Never Smile at a Crocodile II: Teresa Whitehurst
What's All the Fuss About A.Q. Khan?: GordonPrather
Hopes for Indo-Pak Peace in '05: PrafulBidwai
US Relief Group Calls for Iraq Withdrawal: Jim Lobe

Nothing except a battle lost can be half as melancholy as a battle won.
– Duke of Wellington
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Updated December 25, 2004 - 10:46 PM EST
Report: Iraqi Forces Rife With Rebels
General: Mosul Bomber Likely Cleared US Review
Army Historian Cites Lack of Postwar Plan
Fear Dims Christmas Eve in Baghdad
Two 'Zarqawi Network' Leaders Captured in Ramadi
Hamas Has Strong Showing in Palestinian Vote
General Who Opposed Abuse Is Reprimanded for Sexual Affairs
No Peace on Earth During an Unjust War  by Andrew Greeley
What Is All the Fuss About A.Q. Khan?  by Gordon Prather
Superpowers Don't Have Super Powers  by Stewart Nusbaumer
They Stopped a War for Christmas
by Steve Packer
Why We Must Stay in Iraq – or Not
by Harry Browne
The Butcher's Bill  by Jack Beatty

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Analysts: Bin Laden Seeks Transformation Into Political Leader
Baghdad Truck Blast Kills 8 as Rumsfeld Leaves
Unrest Sweeps Iraq
Fallujah Attack Backfiring
US Relief Group Calls for Iraq Withdrawal
Iraqi Kurds Demand Independence Referendum
Troops Play 'Softball' With Rumsfeld in Iraq
Ukraine Court Annuls Election Law Change
Ukraine's Rival Camps Gear Up for Decisive Poll
Putin Vows No Dirty Tricks With Ukraine Vote
Putin Lashes Out at Western Interference
Israel May Seek Even More US Money for Security
Terrorism Shaped 2004 News Agenda
Short Outbreak of Sanity,
War the Only Casualty
Today in Iraq
Rumsfeld to Troops: Mission Is Achievable
Iraqi Refugees Will Not Be Home for Christmas
Ex-Hostage: Insurgents Wanted Bush Reelected
Tariq Aziz Unwilling to Testify Against Saddam
Islamist Web Site Admits to Insurgent Casualties
Fallujah Returnees Angry, 'City Unfit for Animals'
Gunmen Attack Baghdad Police Stations
Troops Can't Escape Shopping Season Even in Iraq
Mosul Bombing Aftermath
US Bases on Alert for 'Copycat' Iraq Bomber
General Who Investigated Abu Ghraib to Head Mosul Blast Probe
General Takes Blame for Mosul Bombing
Mosul Attack Haunts Troops
Pentagon Names the 13 Soldiers Who Died in Mosul
Iraqi Elections
No International Monitors Planned for Iraq Polls
Kurdish Troops May Guard Some Polling Stations
Sunni Clerics Dismiss Iraq Elections as Masquerade
Global Iraq Fallout
Egypt, Jordan Warn Against Sectarian Division in Iraq
Armenia to Deploy 46 Troops to Iraq
Injured Iraqi Boy's Trip to UK for Treatment
Superpowers' 'Mistakes' in Afghanistan
New Cabinet in Afghanistan Includes More Technocrats and Fewer Warlords
Karzai Urges Cabinet Members to Unify
US Contractor That Left Iraq Gets Afghan Deal
The USO's Handshake Squad
Pakistani Soldier Sentenced to Death for Trying to Kill Musharraf
Six Foreigners Arrested in South Waziristan
Japan Threatens Retaliation Against North Korea Over Kidnappings
Indian Security Group Ends Visit to Israel
Thailand Crackdown Strains Friendship With US
South Thailand Bombing Kills Two
Two Killed, Dozens Injured in Kashmir Grenade Attack
Indonesia to Shun UN Rights Probe
Christmas Truce of 1914
The Story of the Christmas Truce
The Christmas Truce
Movie Being Shot About the "Christmas Truce"
Letter From a Soldier
Christmas in the Trenches
The War at Home
Bush Calls 10 Soldiers for Christmas PR
Congress Prepares to Weigh in on Prisoner Abuse
Military Contractors Target Latin America for Recruits
Three Companies Hit Hardest by Deaths of Contractors
Antiwar Protesters Arrested in Crawford File Civil Lawsuit
No Room for Nuns at Right's Inn
A Peacenik's Son Goes to War
Homeland Security
Stolen Passports Missed at US Borders
US Air Marshals Dodge 'Suit Nazis'
US to Free Kuwaiti Gitmo Detainee
Palestinian Elections Hindered by Israeli Checkpoints, Arrests of Candidates
Mahmoud Abbas Marks Christmas in Bethlehem
New Hopes for Peace During Christmas in Bethlehem
Vanunu Detained Near Bethlehem
Five Jewish Girls Under House Arrest for Attacking Palestinians
Israeli Soldiers Kill Three in West Bank Refugee Camp
Bowling Alley Will Return Arafat Funds
Middle East
Russia Hopes to Sign Nuclear Deal With Iran in January
UK Freezes Saudi Dissident Group's Assets
Qatar Hands Over Russia Prisoners
Bush Signs Sudan Sanctions Bill
UN Report Lists Ivory Coast Atrocities
UK Report: UN Must Enforce Arms Control in Congo
Pentagon Warns EU on Sale of Arms to China
Chinese Crackdown on Activists Widening
In Other News
Serb-Croat Battleground Moves to Cyberspace
Annan's Top Aides Resign
Russia Scraps Communist Holiday

The Devil's Christmas

Hopes for Indo-Pak Peace in '05

Restoring Christmas

Orwellian Balkans

Ivan Eland
Kill Missile Defense Now

Ilana Mercer
Lethal Weapons: Neocon Groupies

Ran HaCohen
The Third Intifada

Sascha Matuszak
Chinese Dreams, American Dreams

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

Joseph Stromberg
Inventing Iraq Yet Again?

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