Gonzales and the Torture Cult: Justin Raimondo
Faint Hopes for Peace: Alan Bock
American Gothic: Tom Engelhardt
A Torrent of Abuse Reports: William Fisher
From Alberto to the Insurgency: David DeBatto

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Updated January 7, 2005 - 11:20 PM EST
Gonzales Defends His Stand on Torture
Rumsfeld Seeks Broad Review of Iraq Policy
Iraqi Intel Chief: Resistance Is Up to 30,000 Strong
Deadliest Day for US Soldiers in Three Weeks
Sources: Neocon Bolton to Quit State Dept
Trickle of Abuse Reports Becoming a Torrent
Army Seeks Longer Use of Reservists
Rights Groups Voice Concerns About Gonzales
American Gothic: Self-Portrait With Shackles  by Tom Engelhardt
Supporting Torture Is Not Gonzales' Greatest Sin  by Brian Foley
Israel Should Dump the Checkpoints  by Amira Hass
Gonzales: The Fight Is On
by Bruce Shapiro
From Alberto to the Insurgency
by David DeBatto
The Neocons' Hands in Aceh
by Sidney Blumenthal

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Report: US Soldiers Ordered to Lie in Drowning Probe
The Top 10 War Profiteers of 2004
African Union Plans Invasion of Somalia 'Within Weeks'
In Surprise Move, Realist Gets Nod for Rice's Deputy
General Sees Permanent 30,000 Increase in US Army
US to Hold New Gitmo Abuse Inquiry
Ex-FBI Agent: Denver Nuclear Weapons Site Still Unsafe, Govt Covering Up
Pentagon Likely to Drop Weapons-Buyer Nominee
Sen. Specter Questions PATRIOT Act in Hearing
Fallujans Trickle Back to Reclaim Rubble of Their Former Lives
Iraq Today
Fallujans Reluctant to Return Home, Despite Aid
Iraqi TV: No End to Destruction in Fallujah
Iraqi Policemen Resigning Due to Insecurity and Threats
Azerbaijan Sends Another 100 Troops to Iraq
US Press Blackout on Iraqi Trade-Union Leader's Murder
Fears for French Journalist Missing in Baghdad
French Woman Reporter Missing in Iraq
Email Threats Sent to Foreign Workers in Iraq
US Considers More Funding for Iraqi Forces
Two Britons Held in Iraq on Suspicion of Terrorism
US Only Spent Small Part of Iraq Rebuilding Funds
Kerry Cheered in Baghdad, Decries Bush Team's Blunders
Violence Continues
90 People Killed This Week in Iraq
US Marine Killed in Western Iraq
Zarqawi Group Claims Iraq Blasts in Hilla, Baquba
18 Iraqis Seeking Jobs at US Base Found Dead...
...but Governor Denies Report
Iraqi Elections
Allawi Extends Martial Law for Another Month to Cover Elections
US General: Many Iraqi Provinces Still Not Ready to Vote
Bush Seen Unlikely to Back Any Delay in Iraq Vote
Jordan Rallies Support for Iraq Election
Israel Pulling Out of West Bank for Elections
Palestinian Official Criticizes Israeli Ban on Prisoner Voting
Many Jerusalem Arabs to Skip Palestinian Vote
Candidates Rock the Vote in Gaza, West Bank
Abbas Statements Trouble US, Israel
Abbas Calls Sharon a Partner in Peace
Abbas Pledges to Negotiate With Israel
Abbas Steps Out of Arafat's Shadow
Israeli Pressure Hinders Palestinian Vote
Israeli Settlers Turn on Their Own Army
We Do Not Torture, Insists Gonzales
Senators Attack Bush's AG Nominee
FBI Spy Case Dismissed for Misconduct
Marine Deserter's Whereabouts Still a Mystery
War on Terror
UK Lawyers Refuse to Take Part in Secret Terror Hearings
Spain Arrested 130 Islamic Terror Suspects in 2004
62 Suspects Linked to Madrid Bombs
Prisoner Abuse
Abu Ghraib Abuse Figure Faces Trial Today in Texas
Reports Show Concern of Prisoner Abuse as Early as 2002
Australian Official Watched US Guards Abuse Terror Suspect
Rights Group: Abu Ghraib Trials 'Only a First Step' Toward Accountability
Middle East
Saudi Arabia Asks Libyan Ambassador to Leave Over 'Assassination Plot'
Iranian Journalists Receive Death Threats After Testifying About Torture
South Asia
Afghan Troop Attacked for Destroying Poppies, Govt Kills Two Attackers
Musharraf 'Satisfied' With Waziristan Militant-Purging Campaign
Five Die in Afghan Gun Battle
Journalists Told to Keep Quiet After Witnessing Aceh Fighting
Indonesian Army Blocking Tsunami Aid to Aceh
Indonesia Hopes Tsunami Will Bring End to Aceh's Independence Bid
UN Threatens to Withhold Tsunami Aid if Fighting Occurs
US Troops Prefer Indonesian Aid to Iraq War
Radical Islamic Group Aiding Tsunami Relief Cause
In Other News
Yukos Heading Back to US Courts
Pinochet Placed Under House Arrest in Chile
Serb Boycott Hits Kosovo School

Gonzales and the Torture Cult

Faint Hopes for Peace

Mortgaging the Future of Our Armed Forces

Train of Abuses

Ilana Mercer
The Neoconnerie’s Plan For Iran

Praful Bidwai
Hopes for Indo-Pak Peace in '05

Ran HaCohen
The Third Intifada

Sascha Matuszak
Chinese Dreams, American Dreams

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

Joseph Stromberg
Inventing Iraq – Yet Again?

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