forgotten by Marines
Violence Around Iraq
Attacks Continue Throughout Iraq
Clashes Break Out in Center of Ramadi
Insurgents Bring Black Watch Into Battle
US Humvee Hit by Sniper Crashes in Baghdad
Translator for US Troops Killed in Western Baghdad
Curfew Imposed in Mosul
Battles of Britain
UK Relatives Banned From Laying Wreaths Outside 10 Downing
Britain to Give $2.5 Million in Arms to Iraqi Interim Govt
A Father's Anger: 'I Would Kill Geoff Hoon'
Britain Attacks US Abuses in Iraq and Guantanamo
British Military Projects Overspent by $3 Billion
Global Iraq Fallout
Another Aid Group to Pull Out of Iraq
Saudi Militants Call for Muslim Uprising
Japan to Extend Iraq Occupation by One Year
US Envoy Opposes Talking With Afghan Kidnappers
Afghan Court Revisits Days of the Taliban With Ban on Cable TV
UN Voices Fears Over Afghan Poll Risks
One Girl's Struggle Reflects Difficulty of Modernizing Afghanistan
China and Her Neighbors
Japan Angry at Stray Chinese Sub
Japan Leery of China's Nuclear Plans
China's Scrapping of Safety-Valve Petition Could Backfire
Taiwan Leader Asks China to Ban WMD in Taiwan Strait
In Southern Thailand, a Crossroads of Terror
American Deserter Lifts Veil on Closed North Korean Regime
Parliamentary Deadlock Leaves Indonesia Hanging
India, Israel Firming Up Multimillion Dollar Arms Deal
New Bid to Revive Sri Lanka Talks
In Other News
Australian Military Probes KKK Stunt on Black Recruits
Sino-EU Aerospace Co-Op Will Try to Break US Monopoly
Former Blair Man to be Quizzed Over African Coup Plot
Second-Term Bush
The Exodus of Advisers Begins
Gonzales Often Clashed With Ashcroft
Bush Asked to Break Deadlock on Intel Reform
The War at Home
Veterans Day for a Soldier Paralyzed in Iraq
US Oil Output Lowest Since 1950
Soldier's Suicide Leaves Heartache, Unanswered Questions
Smithsonian Opens First Exhibit on US Military History
'The Price of Freedom': Drawing Battle Lines in Museum View of War
Video of Iraq Beheadings Found for Sale at Tampa Gas Station
Gitmo Justice
White House to Defend Use of Guantanamo War Tribunals
US Military Moves Abu Ghraib Abuse Trials
Australian Moved From Abu Ghraib
Homeland Security
Indymedia Subject of Secret 'Criminal Terrorism Investigation'
Who Nabbed Indymedia's Computers?
Orange Alert for DC, NY Dropped
'War on Terror'
SoCal al-Qaeda 'Identified' on Threatening Video
Armitage: Video Does Not Prove Osama in Pakistan
The Legacy of Arafat
For Arafat, His Life Personified His Dream
Arafat's Grave Being Prepared in Ramallah
Bush Sees 'Opening for Peace' in Mideast
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Syrian President Seeks Dialogue to Improve Ties With US
Ivory Coast
French Open Fire on Armed Ivorian Govt Supporters
French Nationals Flown Out of Ivory Coast
After Interim Deal, Darfur Peace Talks Adjourned for a Month
UK Could Help Occupy Darfur
Sudan Police Attack Refugees in Front of UN Staff
Sudan Camps Still Subject to Attacks
Jihad in Holland
Dutch Cops Hurt in Grenade Attack in Anti-Terror Raid
Two Held After Dutch Anti-Terror Siege
Pro-Westerner Tops Ukraine Election, Runoff Nov. 21
For EU and NATO, Snags Over Intelligence
Bosnian Serb Leaders Apologize for Srebrenica
Russia Tightening Rules on Political Parties
Europeans Will Try to Work With Bush
Latin America Quick to Dance to China's Tune
Brazilians Wary of Govt's Space Ambitions
Rightist Militias Are a Force in Colombia's Congress
Groups Fear Canada Tilting to Israel
Canadian PM Hopes to Rebuild Ties to US

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