Death Squads Back in Style: Jason Vest
Recalling the Anti-Imperialist League: Stephen Bender
Unprepared for Challenges Ahead: Nebojsa Malic
An Inside Look at Covert Ops: Christopher Deliso
Against War? Stop Buying It: Andy McKenna

Force is the weapon of the weak.
– Ammon Hennacy
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Updated January 13, 2005 - 11:52 PM EST
Pentagon Roils as Iraq Worsens
Bush: WMD or No, Iraq Invasion Worth It
Iraqi Insurgents: We're 'Bringing It On'
Gunmen Kill 2 Aides to Iraq's Top Shi'ite Cleric
US Lowers Expectations on Iraq Vote
Bremer: Disbanding Iraqi Army Was Right Decision
Death Squads: Neither Quaint nor Obsolete   by Jason Vest
Recalling the Anti-Imperialist League  by Stephen Bender
Not Enough Troops in Iraq?
by Kevin Drum
Against War? Stop Buying It
by Andy McKenna
We Can't Stomach Empire, Thank God by Fred J. Viskovich
An Inside Look at Covert Ops
by Christopher Deliso

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Chertoff Wrote Blueprint for Sept. 12 Crackdown
The Bush Administration on WMD, Then and Now
Iraqi Insurgents Worried bin Laden Will Hijack Resistance
Americans Now Less Enthusiastic About Nation-Building
Powell: Troops May Be Pulled From Iraq This Year
AWOL Soldier: Army Training Inadequate
Senator Hopes Iraq Vote 'Peaceful' Like Afghanistan
Inauguration to Lock Down DC, Cost City Govt $12M
Powell Gives Bleak Assessment of Iraq

Weapons Inspector Throws in the Towel as US Search for WMD Ends With Bupkis

Iraq Today
US: Ex-Ba'athists Play Crucial Insurgent Role
Minister Resigns in Protest of US Treatment of Iraqi Officials
Iraq's Power Supply Sinks to Record Low
France Hopes Yawar Visit Will Help Iraq Ties
Dangerous Skies Over Iraq
Occupying Iraq
Haji Ali and US Prisons in Iraq
General: No US Action Against Turkish Kurds in Iraq Anytime Soon
Czech Govt Approves Extension of Troops in Iraq
Iraq Election
Some Conservatives Fear Iraqi Elections Will Worsen Situation
US: Iraqi Elections Likely 'Less Than Perfect'
US Sees No Advantage in Delaying Iraqi Elections
US Sets Up Iraq Polling Places Stateside
Two Iraq Cities Await Elections
Female Iraqi Candidates Risk Lives
Allawi's Party Accuses Rivals of Misusing Religion
Secrecy Surrounds Iraq Vote
Violence Continues
More Car Bombings Under Interim Govt
Insurgents Kill More Iraqi Police Every Day
Insurgents Kill Five Iraqi Soldiers, Wound Eight in Mosul
Insurgents Ambush Convoy of US and Iraqi Troops, Killing Three
Fear Stalks City Where the Police Hide Behind Masks
Six Suspects Held in Baghdad Governor's Killing
Arab Media Plead for French Woman Missing in Iraq
Prisoner Abuse
Witness Says Abuse in Iraqi Prison Was Ordered
Abu Ghraib Inmate Tells of Beatings and Rape Threats
Yanukovich Delays Handover of Power
Yanukovich Delays Challenging Election
Worries Grow in Kuchma's Circle
Indonesia Orders US Troops Out by March
US Carrier Leaves Indonesian Waters by Request
Indonesian Military Refuses Peace Talks With Separatists
South Asia
Musharraf Blusters as Baluchistan Boils
Pakistan Troops Guard Gas Field After Militant Clashes
Nepal Maoists Accused of Rights Abuses
Karzai Mulls Drug Traffickers Amnesty
China 'Threat' Strengthens US-Japan Military Ties
Chinese Reach Into Gulf
Chinese Agents Storm Briefing by South Korean Lawmakers
Treaty Sparks New Darfur Fears
Thatcher to Plead Guilty in Equatoguinean Coup Plot
In Other News
Oligarch Khodorkovsky Forfeits Yukos Controlling Interest
Abkhazia Re-Runs President Vote
Email Shows Toll of Crash on Submarine
War on Terror
Ridge: US Remains Top al-Qaeda Target
Ridge Pushes for Fingerprints on US Passports
Relatives of 9/11 Victims Disband Group
Pentagon to Cut Chemical Weapons Disposal Program
US Sends BA Flight Back to Britain Over No-Fly Passenger
FBI Probes More Lasers Shined at Airplanes
Raids on Mosques Broke Terror Network, Claim German Police
22 Islamists Arrested in Germany
Kuwait Holds Over 30 Islamists After Fatal Shootout
Ridge Spent Time Off in Arizona With Homeland Security Lobbyist
Iowa Man Charged With Sending Nuclear Equipment to Iran
War at Home
Supreme Court Hears Espionage Compensation Case
Supreme Court Bans Indefinite Detention of Illegal Immigrants
Despite False Iraq Claim, Former Bush Aide's Star Rises
Despite Pressure, Bush Vows 'No Women in Combat'
Soldier Admits Making Up War Story
Antiwar Protests
Wisconsin City Drops Citation Against Man With Antiwar Sign
A Full Day of Protest Planned for Inauguration
Protesters Get Bleachers Along Inaugural Parade Route
Guantanamo: Three Years of Skirting US Law
Out of Guantanamo, Far From Free
Experts: Gitmo Britons May Need Months of Medical Treatment to Recover From Torture
UK Spy Chiefs to Be Consulted Over Britons Freed by US
Britain in a Fix Over Guantanamo Four
Did Torture Accusations Help Free Aussie From Gitmo?
Aussie Suspect Will Get No Apology When Released
Spineless Rough Justice
Russo-Israeli 'Crises'
Syrian Missile Deal Puts New Strain on Israel's Relationship With Moscow
Crisis Over Israeli Funding of Yushchenko
Israel Briefed US on Crisis With Russia...
...so US Demands Russia Cancel Proposed Missile Sale to Syria...
...but Russia Plays Down Crisis
Now Comes the Hard Part for Abbas
Israel Asks US for $180M in Aid for Palestinians Hurt by the Wall
Arafat Strongman Quits Abbas Government
Palestinians Wary of Abbas on Right of Return
Israeli Forces Complete Plans for Settlement Pullout
Four Palestinians, Israeli Killed in Violence at Start of Abbas Era
Israeli Official Urges Space-Based Weapons
Middle East
Mubarak to Be Nominated for Fifth Presidential Term
Saudi Dissidents to Get Jail, Lashings
Halliburton Coy on Iran Gas Deal
Syrian Scholar Rankles Islamists

Heading for the Exits

Unprepared for Challenges Ahead

Yes to US Aid, No to USAID

Will the U.S. Senate Endorse Torture?

Joseph Stromberg
Murray N. Rothbard on States, War, and Peace: Part I

Sascha Matuszak
Issues for East Asia: A Sinocentric View

Alan Bock
Faint Hopes for Peace

Praful Bidwai
Hopes for Indo-Pak Peace in '05

Ran HaCohen
The Third Intifada

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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