The Fallujan Dystopia: TomEngelhardtandMichaelSchwartz
The Three Stooges:CharleyReese
Have the Tories No Spine?: Rod Liddle
Laughing Dragon, Dancing Bear: Ray McGovern
Another Imperial Purge: Nebojsa Malic

There never was a good war or a bad peace.
– Benjamin Franklin
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Updated Dec. 19, 2004 – 9:40 pm EST
Car Bombs Kill 60, Wound 120 in Iraq
Top Spies: US Isn't Defeating Insurgents
US Opposes Return of Fallujans
Saddam Bids to Challenge Case in US
Rumsfeld's Exchange With Soldier Could Be His Undoing
2001 Memo: Justice Dept. Pushed for Iraq Invasion
Nearly 3,000 UK Troops Flown Home for Illness, Injury in Iraq
The Fallujan Dystopia
by Tom Engelhardt and Michael Schwartz
Laughing Dragon, Dancing Bear
by Ray McGovern
Syria, Saudi Arabia, N. Korea: Here We Come!  by Pepe Escobar
The Three Stooges  by Charley Reese
Persian Gulf Junk  by Gordon Prather
Have the Tories No Spine?
by Rod Liddle

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Pentagon Seeks to Expand Role in Intelligence
UK Army: Antiwar Movement Causing Drop in Recruits
Shi'ites' Influence in Iraq Raises Concerns Abroad
US Soldier Killed Iraqi Teen After Sex 
UK Secretly Backing ElBaradei's Removal
US Threatens UN Over Arab Report
Fallujah Assault Exacting Heavy Toll on Marines
Nuclear War a Real Fear in South Asia 
Dubious Evidence Spurred Relentless Gitmo Spy Hunt
Marines Face More Cunning Foe in Fallujah
Today in Iraq
Official: 1,500 Iranian Pilgrims Held in Iraq
Iraqi Shi'ite Clerics: Poll List Not Made in Iran
Powell Confirms He Told ElBaradei to Quit
Threat of Unrest in Iraq Growing
Russia Cooperating With Oil-for-Food Probe
Over Iraq, Pilots Fly Into Action When Troops Call for Help
Kidnapped Syrian Driver to Sue US for Torture After Rescue
Attacks Continue
Four Iraqis Killed in US Airstrike Near Fallujah
US Troops Kill Iraqi Woman at Kirkuk Checkpoint
Daughter, Son-in-Law of Ex-Iraqi President Killed
Roadside Bomb in Mosul Hits School Bus, Kills Student
Militants Gun Down Four Turkish Guards Near Baghdad
Two Iraqis Killed in Attack on Polling Station
Five Attacks on Iraq's Oil Network in 24 Hours After bin Laden Tape Release
Attacks Hamper Rebuilding in Samarra
Four US Civilians Hurt in Iraq Blast
Iraqi Trials
Pre-Trial Hearing Opens for Two Top Saddam Aides
Can Saddam Get a Fair Trial?
Tapes Reveal Foul Tirades of 'Chemical' Ali
The New Iraq
Sabotage Stops Iraq's North Oil Exports
Iraqis Face Winter Shivering by Candlelight
Foreign Students Flock to Iraqi Kurdish Colleges
Americans Keep Dying
Pasco (FL) Soldier Killed Days Before Expected Homecoming
Bay Area (CA) Engineer Killed by Roadside Bomb Joined Army After 9/11
GA Marine Could Have Returned Home After Prior Injuries
Baton Rouge (LA) Marine Killed in Iraq
WI Marine Killed in Explosion South of Baghdad
OK Marine Died of Injuries Suffered in Iraq
CT Guardsman Killed in Baghdad Bombing
Albuquerque (NM) Marine Killed in Western Iraq
Edgewater (FL) Soldier Killed in Ramadi Gun Battle
North Texas Soldier Killed by Baghdad Bomb
Salem (AR) Mourns Marine Killed in Fallujah
CA Marine Shot in Operations West of Baghdad
Tucson (AZ) Reservist Killed in Iraq Truck Crash
Omro (WI) 31st WI Soldier Killed in Iraq
Ohio Soldier 'Accidentally Shot' While in His Quarters
Columbine-Graduate Marine Killed in Iraq
SC Pilot Killed in Mosul Copter Collision
WA Soldier Who Died in Mosul Copter Crash Was 'Exceptional'
Musharraf to Stay Army Chief, Despite Earlier Promises
Musharraf: Anti-State Elements to Be Crushed
US-Pakistani Arms Deal Tests Good Will of Indians
East Asia
China Will Invade if Taiwan Secedes
State Dept. Official: North Korea Could Test Long-Range Missile Any Time
South Korea, Japan Urge North to Resume Nuclear Talks
Swiss Aid Group Considers Pullout From Nepal
Maoist Attack Kills Five Nepal Police
Colombia Threatens to Deport Rebel Leader to US Unless Hostages Are Freed
Haitian Prison Rioters Accuse Police of Mass Killings
The Origins and Aftermath of Abu Ghraib

A Dubious Documentary Makes the Case for War

History Debunks Bush Myth
The 9/11 Commission Report Defrauds the Nation
The War at Home
White House Still Stands by Rumsfeld
The Wounds of War 
Warning on Russian Arms Dealer Didn't Reach Pentagon Staff
US Missile Defense Deadline Scrapped
Pentagon Seeks to Resume Anthrax Vaccinations
Protesters Fear Lack of Access to Bush Inaugural Parade
Democrats Want Answers From Rumsfeld on Armor
Homeland Security
PATRIOT Act Allows Medical Snooping, University Warns
Scientist Subpoenas News Outlets in Anthrax Leaks
Intel Bill Moves Toward Federalizing Drivers Licenses
UK War at Home
UK War Crimes in Iraq Examined by International Court
UK MPs Stop DM From Giving Iraq Christmas Present of Guns, Ammo
Army Report: Govt Delay Put Black Watch at Risk in Iraq
UK Bans Hooding of War Captives
Soldier Sues British Govt Over Alleged Rapes and Beatings
UK Army, DM in Crisis Over Faulty $3.9 Billion Radio System
Thousands Protest UK Regiments' Merger
UK Detainee Ruling
Refusal to Free Illegally-Held Detainees Could Cost UK Millions in Lawsuits
Prisoners Highlight Government Dilemma on Terror Laws
UK Detainee's Lawyer Could Be Released Within Days
UK Urged to Follow Court Ruling on Detainees
Imprisoned 3 Years for a Pair of Boots
UK May Be Forced to Hold Public Inquiries on Deaths of Detainees
UK War on Terror
UK Official Resigns, Slams Terror Laws
Experts: Zarqawi Recruiting in Britain
British Airport Closed, Libyan Arrested Under 'Terrorism Act'
'Top Secret' UK Defense Records Put Up for Auction on eBay Last Week
UK Tory Leader Faces Rebellion Over ID Cards
Revealed: Handwritten Notes Made by UK Soldiers After Detainee's Death
War on Terror
Forthcoming Book: Bin Laden Reluctantly OK'd Dirty Bomb
Indefinite Jailing of 6 Terror Suspects Tests Canada's Legal System
Ukraine Security Official Denies Yushchenko Poisoning
Yushchenko Confident of Victory
Abbas: Sharon's Peace Plan 'A Disaster'
Mubarak: Sharon Is Only One Who Can Take Courageous Step to Peace
Jimmy Carter to Monitor Palestinian Elections
Israelis Warn Blair Not to 'Interfere' in Palestinian Process
Gaza Death Toll Rises to 11 From Israel's Latest Incursion
Cyprus Solution Crucial for Turkey's EU Bid
Istanbul Residents React to Turkey-EU Negotiations
Middle East
Al-Qaeda Shifts Strategy in Saudi Arabia
More Syrian Troops Move in Lebanon
Jordan's Christians May Feel Safe, but They Are Also Leaving
Mubarak Warns US Against Attacking Iran
Iran Freezes Afghan Warlord's Assets
Sudan FM: No US Officials Allowed to Enter
African Union Sets Darfur Ceasefire Deadline
African Union: Sudan Troops Withdrawing From Darfur
UN Confirms Foreign Forces Have Invaded Congo
Fighting in Congo Town Sows Fear of Return to All-Out War
Congo Women Accuse UN 'Peacekeepers' of Assaulting Them

Israel's Fifth Column in Washington

Another Imperial Purge

Reality Catching Up to Empire?

Lethal Weapons: Neocon Groupies

Ivan Eland
Next Target: Iran?

Ran HaCohen
The Third Intifada

Praful Bidwai
Dubious Source for New Iran Charges

Sascha Matuszak
Chinese Dreams, American Dreams

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

Joseph Stromberg
Inventing Iraq Yet Again?

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