Why We Fight: Justin Raimondo
Hubris Goeth Before...: Alan Bock
Don't Count Out Realists Yet: Jim Lobe
Preemptive Strikes Will Not Disarm Iran: Daniel T. Barkley
No One Left to Stop Them: Paul Craig Roberts
From fanaticism to barbarism is only one step.
– Denis Diderot
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Updated Nov. 19, 2004 – 8:30 pm EST
Iraq War Costs Top $5.8 Billion a Month
US Expected to Boost Troop Levels in Iraq
Marine Intel Officials Pessimistic on Fallujah
Diplomats: Iran Is Readying Nuclear Process
Powell's Iran Nuke Disclosure Unverified
National Debt Limit Raised to $8.18 Trillion
US, Iraqi Troops Storm Baghdad Mosque
For Fallujah Family, a Daring Escape From US Assault
Kay: Wrong Evidence on Iraq Sets Tougher Standard for Iran
US Offers Pakistan $1.2 Billion Arms Deal
Preemptive Strikes Will Not Disarm Iran  by Daniel T. Barkley
Will the Real 'Iraqi Forces' Please Stand Up?  by Norman Solomon
Press Should Focus on Human Face of Fallujah  by Greg Mitchell
There Is No One Left to Stop Them
by Paul Craig Roberts
Don't Count Out Realists Yet
by Jim Lobe
No More Hidden Homecomings
St. Petersburg (FL) Times

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Clarke: CIA Had Low-Level Spies Inside al-Qaeda
With Insurgents Running, Can US Keep Up?
Media Repression in 'Liberated' Iraq
Unlikely Challenge in Shi'ite Province
Reuters Blames US for Journalists' Deaths
Congressman Calls for Ban on Embedded Reporters
CIA Plans Riskier, More Aggressive Espionage
Iran Says It Has No Secret Nuclear Activities
The Streets of Baghdad
Today in Iraq
US General Says Insurgency 'Broken'
Fallujah 'Not Quite Secure'
Iraqi Militant Group Threatens Elections
Rare Blood Infection Spreads Among Injured US Soldiers
Iraq: Imams Inciting Violence Will Be Arrested
Journalist Held by US, Group Says
Senior Sadr Aide Arrested in Iraq
Dozens of Minnesota National Guardswomen Heading to Iraq
'The Insurgency'
House in Fallujah Seems to Have Been Base for Zarqawi
'French-Arab' Insurgents Killed in Iraq
Zarqawi's Nephew Detained Near Iraq Border
Iraqi Insurgents 'Not Giving Up'
Fighting in Fallujah
Fallujah Insurgents Kill US Marine, Iraqi Soldier
Fallujah Yields Up Weapons, Videos
CentCom: Foreign Fighters Left Fallujah Before Assault
US Sees Sadr City as Model for Fallujah
Aftermath in Fallujah
UN: Estimated 250,000 Fled Fallujah
Fallujans in Flight: Transit Camps Are Not Much Safer Than Siege They Left
Iraqi Govt Promises to Send Food, Medical Teams to Fallujah
Fleeing Fallujah
Violence Continues
21 Dead in Iraq Violence
Insurgents Attack Mosul Governor's Office
Bombs Kill Four in Baghdad and Kirkuk
Global Iraq Fallout
Hungary to Speed Up Withdrawal From Iraq
Ayatollah Khamenei Urges Iraq Action
Syrian Paper: US Exaggerated Foreign Fighter Numbers in Iraq to Justify Attack
Chirac Hints France Will Help Rebuild Iraq
Chirac Warns Britain of Imperialism
Jordan's Prince: Iraq Out of Control
In Arab Media, Video of Marine Dominates All
UN Wants Second Invasion to Destroy Afghan Farmers' Livelihood
UN: Afghanistan Could Become a 'Narco-State'
Every Farmer Grows Opium, They Would Be Fools to Grow Anything Else
Rivalries, Divisions Take Toll on Taliban
India's Offer for Peace Talks on Kashmir Is Sweetened With Aid
Indian PM Urges Kashmiri Militants to Lay Down Arms
Pakistan: Line of Control as Border Unacceptable
Seven Killed in Kashmir Violence
North Korea Removes Kim Portraits
Reports of Kim's Demise Exaggerated
South Korea Plans Bigger Defense Budget
Huge Upsurge in Violence in Thailand
Chinese Move to Eclipse US Appeal in Southeast Asia
Japan Missile Shield Project Ignites Bidding War
Pakistani Troops Seize Arms in South Waziristan Raid
Report: Goss Tells CIA Staff to Avoid Anti-Bush Politics
CIA Denies Ordering Support for Bush's Policies
Goss Housecleaning at CIA Just Getting Started
The War at Home
Judge Refuses to Quash Reporter's Subpoena in Plame Case
US Exercises Missile Defense System to Prepare for Operations
Rumsfeld Urged to Defend Military Support of Boy Scouts
Activist: Draft Inevitable for Iraq War
WashingtonPost.com Drops Ted Rall's Cartoons
Homeland Security
In Terror War, Citizen Feels Like Suspect
Immigrant Detainees Tell of Attack Dogs and Abuse
Amtrak Begins Random ID Checks on Trains
Gitmo Justice
New Torture Inquiry Plea for Guantanamo Briton
Egypt Asks US to Hand Over Gitmo Detainees
'War on Terror'
'Arrest Without Evidence' Planned by UK Government
Hung Jury in UK Trial of Afghan Warlord Discharged
US Commander Says bin Laden Unable to Run Operations
Castro Raises Doubts About bin Laden Video
Israel Kills Egyptian Police
Israeli Tank Mistakenly Kills Three Egyptian Police
Sharon Apologizes for Killings of Egyptian Police
Egypt Protests Israel's Killing of Police
Palestinian Politics
Barghouthi Makes Overture to Abbas
Palestinian Leaders Vow to Restore Order
Palestinians to Host Western Diplomats
Israeli Paper Says Soldiers Regularly Desecrate Bodies of Dead
Gaza's Blocked Arteries
Israeli Military Seeks to Exhume Gaza Girl's Body
Three Palestinians Arrested in Southern Gaza Arms-Smuggling Tunnel
Israel Releases Senior Hamas Leader After Completion of Sentence
Russia & Her Neighbors
Putin Defends Policies on National TV
Putin Says He Won't Grab More Power
North Caucasus: Is Terror Spreading?
How Russia Keeps China Armed
Russia Comes on Strong in Central Asia
Ivory Coast
Colonial Tensions Reemerge in Ivory Coast
War Destroys Ivorian Economy
Ivory Coast President Vows to Rebuild Army
Ivory Coast President Calls for French to Return
Ivory Coast Aid Workers Hunted for Being White
Complaints of Sexual Abuse by UN Troops
Annan Urges 'Strong' UN Warning on Sudan
In Other News
Human Rights Personnel Under Attack
Pope Condemns Use of Religion for Violence
Uruguay Completes the Leftward Realignment of Southern Cone

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US and India: Unequal Allies, Uneasy Partners

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Inventing Iraq Yet Again?

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