We Must Leave Iraq: Justin Raimondo
The Neoconnerie’s Plan For Iran: Ilana Mercer
Who's in Charge of Russia Policy?: Pat Buchanan
Bin Laden Strikes Out: Juan Cole
Bye, Bye Unipolar World: Jim Lobe

I love America more than any other country in this world, and, exactly for this reason, I insist on the right to criticize her perpetually.
– James Baldwin
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Updated December 29, 2004 - 11:29 PM EST
Huge Baghdad Bomb Kills 29
Powell: Iraq Insurgency 'Will Not End'
32 Police Among 62 Killed in Iraq
Tsunami May Affect Two Civil Wars
Wave Toll 'Could Exceed 100,000'
Two Large Blasts Hit Saudi Arabian Capital
5,000 More US Troops Sent to Baghdad
Don't Sweat Nuclear Terrorism, Experts Say
Who's in Charge of Russia Policy?
by Patrick J. Buchanan
Expect No Mideast Miracles
by Charles V. Peña
The Ghost of Interventions Past
by Robert Fisk
Bin Laden Strikes Out  by Juan Cole
Bye, Bye Unipolar World  by Jim Lobe
Avert Your Eyes With Shame
by Joan Ryan

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Yushchenko Calls for More Mob Action
Ex-Official Tells of Homeland Security Failures
Another Top CIA Official Resigning
Sadr Eases Baghdad Fuel Woes
For US, New Hurdles on Way to Iraqi Vote
Clemency Sought for Ohio Troops Who Scavenged to Complete Mission
Navy Seals Sue Associated Press Over Iraq Photos
Putin Aide Slams Yukos Nationalization
As Violence Intensifies, US Rethinks
Back-Seat Security Role
Today in Iraq
Baghdad Commander of Iraqi Security Forces Assassinated
Iraqi Ex-Pats Will Vote From UK
Iraq's New-Year Revelers Silenced by Fears of the Next Bomb
Saddam's Oil-for-Food Profit Doubted
Saddam: Americans Will Leave Iraq by the Small Door
Attacks Continue
Two Police Stations Are Attacked in Bid to Scare Iraqi Voters
No Such Thing as an Ordinary Day in Baghdad
Saboteur Attacks Gas Pipeline in Southern Iraq
Investigation After British Soldier Is Found Dead in Iraq
Iraq Occupation
Mosul Base Infiltration Won't Prompt Big Changes
Iraq-Bound Reservists Train to Be Cops on the Street
Iraqis Help Train American Troops
Global Iraq Fallout
Syrian FM Dismisses US, Iraqi Accusations
Aides to French Deputy Held Over Foreign Contacts in Iraq Hostage Negotiations
Aussie Frigate Sails for Iraq
China and Friends
Russia and China Forge New Military Ties
Russia, China Preparing Major Arms Deal
China and Sudan: Partners in Oil ... and Warfare?
China Invites Sharon to Visit
Taiwan: Chinese Military Buildup Aimed at Island
North Korea
Kim Jong Il Purges Relatives After Alleged Coup Bid
North Korean Defectors Face New Challenges on Journey South
Sri Lanka Refuses Israeli Aid Team
Akayev: No Revolution in Kyrgyzstan
India, Pakistan End Talks Without Breakthrough
Pakistan, Iran Call for Debate on UN Reforms
Kabul Airport Closed After Crash
Congo 'Peacekeepers' Threaten War
Congo Troops Battle Rwandan Hutu Militia in Border Region
US Says Militants Lurk in Horn of Africa
Ivory Coast President Blames Neighbors for Turmoil
Ugandan Rebels in Crucial Talks
US Military
Small but Growing Resistance to Iraq War Inside US Military
Complaints Flare Over Soldiers' Mental Health Care
Old Soldiers Never Retire; They're Still Serving in Iraq
Pentagon Wants to Bypass Environmental Laws for War Games
Army Seeks to Save Marriages Torn Apart by War
The War at Home
Former US Official Blasts Iraq Policy
Susan Sontag Dies at Age 71
Sontag's Charismatic Movements
Homeland Security
Homeland Security Department Still Leaderless
New York Gang Member Faces Trial as Terrorist
Groups Fight Internet Wiretap Push
War on Terror
Alliance Would Boost bin Laden, Zarqawi
Bin Laden Tapes Raked for Inadvertent Leads
Counterterrorism Agencies Recruiting
Yanukovich Asks Court to Overturn Latest Ukrainian Election
Yushchenko Calls on Supporters to Block Election Challenge
Ukrainian Minister's Death Probed
Yushchenko Courts Moscow
West Welcomes Ukraine Poll Result
Yanukovich Urged to Accept Defeat
Palestinian Politics
Hamas Leader Rejects Abbas Call to Lay Down Arms
Abbas Hits Campaign Trail, Qureia Urges Mass Turnout
Israel Accused of Obstructing Palestinian Election in East Jerusalem
Palestinian Women Triumph at Polls
Parliament Committee Sets Back Gaza Withdrawal
Sharon Seeks Early Gaza Vote
West Bank Settlers Attempt to Block Pullout Officials
Militants Escape as Israeli Missile Hits Car
Israeli Tank Shell Injures Nine in Southern Gaza
Arab League: No Palestine Soon
In Gaza City, Graffiti Artists Take Up Democracy's Cause
In Other News
US Targets Ex-Riggs Exec Over Money Laundering
Balkan Oil Pipeline Construction Approved
Former Yukos Chief Slams Putin From His Prison Cell

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Inventing Iraq – Yet Again?

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