'Democracy' and Mendacity: Justin Raimondo
Repressive MEMRI: Juan Cole
A Worthless Intelligence Agency:
by Chalmers Johnson & Tom Engelhardt
Media Miss Rumsfeld's 'Dirty Wars' Talk: Jim Lobe
'We Live Like Dogs': Dahr Jamail
All government wars are unjust.
– Murray Rothbard
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Updated Nov. 24, 2004 – 9:20 pm EST
Powell Rejects 'Illegitimate' Ukraine Vote
US Medics Testify to Fallujah Horrors
Confusion Reigns as US Misses Target in Iraq
Witnesses Say GIs Killed Unarmed Civilians
US Troops Sweep Through 'Triangle of Death'
Frayed Nerves on Baghdad Streets Lead to Friendly Fire
Rumsfeld Denies Thwarting Bush on Intelligence Bill

A Worthless Intelligence Agency
by Chalmers Johnson & Tom Engelhardt

Sycophant Spies  by David Wise
Bush's Dirty War  by Christopher Paine
The '80 Percent Solution'
by David Ignatius
Repressive MEMRI  by Juan Cole
Undeterred by Failure, Neocons Target Iran  by Andrew I. Killgore
More Misery for the Children of Iraq
by César Chelala

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US Revises Mosul Plans as Cops Desert
White House Position on Stalled Intel Bill in Doubt
Bush Orders CIA to Boost Spies by 50%
Bush Takes New Look at Covert Acts
US Media Miss Rumsfeld's 'Dirty Wars' Talk
UK Security Services Dismiss 'Terror Plot'
Israelis Fired on Girl 'Having Identified Her as 10-Year-Old'
Two US Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan Bombing
Supreme Court Asked to Rule on Gitmo Trials
UNICEF: War 'Wreaking Havoc' on Children of Iraq
Today in Iraq
US, UK Refuse to Set Timetable to End Occupation
More Than 1,000 Iranian Kurds Flee Iraq Camp
In Fallujah, Marine 'Diplomacy': Hold Civilians Hostage for Insurgent Attacks
Iraq's Army: Ready to Stand on Its Own?
Sadr Group Says Arrests Violate October Peace Agreement
Iraq Tries to Escape Middle East Oil Curse
Tales From Occupied Iraq
'We Live Like Dogs'
Iraqi Journalist Tells of US Captivity
10 Days in Fallujah Battlefield
Frosted Flakes Not Enough to Cheer Up Fallujans
US Support Seen as 'Disaster' for Christian Minority in Iraq
Embed Gets Death Threats for Backing Man Who Shot NBC Video in Fallujah
US on the Move in Iraq
Marines Take Aim at a New Hot Spot
5,000 Troops Launch Offensive South of Baghdad
US Hopes GI Rotation Better Second Time Around
Dead-Check in Fallujah
Official Count: US Troops Wounded in Iraq War Tops 9,000
Violence Continues
Second Sunni Cleric Gunned Down in Iraq
Rebel Attacks Intensifying in Mosul
Bomb, Mortar Rounds Kill One in Samarra
Iraqi Politics
156 Parties Register to Run in Iraqi Election
How Iraq's Sunnis See January Poll
Iraqi Govt: US Occupation Crucial to Election
Biggest Threat to Iraq Vote After Sunni Insurgency Is...Kurdish Snow
Saddam to Go on Trial 'By Year End'
Global Iraq Fallout
Iraq Debt Relief Weighed Down by IMF Burden
Strains Show at Conference on Iraq's Future
Neighbors Plan to Help Iraqi Govt, US Fight Insurgents
US General: NATO Allies' Absence 'Disturbing'
Bahrain Offers to Host Iraq Conference
Spanish Journalist's Family Sues US for War Crime
Bhutto Demands Right to Return to Pakistan, Husband Freed on Bail After Eight Years in Jail
Bhutto Denies Deal With Musharraf to Free Husband
Tribesmen Capture Two Foreign Militants in South Waziristan
Hunt on for Key al-Qaeda Man
Pakistani PM Visits India for Kashmir Talks
In Pakistan, Taliban Hide in Plain Sight
South Korea
South Korea Hopes Keeping Troops in Iraq Will Keep US After North Korea
South Korea Rows Against the US Tide
Hostages Freed After Afghan Negotiators Put Their Lives on the Line
Burma Prisoner Release May Be Just a Ploy
Japan to Speed Up Missile Defense Response Time
Hu and Koizumi, a Close Encounter at Last
China May Release Prominent Dissident
Thousands of Nepalese Defy Maoists
Indonesian Police Catch Suspect in Aussie Embassy Bombing
Venezuelan Police Kill Bombing Suspect
Canada Talks of Possible Trade War With US
The War at Home
'Turf War' Brews Over Intelligence Reform
The White House War on Information
New Gallup Poll Shows Public Bitterly Divided on War
Panel Chief Denies Knowing About Item on Inspecting Tax Returns
Military Academy Admissions Down
Soldier Battling Duty Extension Must Go to Iraq
NY Times Continues to Downplay Civilian Casualties in Fallujah
Senator: Boy Scouts Too Important to Society Not to Be Sponsored by Military
UK Homeland Security
UK Pushes for National ID Cards by 2010 to 'Fight Terrorism'
Anti-Terror Measures Dominate Queen's Speech
UK Accused of Scaremongering After Queen's Speech
'War on Terror'
Terrorists Turn Up the Dial in Global PR War
Ads Urge Parents to Talk Terrorism
Terror Warning Shuts US' Bombay Consulate
Palestinian Politics
Poll: Palestinians Favor Fatah Over Hamas
Abbas Pledges to Follow Arafat's Path
Abbas Vows No Retreat From 'Right of Return'
Groups Push Bulldozer Maker to End Sales to Israel
Israeli Closures Crush Palestinian Economy
Sharon Rejects Russia-Proposed Goodwill Gesture
Blair May Visit Israel to Revive Peace Process
Pro-Genocide Israeli Ex-Army Chief Drowns in Ocean
CIA Says Pakistani Network Aided Iran's Nuclear Program
Iran Talks With EU Hit Hurdle
US Renews Iran Travel Warning
Iran's Reformists Lie in Wait
200,000 Protest Election Results in Ukraine
US Supporting Ukraine Unrest
Ukraine Challenger Claims Fraud, Declares Himself President
Ukrainian President Forced to Hold Talks as People March for New Govt
Opposition Leader: Ukraine on Brink of Civil War
Sen. Lugar Hints at Tough Measures on Ukraine Vote
Russia Backs Election Results
Ukraine Protests Parallel Georgia's Past
Ukraine: The Election So Exciting Even the Dead Voted... Multiple Times
Aid Workers Evacuated, UN Plans to Send 7,000 Troops to Darfur
State of Emergency Declared in North Darfur
Sudan Says More Than 30 Police Killed in Darfur
Crisis in Sudan Deepens
Sudanese Cease-Fire Breaks
Darfur Faces Drought
UN Probes Videos of Sexual Abuse by Staff
Diplomatic Front Heats Up in Ivory Coast
Raid on Central African Republic Town Kills 20
Burundi to Call for UN Sanctions on Hutu Rebels
Russia & Her Neighbors
How a Young Conscript Became a Russian Saint
EU Faces Dilemma: The People vs Putin
Tilting at Missile Defense Windmills
EU Agrees on New Joint Military Units
Spain's FM Under Fire for Claims Previous Govt Supported Venezuela Coup
UN Faults Croatia on War Crimes Suspect

'Democracy' and Mendacity

Dubious Source for New Iran Charges

US Policy Harms Prospects for Middle East Peace

Chinese Dreams, American Dreams

Alan Bock
Hubris Goeth Before...

Nebojsa Malic
Politics of Destruction

Ilana Mercer
Liberation Has a Body Count

Ran HaCohen
How to Remember Arafat

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

Joseph Stromberg
Inventing Iraq Yet Again?

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