The Great Crime Spree of 2004: Justin Raimondo
Bay of Pigs Redux?: Gordon Prather
Confused About Democracy: Alan Bock
A Vietnam Grunt Looks at Iraq: Morgan Strong
The Bullet and the Ballot: Patrick Cockburn

Violence can only be concealed by a lie, and the lie can only be maintained by violence.
– Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
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Updated December 31, 2004 - 11:19 PM EST
Deadly Year in Iraq Has Grown Worse
Bush Foreign Policy Team to Focus on Iraq, Allies
US Troops Round Up 49 Suspects Near Tikrit
Entire Mosul Election Staff Quits After Threats
Yanukovich Resigns Post as Ukraine PM
Bush Breaks Silence on bin Laden
Pentagon Boots Official Over WMD Claim
The Bullet and the Ballot
by Patrick Cockburn
A Vietnam Grunt Looks at Iraq
by Morgan Strong
Can I Quietly Reverse My Pro-War Position?  by Neal Zupancic
Bay of Pigs Redux?  by Gordon Prather
The Wreath Blair Didn't Lay
by Uri Avnery
Torture and Terror  Palm Beach Post

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Space Tiff Signals Rapid, Alarming Freeze in US-Russia Relations
'Bang, Bang You're Dead': UK Troops Head Blindly Into Iraq

Chem Attacks an Easier, but Less Deadly, Terror Recipe

UK Has Highest Number of Terror Detainees in Decades
Who's Afraid of Hezbollah TV?
Israeli DM Refuses to Discuss Pentagon Rift
Single US ID Moves Closer to Reality
Humvees Linked to 20% of US Troop Deaths in Iraq
Iraq Today
Arab League Won't Dispatch Troops to Iraq Under US Command
Fallujah Residents' Rage Boils Over
Fallujans Get an Unsettling Look at Their City
Iraqis Plagued by Sanctions-Wrecked Concrete Factory
Insurgent Threats to Delay Iraqi Universities' Mid-Terms
Kids Star in Postwar Iraq Film
Attacks Continue
Militants Destroy Telephone Exchange in Mosul
Mortar Strike Sets Fire to Baghdad Oil Refinery
Saddam Trial
Legal Flaws Threat to Saddam Trial
DNA Key to Saddam Verdict
Iraq Election
Terrorists Threaten Iraqi Voters
Bush Downplays Sunni Election Boycott
Five US Cities to Serve as Iraqi Polling Sites
Iraqis Grapple With Confusing Election Choices
Mosul Election Staff Quits En Masse
US-Funded Arabic Station to Offer Iraqi Election Night Coverage
West Bank Wall Will Leave 17,000 Palestinians on the Israeli Side
Israel Stops Palestinian Voting in East Jerusalem
Israeli Army Urged to Drop Support for Right-Wing Colleges
Tel Aviv Students Protest School's Militarization
Sharon Completes Coalition Deal
Israeli Troops Kill Five in Gaza Raid
Militants Give Abbas Enthusiastic Greeting
Brazilian Town to Honor Arafat With Statue
Israeli Withdrawal
Israeli Official Urges Larger West Bank Pullout...
...but Sharon Dismisses It
Peres Deal Ensures Gaza Withdrawal
In Other News
Two Sentenced to Die for Syria Blast
Casualties of Cold War in a Cold Place
Political Pitfalls of a Japanese War Shrine
Basques May Get More Autonomy

China's 'Haves' Stir the 'Have-Nots' to Violence

Puerto Rico Against War
Puerto Rico Governor-Elect: US Should Get Out of Iraq
Caribbean Antiwar Toy Festival Held in Puerto Rico
Homeland 'Security'
Money-Laundering Rules May Put Small Businesses Under
US Muslim Rights Group Seeks Probe Over Fingerprinting for Religious Profiling
US Fingerprint Database Still a Problem
Cleric's Deportation Case Raises Fears Among California Muslims
Authorities Investigate Report of Laser Beams Aimed at Plane
Intelligence Agencies Scramble for Talent
War on Terror
Terror Suspects Appear Before Gitmo Panel
Federal Prosecutor Charges Lawyers With Smuggling Messages From Terrorists
Saudis Say They Killed 10 Militants in Riyadh
Saudi Police Hunt Bombing Suspects
War at Home
Florida Group Protests Iraq War
Carrier and Jets to Go in Bush's Military Budget Cuts
Army Works on Saving Marriages
Yushchenko May Prosecute Opponents
Ukraine Court Rejects Yanukovych's Election Complaints
Central Asia
Kyrgyzstan's Leading Pro-Govt Party Accuses West of Meddling
Kazakh Govt Seeks to Shut Down Opposition Party
South Asia
Afghan Minister Quits Over Censorship of Speeches

A Dark Anniversary in Afghanistan

Sri Lanka to Work With Rebels to Deliver Aid
Musharraf Tells Pakistan He Will Keep Army Post
Thousands Hold Anti-Govt Protest in Bangladesh
Russian Army’s 2005 Shopping List
Russia's Year of Shrinking Liberties
Russia Set to 'Spin Off' Yukos Asset
Chinese May Get Yukos Oil Stake
Darfur Refugees Face Starvation as Violence Halts Aid
The End of Uganda's Mystic Rebel?
Senegal to Sign Peace Deal With Rebels

The Great Crime Spree of 2004

Confused About Democracy

Train of Abuses

The Neoconnerie’s Plan For Iran

Ivan Eland
Greater Government Spending Has Not Enhanced National Security

Praful Bidwai
Hopes for Indo-Pak Peace in '05

Ran HaCohen
The Third Intifada

Sascha Matuszak
Chinese Dreams, American Dreams

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

Joseph Stromberg
Inventing Iraq – Yet Again?

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