America Mortgaged: Ivan Eland
Blind Loyalty Isn't Patriotism: Virginian-Pilot
Out of Iraq, Now: David Krieger
Indonesia on the Offensive in Tsunami-Stricken Aceh: Sonny Inbaraj

the expenditures for such warfare...have crippled the nation's livelihood and exhausted the resources of the people.
– Mo Tzu
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Updated January 4, 2005 - 11:38 PM EST
Iraqi Militants Threaten Attack Inside US
$100 Billion War Request Coming
Iraq Intel: Insurgents Outnumber Coalition Forces
Baghdad Governor, 5 GIs, 16 Others Killed
US to Load Up Iraqi Army With 'Advisers'
Iraqi Minister Says Election May Be Delayed
Militants' Campaign Twists Logistics of Iraq Election
Pentagon Divided on Role in Suppressing Afghan Drug Trade
A Rude Awakening to Missile-Defense Dream  by Scott Ritter
What the Senate Should Ask Gonzales  Christian Science Monitor
Superpowers Don't Have Super Powers  by Stewart Nusbaumer
Out of Iraq, Now  by David Krieger
Gitmo Sounds a Lot Like Abu Ghraib  Albany (NY) Times-Union
Whose War Is US Fighting Now?
by Mustafa Malik

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New Jersey Man Was 'Playing' With Laser
When Deadly Force Bumps Into Hearts and Minds
Mosul Base Bomber Was Saudi Med Student
Suicide Car Bombing Near Allawi Offices Kills Four
Soldiers in Medical Limbo at Fort Knox
US Backs Away From Arab Political Reform
Kuwaiti Troops Held Over Anti-US Terror Attack Plot
UK Palestinian Aid Groups' Accounts Closed Without Explanation
Retired Officers Criticize Gonzales Nomination
Two Days of Attacks Leave
42 Iraqi Troops Dead
Today in Iraq
US Marine Killed During Operations Near Fallujah
Iran to Allow Iraqi Expatriates to Vote
Iraqi Sunnis Threaten to Reject Constitution
Gulf States Fear Shi'ite Victory in Iraq
Najaf Police Chief Refuses Transfer to Baghdad Amid Syria Row
Attacks Continue
Baghdad Suffers Multiple Bomb Attacks
Attacks Kill 20 Around Iraq
Three British Contractors Die in Iraq Attacks
Booby-Trapped Body in Northern Iraq Kills Policeman
Iraq Occupation
US Military Denies Rumor of Zarqawi Arrest
Pentagon Raises Iraq Toll in December to 72
US Soldiers Dig in at Baghdad Palace
Global Iraq Fallout
US Agrees to Meeting With Turkey Over Kurds
Iraq Resumes Hajj Flights; First Since Saddam's Fall
Iraq's Neighbors to Meet in Jordan Thursday
Iran Sees No Reason for Thursday's Iraq Summit
Two US Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan
US Extends an Olive Branch to Taliban's 'Moderates'
Afghan Troops Sent to Pakistan Border
Official: Dead Afghan Wasn't Mistreated
Ruling Party in South Korea Fractures
Americans Find a Door to North Korea
Indonesian Govt on the Offensive in Tsunami-Stricken Aceh
Relief Transcends US-Indonesia Divide
Tamil Rebels Help Bring Order to Sri Lankan Town
China-Taiwan Charter-Flight Talks to Resume
US, India Plan Series of Joint Army Exercises
Solana Warns UK Voters to Back EU Constitution
Spanish PM Rejects Basque Breakaway
Homeland Security
Gonzales Is Likely to Face Criticism in Hearings
Homeland Security: Gazillion-Dollar Boondoggle for the Politically Connected
United Nations
Amid Corruption Charges, Annan Reorders UN Staff
Secret Meeting, Clear Mission: 'Rescue' UN
Palestinian Politics
Abbas: Refugees Will Return to Israel
Abbas Condemns Militants' Rocket Attacks for Killing Palestinian Children
Hamas' Election Foray Could Soften Movement
Abbas Confronts Delicate Balance on Hamas
Sharon Raises Prospect of Early Elections
Israeli Soldiers to Face Courts for Disobeying Gaza Orders
Sharon Told Troop Mutiny May Halt Disengagement
Settlers Clash With Israeli Troops
Israeli Army Urges Crackdown on Settler Violence
Israel & Her Neighbors
Jordan in Talks With Israel Over Visit by Shalom
Turkish FM Set for Fence-Mending Trip to Israel
Israel Sets Up Bus Service for Palestinian Pilgrims to Mecca
Putin Weakens Critical Economic Adviser
Scarred Beslan Offers Tsunami Aid
Sudan to Pull 91,000 Troops From South
More Than 20 Presidents Expected at Sudan Peace Deal Signing
Somali 'Government' Still Afraid to Leave Nairobi
Eritrea Wary of Big Powers' Bias for Ethiopia in Border Dispute
Algeria Reveals Rebel Crackdown
Uganda Wants Peace Talks Abroad
Alleged Communist Rebels Slaughter 17 'Rightwing Sympathizers' at Colombia New Year Party
Surrender Fails in Peru Hostage Crisis

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