Will the Senate Endorse Torture?: Ivan Eland
Saddam's Gone – Why Aren't We?: Mark Anderson
Interrogating Rumsfeld: Greenberg, Dratel, Engelhardt
More Pentagon Dissent Over Iraq: Jim Lobe
Iraq Disintegrating, as Usual: Dahr Jamail

I just want you to know that, when we talk about war, we're really talking about peace.
– George W. Bush
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Updated January 11, 2005 - 11:47 PM EST
More Dissent in Pentagon Over Iraq War
Hot Topic in DC: Iraq Disengagement
Shocking New Videos Shown at Iraq Abuse Trial
Allawi Says Some Areas Unsafe for Poll as 20 Die
Fresh Horrors at Guantanamo
Iraq Disintegrating, as Usual
Bush Picks Judge Chertoff for Homeland Security
US Denies GIs Killed Iraqi Civilians
Baghdad Police Chief Who Warned of Vulnerability Is Killed
Interrogating Rumsfeld
by Karen Greenberg, Joshua Dratel, & Tom Engelhardt
Civil Liberties & Enemy Combatants
by Harvey Silverglate
Bush Team Derails Vital Report on Arab Governance  by Dan Thomasson
Saddam's Gone – Why Aren't We?
by Mark Anderson
The Yes Man  by Joe Conason
Promoting Torture's Promoter
by Bob Herbert

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Cardinal Sent by Pope Says Bush Broke Iraq Promise
US Looking at Rethink of Strategy in Iraq
Latest Guard Deployment Includes Mostly Women
Soldier in Abu Ghraib Case Blames Higher-Ups
US Rejects Sunni Election Offer
State Dept Poll: Most Sunnis Won't Vote
In the White House, Optimism About Abbas
UN in Africa: 'Peacemakers' Become Predators
Kuchma Orders All 1,600 Ukraine Troops Out of Iraq After Deaths
Today in Iraq
Allawi: Iraqi Forces Beating Resistance
Al-Anbar Governor Asks Saddam's Ex-Soldiers to Form New Unit
US Officials: Iraq Violence Will Continue After Election
Audits Show UN Mismanagement of Iraq Oil Program
Iraqi Security Forces: Hunters and Hunted
Iraqi Police Take Brunt of Attacks
Paris Actively Searching for Reporter Missing in Iraq
Iraqi Election
Iraq Insurgents Warn That Snipers Will Gun Down Voters
Some Iraqis Fleeing Iraq Until After Elections
Iraqi Women Divided About Whether to Vote Conservative and Lose Rights
Tough Guy and Curmudgeon PM Allawi Governs and Campaigns
Attacks Continue
Bomb Destroys US Tank, Kills Two Soldiers in Iraq
Insurgents Press Fight in Baghdad
Zarqawi Group Claims Killing of Deputy Baghdad Police Chief
Suicide Car Bombing in Baghdad Kills Four Police
Iraqi Labor Leader's Death Showed Saddam Henchmen's Trademarks
Baghdad Police Station Blast Kills Eight
Living With Violence
The Dangerous Life of an Iraqi Policeman
Covering Iraq Too Risky?
Iraqi Rebels Grow Strong in Saddam's Old Haunts on Eve of Elections
Sabotage Brings Iraq North Iraq Oil System to a Halt
Captivity Is Over, but Not Fear
Iraq Occupation
Is the US Organizing Salvador-Style Death Squads in Iraq?
US Forces Hold Truckers at Iraqi-Syrian Border: Lawyer
Creativity and Calamity in Iraq
Soldiers Upload War Onto Web Sites
400 More UK Troops Set for Iraq Elections
US Lets 230 Abu Ghraib Inmates Go
Afghanistan Considers Amnesty for Drug Traffickers
Six Coalition Troops Killed in Car Bomb Blast in Afghanistan
Indonesia Militants Lend a Hand to Acehnese
Conflict Poses Risk to Relief Effort in Aceh
Indonesian Govt Divisions Over Handling of Aceh Security
Philippine Ceasefire Ends as Troops and Rebels Clash
19 Killed in Philippines Fighting
Curfew Remains in Northern Pakistan City
US Congressman Meets North Korean FM
India Finds a $40-Billion Friend in Iran
China Agrees to Direct New-Year Flights With Taiwan
Quietly, Japan and Russia Mend Ties
Missile Defense System to Guard Japan Only
Abusing & Detaining Justice
Lawyer: Abu Ghraib Pyramids 'Not Wrong'
Witness: Graner Punched Iraqi Prisoner
Defense Attorney: Army Needs to Exhume Iraqi Body
Four Jailed Iranians Awaiting Release
US May Be Close to Freeing Four Britons Held at Guantanamo
The War at Home
Bush Might Be Heading for Tangle With Neocons
Rep. Paul Denounces National ID
Panel Finds CBS News Rushed Report on Bush's Guard Record; Four Journalists and Executives Fired
Fahrenheit 9/11 Wins 'People's Choice Award'
Congressional Leaders: Oil-for-Food Audits Unclear 
Two New War Channels to Debut
Newspapers Across Country Rip Gonzales Nomination
Coming Home
Tiny Corner of Louisiana Mourns 6 Soldiers
Words on Injured Soldier's Helmet Help End Mockery
Homeless Iraq Veteran Wanders Brooklyn Streets
Homeland Security
Inaugural Security to Use Latest Technologies
Rethinking Biodefense Budgets
Palestinian Election
Abbas Invited to White House
Israelis Have Guarded Optimism, but Not Euphoria, in Abbas Election
Abbas to Act Quickly to Restart Dialogue With Israel
Palestinian Election Ends, Challenges Begin
Abbas Reaches Out to Israel
Disappointment at Low Voter Turnout in PA Elections
Sharon Narrowly Wins Approval for New Government
Abbas Win and New Sharon Team Boost Peace Hopes
Bush Raises Hopes of Three-Way Mideast Summit
Israeli Settlement Population Rose by 6% in 2004
70% of Israeli Jews Oppose Selling State Land to Arab Citizens
Arabs Say Peacemaking Must Be Shared by Israel and US
Middle East
Three Killed in Kuwait City Shootout Amid US Embassy Warning
Jordan Charges 'Terror Plotters'
Roots of Sudan Bloodshed Run Deep, Experts Warn
Sudan Moves Toward Collapse
Sudanese Celebrating Peace Deal
Police Attack Protesters Angry at DR Congo Poll Delay
Nigerian Party Leader Steps Down
Yushchenko Named Ukraine Winner
Will New Oil Pipeline Stabilize the Balkans?
Euroskeptics Unite Across Continent to Fight Constitution
Cuba Resumes Relations With All European States
Colombia Denies Crossing Into Venezuela to Arrest Communist Rebel
Peru Minister Quits After Siege
Chile's Gen. Pinochet Granted Bail

America's Death Squads

Will the U.S. Senate Endorse Torture?

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The Neoconnerie’s Plan For Iran

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