A Matter of Conscience: Sgt. Kevin Benderman
Question All Assumptions: Ivan Eland
Jayson Blair Was Nothing: Richard Falk
CIA Sci-Fi: Tom Engelhardt
The New American Militarism: Paul Craig Roberts

Peace is not the absence of war; it is a virtue; a state of mind; a disposition for benevolence; confidence; and justice.
– Spinoza
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Updated January 18, 2005 - 11:23 PM EST
Bush Won't Rule Out Iran Attack
Rice, Democrats Duel Over Iraq Strategy
Neocons Take Aim at Iran
Pentagon Lashes Out at Hersh Iran Claim
3 Candidates Killed, Iraq to Seal Borders for Vote
Iraq Violence Spreads to 'Safe' Areas
US: No Evidence WMD Moved From Iraq
Archbishop Released by Iraqi Kidnappers
New Intel Raises Questions About US Iraq Mission
Even Most Loyal GOP Soldiers Alarmed by Strain on Troops
A Matter of Conscience: Refusing to Go Back to Iraq  by Sgt. Kevin Benderman
Spying's Big Secret?
It Doesn't Work
 by Phillip Knightley
Death Squads Invite Murder in Our Name  by Joe Conason
Does the Future Stand a Chance?
by Tom Engelhardt
Jayson Blair Was Nothing
a video interview with Richard Falk
My Brother Died for a Lie
by Dante Zappala

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Israel Hints at New Assassinations in Gaza
Abbas Demands End to Attacks on Israelis
Mass Resignations Before Iraq Vote
Can Iyad Allawi Hold Iraq Together?
Iraqi Police Burn Allawi Election Posters
British Commanders Fear Reaction to US Hardline Policies Toward Iran
Mosul Raided Ahead of Polls
Today in Iraq
Dozens of Iraqis Killed as Pre-Electoral Violence Rages
Toll of British Wounded in Iraq War Reaches 800
Hotel Journalism Gives American Troops a Free Hand
Iraqi Vote May Be Just the Beginning
Iraq Clerics' Influence Raises Concern
Ancient Babylon
Destroying Babylon
Babylon: Memory Failures
Babylon Ban Imposed After War Damage
Absentee Voting
Iraq Voter Registration Gets Low Detroit Turnout
Expatriates in 14 Countries May Play Big Role in Iraqi Vote
Iraqis in US Eager for Overseas Vote
Iraq Sets Up Polling Station in Egypt
Iraqi Elections
Threats Hinder Iraqi Candidates
Vote Stirs Ethnic Rivalries in Kirkuk
Iraqis Discuss Voting, or Not, in Elections Held Amidst Chaos
Most Baghdadis Plan to Vote, Says Newspaper Poll
Attacks Continue
Iraqi 'Spies' Beheaded in City Street
Two US Soldiers Killed in Iraq
Suicide Car Bomb West of Baghdad Damages Two US Vehicles
Two Iraqi Officials Killed Southeast of Baghdad
The Insurgency
Iraq Says Arrested Saddam Cousin Was Terror Financier
81 Suspected Insurgents Detained in Iraq
35 Insurgents Killed in Operation Near Fallujah: Government
Iraq Occupation
Saddam to Be Moved to Qatar US Base
400 UK Troops Arrive in Basra
Two US Soldiers Dead After Baghdad Road Accident
Coping With Violence
Wealthy Iraqis Seek Safety Abroad
Iraqi Translators' Dilemma: Food and Death Threats or Starvation and 'Peace'?
Pakistan Denies Providing Iran Nuke Sites Data to US
The Hour of Reckoning for Balochistan
Tribals Looking Down a Barrel in Balochistan
India Rebels Abandon Talks
Govt Says 2002 India Train Fire Was Not Mob Attack
Bush Uses Tsunami Aid to Regain Foothold in Indonesia
Aceh's Jungle Rebels Open New Front With Appeal for West to Help
Aid Workers in Aceh on Alert for Terror Attack
China Curbs Discussion of Late Leader Who Opposed Crackdown
Zhao's Death Reopens Tiananmen Debate
Taiwan Deploys Missiles on Mobile Launchers
Taiwan Seeks New Links With China
Kyrgyz Govt Looks to Head Off 'Velvet Revolution'
Kyrgyz President Visits US-Coalition Base
First Signs of Protest in World's Most Top-Secret State
Wolfowitz: US Tsunami Aid to End Soon
Two Bosnia Serbs Jailed Over Srebrenica Deaths
Serbia's EU Entry Hinges on Generals' Capture
Abusing Justice
Higher-Ups May Be Prosecuted for Abuses at Abu Ghraib
Another Abu Ghraib Guard Chooses to Stand Trial
British Soldiers' Court-Martial Delayed
Back From Iraq
Soldier Explains Refusal to Return to Iraq
Images Behind Soldier's Iraq Refusal
Ain't Gonna Study War No More
30% of Iraq Vets Need Psychological Services
Guardsmen Tours of Duty Questioned
Doctors Return to Colorado With Difficult Memories From Work in Iraq
The Rice Era Begins
Rice Said to Plan Outreach to World
Iraq Questions to Dominate Rice Hearing
World Awaits Rice in Battle for Bush's Ear
The War at Home
Faulty Intelligence, Dated Information Led to Inauguration Warnings
Poll: Americans Divided Over Iraq Invasion
Bush on Defensive Over $52m Party
Official: Launch Failure Won’t Delay Missile Defense Test
Tim Robbins' Embedded Play Coming to TV
War on Terror
Analysis: Case Has Huge Impact on Spies
Eight Indicted in Spain for 9/11 Attacks
How Top Spies in Ukraine Changed the Nation's Path
Yushchenko OKs Massive Reform Plan
Israeli Army Gets Carte Blanche in Gaza
The Army Can't Close Gaza Checkpoints; They Were Already Closed
Abbas Fights to Rein in Militants as Israel Says Time Is Running Out
Israelis on Gaza Border Are Defiant: 'Our Blood Is Not for Sale'
Israel Bombs Hezbollah Outposts
Poll: Most Palestinians Now Support Two-State Solution
Competing Visions of Mideast Peace Face Abbas, Sharon
Iranian Nobel Laureate in Showdown With Conservatives
Iranian Dissident Signs Deal With US Publisher
Ebadi Condemns Iran Prison Regime
In Iran, Official Turns Blogger to Keep Reformist Views Alive
Fear of Early Attack by US Spurs Moscow Trip by Syria's Assad
Syria Activist Blasts Trial Delay
Middle East
US Backing Away From Middle East Democratization?
Saudi Lashes 'To Silence Dissent'
Russia & Her Neighbors
Disabled Russian Soldiers Sues Chechens for Fighting Back
Ten Killed in Dagestan Clashes
Second Peace Agreement in Sudan
Peace Pact Gives Hope to Displaced Sudanese
Algeria Strikes Deal With Berbers
Beijing's Delicate Balancing Act in Africa
As War and Socialism Subside, Marketers See Growth in Africa
In Other News
Dying Days of ETA?
Bush Might Give a Nod to a Soft-Power Europe
Annan Plans Shake-Up of Management Team Shortly

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US Foreign Policy: Question All Assumptions

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Unprepared for Challenges Ahead

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Yes to US Aid, No to USAID

Sascha Matuszak
Issues for East Asia: A Sinocentric View

Praful Bidwai
Hopes for Indo-Pak Peace in '05

Ran HaCohen
The Third Intifada

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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