Absolutely?: Juan Cole
City Without a Future?: Schwartz/Engelhardt
Coming Up Empty: Gordon Prather
The Power of Nightmares: BBC
Iraqis Suffer Under American Yoke: Dahr Jamail

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Updated January 16, 2005 - 11:33 PM EST
Bush: Voters Cleared Me of Iraq Mistakes
Report: US Secret Missions Inside Iran
Iraq Unveils Election Day Security Plan
'No Regrets, No Apologies': Graner Gets 10 Years
Amid Talk of Withdrawal, Pentagon Plans Longer Stay in Iraq
Iraqi Shi'ite Coalition Tries to Dispel Fears of Iran-Style Rule
British Museum: Ancient Babylon Site Wrecked by US-Led Forces
Why I Refused Second Deployment to Iraq  by Sgt. Kevin Benderman
Desolate Fallujah: City Without a Future?  by Michael Schwartz/Tom Engelhardt
'Clap-for-Tinkerbell' Patriotism
by William Norman Grigg
Absolutely?  by Juan Cole
Coming Up Empty in Iraq
by Gordon Prather
Ukraine Teaches US Lesson in Iraq
by Martin Sieff

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Top Officer: US Has Failed to Impose Authority and Failed to Win Trust
US General Says Militants in Iraq Getting Support From Within Syria
18 Bodies Discovered Along Iraqi Roadsides
Soldier Convicted of Murder in 'Mercy Killing' of Iraqi
Divided Iraq Faces All-Out Civil War
Did Colombia Kidnap Guerrilla Leader in Venezuela to Please US?
Tymoshenko Says She Will Be Ukraine PM
CIA Gives Grim Warning on European Prospects
US General to Zarqawi: Your Days Are Numbered
Today in Iraq
US to Keep 150,000 Troops in Iraq Through June
Portugal to Withdraw Force From Iraq on Feb. 12
The Critical Battle for Iraq's Energy
Allawi May Have Battle to Keep Premiership
Heart of Old Baghdad Finally Giving Out
Iraqi Elections
Cars to Be Restricted for Iraq Election
Iraq Considers New Ways to Protect Voters
Rising Violence and Fear Drive Iraq Campaigners Underground
Iraq to OK Voter Registration on Jan. 30
When the Price for Speaking Out Is Death
Iraqi Christians in US Say They Are Being Shut Out of Vote
Fighting to the Polls in Mosul
Iraqi Shi'ite Leader Expects Many Sunnis to Vote
Iraqi Factions
Factional Unrest Is Dividing the Shi'ites of Southern Iraq
Kurds Fear Renewed Oppression by Arab-Dominated Government
Ansar Islam Posting Denies Killing of Iraqi Cleric
Sadr Movement Bounces Back, Demands Solution to Fuel Crisis
Iraq Occupation
New US Commander Sees Shift in Military Role in Iraq
Instability in Fallujah Keeping Marines Busy
US Helicopter Goes Down in Mosul
Marine Killed in Action South of Baghdad
US Soldier Killed in Mosul
Attacks Continue
Daughter of Iraqi Official Kidnapped
Iraqi Red Cross Staff Member Found Dead
Rebel Group Claims Abduction of 15 Iraqi National Guards
Five Iraqi Troops, Policeman Killed
Death Without Honors
Woman Pulled Gun on Iraqi Defence Minister
Americans Keep Dying
Eulogies at Schweinfurt Praise Soldier (WA) From Army Family
Last Letters to Home Revealing (AZ)
Soldier (GA) Dies of Injuries Suffered in Iraq Last Year
Parents Describe Son's Commitment (NV)
Soldier (NY) 'Did Not Die in Vain'
Cass Lake (MN) Soldier Dies in Iraq
Slain Pineville (LA) Soldier Remembered
Family (LA) Struggles With Loss
Marine Reservist (TX) Killed by Insurgent Hostility in Iraq
Delaware County (PA) Soldier Killed in Grenade Attack in Iraq
Marine (TX) Killed in Iraq War
Two Twentynine Palms (CA) Marines Killed
Roadside Blast Kills Army Sergeant From Phoenix
Laredo (TX) Marine Killed in Iraq
UN Mulls Fallout of Less Afghan Military
Afghan Troops Shot Dead in South
Political Cracks in Aceh Undermine Aid Effort as Military Seeks to Oust Foreigners
US Tsunami Ops 'Over Soon'
Politics, War Hinder Tsunami Aid
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Lets UN Visit Rebel Area
Tamil Rebel: Sri Lanka Missed Peace Chance
In Other News
Canada's Muslims Split Over Bid to Introduce Islamic Law Courts
Brown-Blair Crisis Worsens
Bosnian Serbs Hand Over Suspect
The Last Day of the Stasi
Revisiting Abu Ghraib
Graner Says He Was Following Orders
Graner 'Complained About Abuse'
Abu Ghraib Abuse Firms Are Rewarded
The War at Home
Marine Killed in Shootout With Police Had Taped Video Insult to Bush
Benefits Could Increase for Survivors of Troops Killed in Iraq, Afghanistan
McGovern Urges Pull-Out From Iraq
Homeland Security
FBI Retires Its Carnivore, Replaces With New Program
FBI Keeping Records on Pre-9/11 Travelers
Realism Is Goal in Test of Logan Airport's Readiness
War on Terror
'I Was MI5 Go-Between,' Says Briton Held in Guantanamo
Aristocrat Claims Extradition is Part of Secret US/UK Guantanamo Deal
US Said to Regret Kidnapping of German
Florida Ex-Professor Disputes Terror Charges
Alleged Terrorist Appears Before Tribunal
Abbas' Short Honeymoon
Abbas to Hold Gaza Militant Talks
46 Palestinian Election Officials Resign Over Abbas Pressure
President Abbas Calls for an End to Violence and Peace With Israel
Abbas to Face Up to Militants
Israel: Abbas Knows Who Carried Out Deadly Attack at Gaza Crossing
Abbas Sworn in and Frozen Out as Israel Fights Back
The End of the Honeymoon
Violence Drowns Out Abbas Truce Call
Abbas Pledges to Seek Peace With Israel
Hamas Calls on Abbas to Renew Dialogue
Islamic Jihad Rejects Ceasefire Call
New Meaning Behind the Same Old Violence
PA Wants Road Map Implemented in Full
Seven Palestinians Killed in Gaza
IDF Readies to Expand Gaza Operation
Missile in Israel Critically Wounds Girl, 17
Karni Attackers Had False Permits
Egypt Criticizes Israel for Cutting Contacts With Abbas
Turkey Urges Resumption of Israeli-Palestinian Dialogue
Iran Eases Talk of Deadline for Nuclear Talks With EU
Iranian Dissident Refuses to Obey Revolutionary Court Summons
US Concern Over Iran Activist
Iran's Khatami Raps US on Rights
Middle East
Kuwaiti Released From Guantanamo Arrested
Kuwaiti Police Clash With Gunmen
Qatar Hands Back Moscow Agents Jailed for Murder
Putin Reforms Greeted by Street Protests
Yeltsin Was Targeted by 'Psychic Weapons’
US Lawmakers Invited Back to Pyongyang
Militants Storm Kashmir Complex
Pakistani Troops Arrest 17 Militants Near Afghan Border
Submarine Crash Shows Navy Had Gaps in Mapping System
Weekend Reviews
Against Leviathan: Government Power and a Free Society
What Would Strauss Do?
Evan Kohlmann's Al-Qaida's Jihad in Europe
Atrocities in Plain Sight

Iraq and the El Salvador 'Option'

No Semblance of Accountability

Unprepared for Challenges Ahead

Yes to US Aid, No to USAID

Ivan Eland
Will the U.S. Senate Endorse Torture?

Joseph Stromberg
Murray N. Rothbard on States, War, and Peace: Part I

Sascha Matuszak
Issues for East Asia: A Sinocentric View

Praful Bidwai
Hopes for Indo-Pak Peace in '05

Ran HaCohen
The Third Intifada

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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