The Market Shall Set You Free: Robert Wright
Targeting Iran: Gordon Prather
The Homeland Security State: Turse/Engelhardt
On Pins and Needles in Baghdad: Dahr Jamail
This Democracy Could Be Paper-Thin: Aaron Glantz

The more laws, the less justice.
– Marcus Tullius Cicero
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Updated January 30, 2005 - 10:57 PM EST
44 Killed as Bombs Mark Election Day
Turnout Estimates Revised Down to 60 Percent
Bush: US Must Stay in Iraq After Election
Conservative Criticism Signals Trouble for Bush
10 Troops Die as UK Plane Crashes in Iraq
Top Officer: US Will Never Overcome Insurgents
Iraqi Democrats Can't Win in This Desperate Election  by Jonathan Steele
The Emergence of the Homeland Security State
by Nick Turse and Tom Engelhardt
And a Haughty Spirit Before a Fall
by David Ignatius
Targeting Iran  by Gordon Prather
Why Insurgents May Be the Winners  by Ehsan Ahrari
Peaceful Means Best Way to Spread Freedom  by Helen Thomas

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US in Contact With Iraqi Insurgents?
Iraqi Shi'ite Cleric Urges Election Boycott
Kurds Say They Will Demand Key Iraq Post
This Democracy Could Be Paper-Thin
Marines Raid Ramadi Ahead of Vote
Iraq Vote to Set Wall Street's Mood
Under Pressure, Qatar May Sell al-Jazeera
GIs Push Iraqis to Vote
Today in Iraq
Police Uniforms Go Missing in Iraq
Rebels Kill 17 as Iraq Vote Nears
Two Die in Attack on US Embassy in Baghdad
US Arrests Seven in Embassy Attack
Iraq Extends Emergency Laws for Another 30 Days
Details on Iraq Election Zogby Poll
Careless Talk Costs Lives on Baghdad Streets
Iraqis Wonder: Was It Worth It?
Reservist to Offer Guilty Plea in Jail Assault
How It's Supposed to Work
Procedures for Voting in Election
Main Players in Iraq's Election
What Iraq's Election Is About
Results May Be Slow to Show
Canada's Election Chief Will Oversee Iraqi Vote Results
To Vote or Not To Vote
Big Uncertainty: Turnout Rates
Iraqi President Makes About Turn: Most Will Vote
Why Should I Vote?
Iraqis Near Saddam's Hometown Vow to Vote
Kurds Set to Turn Out in Force
In Scarred Fallujah Many Will Ignore Election
Shi'ites and Sunnis
Shi'ites Offer Unified Slate, but Fault Lines Show
Raw Wounds Behind Shi'ite Drive for Power in Iraq
Sadr Group Warns of Post-Elections Sectarian Conflict
Shi'ite Rise in Iraq Unsettles Some
Iraq's National Security Adviser Says New Government Will Have Strong Sunni Representation
Fisk: The Shia Will Inherit Iraq
Election Fears & Security
Fear Reigns Across Iraq on the Eve of Election
Jets, Tanks, Razor Wire Ready Iraq for Democracy's Debut
American Forces in Iraq Brace for Their 'Day of Reckoning'
Baptism of Fire for Police on Baghdad's Dangerous Street
Iraqis Try to Stock Up on Food, Gasoline
Absentee Voting
Riot Disrupts Iraq Expat Ballot in Australia
30 Percent of Iraqi Exiles Voted on First Day
Expat Voting Is Spirited in Jordan
Israeli Rediscovers His Iraqi Roots
Iraqis Worldwide Continue Casting Ballots
Iraqis in Turkey Head to the Polls
Attacks Continue
US Soldier Killed by IED
Soldiers, Child Killed in Car Bomb in Kurdish Town
Suicide Bomber Kills Eight Near Iranian Border
Gunbattle Rages in Baghdad Ahead of Election
Violence Continues to Plague Baghdad on the Eve of Election
Attacks on Polls Push Iraqi Schools to Front Lines
Pollsters Called Spies, Beaten, Kidnapped and Thrown in Jail
Marines Come Under Fire While Reinforcing Polling Places
Americans Keep Dying
Vermont Leads Nation in Iraq Deaths
IN Family of GI Killed in Iraq Says Tour Was to End Next Month
Marine (TX) Killed in Crash Was Due Home Soon
3 More Louisiana Guardsmen Killed
Hawaii Soldier Killed in Iraq
Son of Storm Lake (IA) Woman Killed in Iraq
Reedley (CA) Soldier Killed in Iraq
Martinsville (VA) Police Officer, Marine Killed in Iraq
Pennsylvania County Loses Sixth Soldier in Iraq War
NJ Marine Killed in Iraq Crash Always Wanted to Serve
GI 'Paying His Dues' Dies in Iraq
Northeast Ohioan Among Marines Killed in Deadly Helicopter Crash
NC National Guardsman Dies in Iraq of Apparent Heart Attack
Veteran (CA) Dies in Kuwait
FL Marine Killed in Copter Crash
Another Local Marine (TX) Among Dead in Iraq Crash
N.H. Man Killed in Copter Crash
IL Marine Killed in Copter Crash
Marine From Macomb County (MI) Killed in Iraq Helicopter Crash
Bay Area Marine Killed in Iraq Chopper Crash
Carmel Valley (CA) Man Among Helicopter Crash Victims
Vermont Marine Killed in Iraq
Iowa Marine Killed in Copter Crash
Utah Marine Killed in Copter Crash
Ex-Centennial Student (IL) Was One of Marines Killed in Crash
Iowa Marine With Ties to Texas Dies in Iraq
St. Paul (MN) Soldier Killed; He Was Cretin-Derham Athlete
Marine (TX) Killed in Crash
Marine From Spotsylvania (VA) Killed in Iraq
Texas Marine Dies in Iraq
Wheelersburg (OH) Mourns a Hero
Roseburg (OR) Marine Dies
The War at Home
White House Rules Out Timetable for Iraq Pullout
Bush Has High Stake in Iraqi Vote
Congressional Panel Proposes Tax on All Net, Data Connections
An Afterwar in Waco
Who's Dying in Our War?
In Debt to His Country: Iraq Veteran Gets Bill After Injury Discharge
Crash in Iraq Leaves a Family Void
Christians in Combat Boots
Battles of Britain
BBC Sorry for 'Mistakes' on Count Coaltion's Victims
9 in 10 RAF Staff Say Service Is Overstretched
Britain Gets Big Share in $1.8bn Deal to Build Bush's Helicopters
UK Terror 'Justice'
British Intel Still Blocking Terror Suspects' Release
UK Officials: Detentions Stopped Terror Attack
UK Terror Suspects 'Could Be Bailed Out'
My Nightmare of Torture and Assault, by Briton Held in Guantanamo
Freed Briton Reveals Horrors of Life Inside Guantanamo
Mideast Peace?
Sharon, Abbas to Hold Summit in February
Israeli Army to Cut Back Actions in W. Bank, Gaza
Palestinian Police Begin Deployment in South Gaza Strip
Egyptian Training for Palestinian Police to Start
CIA Set to Oversee the PA-Israel Security Cooperation
Palestinians Caution Israelis at Davos
Palestinians Shootout
Fatah Acting to Stall Parliamentary Elections in July
Palestine’s ‘Forgotten’ Refugees Cling to Fading Hope They Can Go Back Home
Government Will Be Able to Sell Confiscated Palestinian Property in E. Jerusalem
Border Police Plans to Destroy Arab Neighborhood in Jerusalem
Russian Bear Makes Israel Jittery
Israeli Troops Kill Palestinian Man in Gaza
Parents Fight to Learn Why Israeli Sniper Shot Their Son
New Fence Route to Go to Cabinet Vote This Week
Khamenei: Iran May Reconsider Nuclear Cooperation With EU
Iran and US Have a Nuclear Fallout Over Dinner
Nuclear Watchdog Urges Patience Over Iran
Australian PM Adopts 'Wait and See' Approach on Iran
Middle East
Lame Duck-Hawk Bolton Discusses Iraq, Security in Kuwait
Activists Opposed to Mubarak Detained
Egyptian Charged as Spy for Iran
Yemeni Cleric's Conspiracy Trial Begins
Landmine Explosion Kills Nine Afghan Soldiers
Survey: 70 Percent of Afghans Say They Are Victims of War Crimes
Afghan Report Demands War Justice
Attackers Blow Up Pakistan Gas Pipeline
Pakistan Tribals Speak Out
Indonesia, Aceh Rebels Agree to Work for Peace Deal
Tamil Tigers, in Deal to Peace Blow, Rule Out Tsunami Talkspeace
Chinese VP in Caracas to Sign Deals
Sudanese Police Kill 20 Protesters
No Let-Up in Violence in Kenya as Two More Killed
UN Criminal Court Investigates Central African Republic
Djibouti Shuts Down French Radio Broadcasts
Gabon and Equatorial Guinea to End Border Dispute
UN: Ethiopia, Eritrea Border Remains Stable Despite Troops Movement
In Other News
Colombia, Venezuela Settle Rebel Dispute
Kofi Annan’s Son Admits Oil Dealing
Weekend Reviews
The Federal War on Freedom
Defeat in Detail: The Ottoman Army in the Balkans, 1912-1913
Al-Jazeera in the Eye of the Storm
The Torture Papers Detail US Detainee Policies

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Elections and Torture

The ICG Strikes Again

His Rhetoric, Our Reality

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Should Iran Be The Next Target?

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The Threat of Peace

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Issues for East Asia: A Sinocentric View

Praful Bidwai
Hopes for Indo-Pak Peace in '05

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