Are Iraqi Elections a Panacea?: Ivan Eland
Abandoning Liberty: Paul Craig Roberts
Surfing the Web With Big Brother: William Fisher
Nuclear Heat Grows Over Iran: Peter Hirschberg
Will Vote for Food?: Dahr Jamail

Arbitrary power is most easily established on the ruins of liberty abused to licentiousness.
– George Washington
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Updated February 1, 2005 - 11:29 PM EST
Turkey Threatens Iraqi Kurds
Kurds Win 25% of National Vote, 68% in Kirkuk
Iraq President: US Troops Must Stay
Insurgent Attacks Set Post-Invasion Record
Plane Shootdown Shows Insurgents Far From Beaten
Will Vote for Food?
Pentagon Denies GI Captured in Iraq After Website Claim
Iraq Election: Shi'ite List Claims Victory
So Who Won? Why We Don't Know Yet
Worst Attack in 2 Years: Rebels Rocket Colombia Base, Killing 14 Soldiers
Abandoning Liberty, Gaining Insecurity  by Paul Craig Roberts
Iraq's Costs Closing in on Vietnam's
by Derrick Z. Jackson
Don't Let Extremists Hold Gaza Withdrawal Hostage  by Moriah Shlomot
Vision Impossible  by Jack Beatty
Condi Rice: Misrule of Law
by Nat Hentoff
A Whopper of an Inaugural Address
by Sheldon Richman

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Nuclear Heat Grows Over Iran
The Uncertainties of Iraq
What Really Happened to UK Plane?
Victory for Shi'ites, but Occupiers Remain in Power
Iraq Audit Finds More Fuzzy Math
Flashback: US Encouraged by 83% Vietnam Vote
Surfing the Web With Big Brother
Bush Promotes 'Nuclear Hawks'
Sistani Emerges Winner Even Without Taking Part in Iraq Vote
Violence Continues
US Tactics Largely Thwarted Insurgents, but Are Unsustainable
US Guards Kill Four Detainees in Iraq Prison Riot
Straw: Withdrawal of UK Troops From Iraq Would Be Irresponsible
Allawi Urges National Reconciliation for Iraq
Doubts Cast on Allawi's Vow to Unite the Country
After the Vote
What Comes Next
Continued Unity of Shi'ite Alliance Faces Challenges
Iraqi Vote May Not Resolve Sunni Dilemma
In Mosul, Many Pleasantly Surprised by Election
Iraq Finishes First-Phase Ballot Count
Making Sense of Iraq's Vote
Iraqi Parties Declare Elections Great Success
'I Remember How We Fought Hard for Many Years for This'
The Insurgency
Diplomats, Analysts Say Iraq Insurgency Still Strong
For Iraq's Insurgents, What Next?
Iraq Insurgents' Failure to Disrupt Elections Raises Questions
Al-Qaeda Vows to Fight on in Iraq
Attacks Continue
Four US Marines Killed in Iraq Fighting
First Australian Soldier Killed in Iraq
Calm Day's Violent End
Global Iraq Fallout
How Election Reverberates Beyond Iraq
Poland to Withdraw 800 Troops From Iraq in February
UK Liberal Dem Leader: Get Out of Iraq
European Leaders Who Opposed War Offer Cautious Praise
World Reacts to Iraq's Vote
Arab States Fear Iraq Polls Will Fan Reform Calls, Boost Iran
New Iraq Vote Brawl Erupts in Sydney
Japan's Iraq Commitment Remains Lukewarm
Pakistani PM Reaches Out to India
India and China: Oil-Patch Partners?
Dismissal Ruling for Indian Major
North Korea
North Korea Raises Idea of a 3rd-Generation Kim
North Korean Defectors Treated 'Worse Than Pigs' in China
Jakarta Rejects Aceh Rebels Offer
Car Bomb in Tajikistan Capital Kills One
Japan: Bill Would Punish Leaks on Nuclear Info
Nepal Police Kill 14 Maoists
Vietnam to Free Top Dissidents
Clashes in Bangladesh Strike
Report Calls for Independence for Kosovo to Avert New War
Yugoslav General Gets Prison at Hague
EU Warns Croatia About Fugitive
Bosnian Ex-General Goes on Trial
In Netherlands, Anti-Islamic Polemic Comes With a Price
EU Treaty Debate to Test Labor Party Loyalties
In Other News
Venezuela Enlists Iran to Steer Oil to China
Solomons Warlord in Murder Trial
Bush Part 2
China Unfazed by Bush Rhetoric
In Iraqi Vote, White House Sees Validation of Its Course
Bush Wants All Included in Iraq's Political Process
Bush Continues to Reject Iraq Exit Timetable
Bush, World Leaders, Discuss Iraq Vote
The War at Home
Judge Vindicates Gitmo Criticisms
Democrats Flash Steel on Gonzales
Kerry Blames His Defeat on bin Laden
Chief Senate Dem to Request Iraq Exit Plan
National Intelligence Director Proves to Be Difficult Post to Fill
1/3 of US High School Students: First Amendment 'Goes Too Far'
US Military
Bush Proposes Doubling GI Death Benefits, Dems Want Wider Application
Hearing Begins for Soldier Accused in Kuwait Grenade Attack
War on Terror
Visa Rules Hurting US, Warns Gates
Bosnia Protest Over Guantanamo
Tories Prepare to Oppose UK Terror Bill
Mideast Peace?
New Gaza Violence Strains De Facto Truce
DM: Israel Will Only Quit West Bank Towns When Gaza Is Quiet
Israeli-Palestinian Balancing Act
Abbas Sees Peace Role for Russia
Israelis Use Barrier and 55-Year-Old Law to Quietly Seize Palestinians' Land
Gaza Schoolgirl Killed by Gunfire, Hamas Responds With Mortars
Abbas to Demand Sharon Release 8,000 Palestinian Detainees
Israel 'Rethinks' Jerusalem Land Seizures
Israel, Turkey Discuss Billion-Dollar Military Deal
Israel to Speed Immigration for Jews From Ethiopia
Middle East
Lame Hawk Bolton: US, Gulf States Aim to Reduce Iran Nuke Threat
Qatar's Quest: Finding a Buyer for al-Jazeera
Al-Jazeera Seeks to Become Private Firm
US Officials See Gathering Threat of Terror Attacks on Gulf Bases
Kuwaiti Forces Go on the Offensive Against Militants
Kuwaiti Police Arrest Reputed Terror Boss in Raid That Kills Five People
Occidental, Chevron Win Libyan Drilling Rights
Russian Newspaper Owned by Putin Enemy Issues Mock Retraction
Russia Upgrades Missile Defenses
In Russia, Dissent Has the Power of Youth
UN Panel Finds Abuse, Not Genocide, in Darfur
UN Wants Darfur War Crimes Trial
Zimbabwe: Starvation Claims Are US Plot
Militia Kills 16, Kidnaps 34 Girls in Congo
Colombia and Venezuela Make Up
EU Lifts Cuba Diplomatic Freeze
US-Mexico Border Tension Eased
Chile Puts Time Limit on Pinochet-Era Inquiries

Iraq Election: Sistani’s Triumph

Are Iraqi Elections a Panacea?

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Hopes for Indo-Pak Peace in '05

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