Israel's Fifth Column: Justin Raimondo
Reality Catching Up to Empire?: Alan Bock
Are They Serious About Syria?: Jim Lobe
Enlist Today!: Teresa Whitehurst
Anti-Bush Is Not Anti-American: Max Hastings
No matter that patriotism is too often the refuge of scoundrels. Dissent, rebellion, and all-around hell-raising remain the true duty of patriots.
– Barbara Ehrenreich
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Updated Dec. 17, 2004 – 10:45 pm EST
General: Insurgents Directed From Syria
Tab for US War Effort Could Top $200 Billion
UK Court: Terror Laws Are Worse Than Terrorism
Rumsfeld Faces GOP Calls for His Dismissal
The CIA's Secret Facility Within Gitmo
Iraqi Election Outcome Might Not Please US
Clemency Plea for Court-Martialed Reservist 'Scroungers'
Are They Serious About Syria?
by Jim Lobe
Bonkers Bolton Hastens Iran Showdown  by Ari Berman
The School of the Americas Gets a Makeover  an interview with Lesley Gill
Neocons in Bed With Terrorists
by Laura Rozen
Enlist Today!  by Teresa Whitehurst
Anti-Bush Is Not Anti-American
by Max Hastings

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Rwandan Leader Threatens Invasion of Congo
Bin Laden Urges Peaceful Revolution for Saudis
1,200 Florida National Guard Being Sent to Afghanistan
Yanukovich Says He Won't Accept Revote
Militant Recruiters Out in Open in Tehran
US, Israel Deny Pentagon Pressure to Fire Official
FBI Steps Up Israeli Lobby Spy Probe
National Guard to Triple Reenlistement Bonus
UK Keeps Terror Suspects in Jail, Despite Court Ruling
Iraqis Face Choice of 6,000 Candidates on Over 100 Lists
Today in Iraq
US General: Bombs Create Illusion of Powerful Insurgency
General Says All Trucks in Iraq Have Some Form of Armor
Iraqi National Guard Widely Distrusted
UN Expands Iraq Presence Beyond Baghdad
Iraqi Party That Called for Vote Delay Now on Ballot
Attacks Continue
Iraqi Official Killed in Baghdad as Violence Continues
Five Killed in Baghdad Attacks
Iraqi Militants Say They Shot Italian Who Tried to Break Through Checkpoint
The New Iraq
In Sadr City, Gratitude Tainted by Mistrust
Mistaken for an American, Sri Lankan Faces Terror in Iraq
Iraq Rebuilding Making Some Progress
Poll: Iraqi Businesses Hopeful for Future
Global Iraq Fallout
Pakistani PM Condemns US Invasion of Iraq
Koizumi: Japanese Troops in Iraq to Prevent Terrorist Hub
Egypt: Iraq Vote in Stages Would Be Divisive
Battles of Britain
UK Navy Captain Relieved of Command Over Abuse
Accusations of Betrayal as UK DM Cuts Historic Regiments
UK Army's New Model
United Nations
Egypt Backs Japan's UN Security Council Bid
Powell Meets With Annan and Hails UN Help on Iraqi Vote
US Helicopter Crashes in Afghanistan, Two GIs Injured
Afghan Police Seize 15 Tons of Opium
Half of Afghan Kid Troops Said Demobilized
Muslim Teachers Arrested, Charged With Treason in Southern Thailand
Thailand: Behind the Muslim 'Insurgency'
Indonesian Officials Question Aussie Terror Alert
Indonesia on Alert After Terror Warnings
East Asia
Taiwan Election Results Threaten US Arms Agreement
Japan Seeks Bigger Middle East Role
Japan Likely to Slap Sanctions on North Korea
Japanese Antiwar Activists Found Not Guilty Over Flier Distribution
China Warns Japan: Don't Let Taiwan's Ex-President Visit
Russian Security Service Director: US, China, North Korea Most Active in Spying on Russia
US Judge Blocks Yukos Auction – in Moscow
Russia Reports Afghan Heroin Rise
Beslan: The Aftermath
Colombia Captures Rebel Envoy
UN Troops Face Clash With Ex-Haitian Soldiers
US Military
Last Letters Home
Rumsfeld to Personally Sign All Condolence Letters
National Guard Seeks $20 Billion for Gear
Ex-Military Lawyers Object to Gonzales Nomination
The War at Home
Police: Soldier Had His Cousin Shoot Him to Avoid Returning to Iraq
Drones Considered as Cheaper Alternative to Spy Satellites
Senate Democrats Protest Top Secret Spy Satellite Project
Quiet Protest Planned for Inauguration
Jimmy Carter Questions Iraqi Elections
Homeland Security
Bush Orders GPS Systems Shut Down in Case of Emergency
Appointment Runs Out for Homeland Security Inspector General
War on Terror
US War on Terror Jeopardizing Red Cross Neutrality
10 Militants Jailed for Strasbourg Bomb Plot
Yushchenko: Govt Poisoned Me
Russian Liberal Attacks Kremlin Ukraine Stance
Chocolate Tycoon Spreads Yushchenko's Message
Sharon Predicts Breakthrough in Peace Process Next Year
Sharon Backs London Peace Summit
Donors Consider Large Rise in Aid to Palestinians
Abbas Rejects Sharon's Offer to Coordinate Withdrawal From Gaza
Diplomats See Hope for Peace After Arafat
11 Israeli Soldiers Wounded in Palestinian Shelling of Gaza Outpost
Saudi Arabia
Did Saudis Deceptively Fund Radio Campaign?
Saudi Jail Given Rave Reviews by al-Qaeda Detainees
Saudi Dissident Fails to Stage Mass Protests
Saudi Police Arrest Dissidents
US Citizen May Have Right to Fight Saudi Detention
EU Urges Turkey to Recognize Cyprus
Among Turks, Some Hope and Some Fear
Middle East
US Warns of Planned Militant Attacks in Kuwait
Egypt Sees Angry US Angering Middle East
US to Designate Hezbollah TV Station as Terrorist Organization
Film Ridicules Hollywood Portrayal of Arabs
Ugandan Army: Ceasefire Over
Ivory Coast Rebels Unveil Plan for Regime Change
Congo Sends Delegation to the East to Try to End Fighting
Belorusian Army Launches Christmas Sale
Iceland Offers Asylum to Bobby Fischer

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Inventing Iraq Yet Again?

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