Raising the Debt Limit: A Disgrace: Rep. Ron Paul
Draining the Swamp: Tom Engelhardt
Not What You Think: Charley Reese
Uranium Myths Busted: Gordon Prather
Watching US Forces Raid Mosque: Dahr Jamail
The coward threatens when he is safe.
– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
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Updated Nov. 20, 2004 – 8:30 pm EST
Washington Frenzy Over Iran Nuke Fear
Some Troops in Iraq to Have Tours Extended
Insurgents Grab Thousands of Police Uniforms
Violence Erupts Across Baghdad
GIs See Enemy All Around as Mosul Simmers
US, Iraqi Forces Raid Mosque in Baghdad
US Commander: North Korea May Sell Nuclear Materials
Red Cross Says All Sides in Iraq Show 'Utter Contempt for Humanity'
Draining the Swamp  by Tom Engelhardt
Looking Backward, 2024-2004
by James Pinkerton
CIA Now a Wholly-Owned Subsidiary of the GOP
by H.D.S. Greenway
Uranium-Enrichment Myths Busted
by Gordon Prather
Not What You Think  by Charley Reese
How to Make Iranians Hate Us
by Nicholas Schmidle

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Russia to Continue Iran Nuclear Help
Insurance Data Show More Civilian Deaths in Iraq
The Sunni-Shi'ite Power Play: Prelude to Civil War
A Hit-and-Run Resistance
Insurgents Inciting Kurds in Mosul
46 Groups Will Boycott Iraq Vote
Eyewitness to US Forces Raiding a Mosque
Major Aid Organization Quits Iraq
Israel Investigates Reports of Soldiers Abusing Corpses
UN Staff to Vote No-Confidence on Annan
Valuable Targets: Insurgents Offer $3,000 Per Dead American
Today in Iraq
12 Headless Bodies Found in Mosul
US Finds 'Zarqawi Car-Bomb Factory'
Insurgency Poses Bigger Obstacle to Rebuilding Than It Did Six Weeks Ago
Iraqi Official Says Saddam Set Up Insurgency Cells in 2001
US Angered by Refusal of Some in NATO to Participate in Iraq Mission
Promotion Message From US Ambassador in Iraq Irks Diplomats
Insurgents Attack
Insurgents Attack Baghdad Police Station
Militants Claim to Behead Two Iraqi Soldiers in Broad Daylight
Suicide Bomber Rams Into Baghdad Police Patrol, Killing One
Black Watch Come Under Heavy Missile Attack
Coalition Forces Attack
Troops Raid Mosul Hospital
Iraqi Forces Kill Three in Mosque Raid
US, Iraqi Forces Kill 15 Rebels, Nab 45 Suspects in Mosul
Coping in Iraq
'The War Is Over, but There Is No Peace... and the Killings Go On'
Grim Tasks for Fallujans
Road Rules for Surviving on the Streets of Baghdad
Iraq Occupation
Navy SEAL Faces Abuse Hearing
Bodies of Four Iraqis Are Brought to US for Autopsies
Iraqi Politics
Iraqi Factions Urge Delaying Elections
Prayers and Politics in Sadr City
Iraq Parties May Get More Time to Register
Battles of Britain
MP Says Blair Knew of Abu Ghraib Abuse
Prince William Wants to Join UK Army
UK Victims of Nerve Gas Testing Eligible for Cash Compensation
Global Iraq Fallout
Armitage Suggests Chirac Wants Iraq Failure
Chirac: Only UN War Is Good
Blair, Chirac Now 'United' After Iraq War Division
Moscow Denies Withholding Information in Oil for Food Probe
Hungarian PM Promises Continued Support for Iraq Operation
US Offers Pakistan $1.2 Billion Arms Deal
Musharraf Has Doubts About Stepping Down From Army Post as Promised
Kashmiris Demand Role in Peace Talks
Kashmiri Leaders Threaten to Harden Stance Against India
Indian Response on Kashmir Dismays Pakistan
US Arms Thais to Fight Insurgents
India Takes the Fight to the Guerrillas
Maoists Torch Buses, Kill Professor in Nepal
Japanese Defense Debate Stirs Concern
Anti-Rebel Judge Gunned Down in Sri Lanka
Burma Frees Political Prisoners
The Pentagon
How the Pentagon Funds Universities to Contribute to War
Pentagon Updates Rules on Post-Government Work
Army Chief Has Many Pals in Defense Business
Air Force Corruption, Favors for Boeing Detailed
Military Family Life Comes Under Study
Missile Defense Component Intercepts Two Targets During Flight Test
Oil Heads Back Up
Crude Jumps Back Above $48 a Barrel
Kremlin Moves to Dismantle Yukos, Setting Auction for Unit
'War on Terror'
'War on Terror' Cloaks Abuses in Central Asia
House, Senate Try to Reach Consensus on Intel Bill
Germany, US in Talks Over Freed bin Laden Guard
Spain Rearrests al-Jazeera Reporter
Haitian Refugee Dies in Homeland Security Detention
Palestinian Politics
Rivals Ready Themselves for Palestinian Poll
Barghouthi Popular, but Imprisoned
Struggling for Peace
Abbas Calls for Resumption of Talks With Israel
Sharon Eases Talks Conditions
Palestinians Reject Sharon's Peace 'Test'
Palestinian Militants Eyed for Security
British Police, MI6 Helping Prepare Palestinian Security Services in Gaza
Palestinians Urge US to Keep Statehood Deadline
Lebanese Demonstrate Against Syrian Domination
Lebanon Angry Over US Envoy's Interference
French Media Watchdog Grants License to Hezbollah-Linked Network
Sudan Peace Deal Signed Amid Darfur Doubts
Aid Groups Blast UN Security Council Over Sudan
UN Calls for End to Darfur Violence; Aid Groups Skeptical
UN Debates How Best to Occupy Somalia
Ivory Coast Protesters at White House
Annan Admits UN Congo Sex Abuses
EU Seeks UN Security Council Seat
Irregularities Cited in Ukraine Vote
Belarus Accuses US of Rights Abuses
Belgian Killing, Threats Raise Specter of Fundamentalist Violence
Dutch Politician Calls for Halt to Non-Western Immigration
Anti-Bush Protesters Battle Police at Chile Summit
Riggs Bank Reveals Pinochet Ties
Blast Kills Venezuelan Coup Prosecutor
Canadian PM Expels Anti-Bush MP

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