Liberal Wimps for War: Justin Raimondo
Misreading the Middle East: Juan Cole
Dangers of Abstract Nationalism: William Lind
Who's Afraid of Venezuela?: Micah Holmquist
Neocons: More Cannon Fodder, Please: Jim Lobe

A nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people.
– John F. Kennedy
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Updated February 2, 2005 - 11:30 PM EST
Deal-Making Begins on New Iraqi Govt
Thousands Were Turned Away From Polls
Kurds Hold Balance of Power in Iraq
Neocons: More Cannon Fodder, Please
Law Gives Spending Power to Special Ops Forces
Guantanamo Abuses Caught on Tape, Report Details
Gonzales Confirmation Will Not Be Blocked
British Plane Downing in Iraq 'Shrouded in Mystery'
US Policy Toward Iran: Still Crazy After All These Years
by Jacob G. Hornberger
The Dangers of Abstract Nationalism  by William S. Lind
What I Heard About Iraq
by Eliot Weinberger
Misreading the Middle East
an interview with Juan Cole
Who's Afraid of Venezuela?
by Micah Holmquist
Fear of a Shi'ite Planet
by James Ridgeway

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UK Terror Laws Unravel
CIA Corrects Itself on Arms
Dems Shy From Iraq Exit Timetable
Coalition Nations Look Ahead to Exit
Oops: Emergency Broadcast Test Calls for Evacuation of Entire State of Connecticut
New Republic Article Calls for Antiwar Activists to Be Killed, Tortured
Ashcroft: 'Expansions of Freedom' Halted Terrorists
Rumsfeld Seeks to Revive Burrowing Nuclear Bomb
Secret Israeli Land Seizure Ruled Unlawful
Chaplain Dreads Informing Families of the Dead
Today in Iraq
Iraq Shi'ite Party May Need Deal With Kurds
Yawar: Without Occupation There Would Be Chaos
So-Called US Hostage Appears to Be Toy
US Troop Deaths Hit 100 for Jan.
Iraq Seeks Answers After Fatal Riot at US Camp
Unless Changes Are Made, Troop Levels in Iraq May Drop Soon
Final Vote Count Begins in Iraq, With Results Still a Week Away
After the Vote
Chalabi's Magical Comeback
Iraq: Win for Democracy, but Maybe Not for Reform
US Hails Vote Success in Mosul, but Iraqi Parties Cry Foul
Life Returns to 'Normal' in Iraq After Break for Elections
The Vietnam Turnout Was Good as Well
Shi'ite Alliance Appears Headed Toward Forming Largest Bloc in Iraq's New Parliament
Iraq's Shi'ites Plan a Humble Rise to Power
Within Shi'ite Bloc, Diverse Views Emerge
Iraq President Says Shi'ite Will Lead New Government
Shi'ite Leader Wants Modern Islam, but Execution for Saddam
Disgruntled Sunnis Could Thwart Iraq Constitution
Low Sunni Turnout in Iraq Causes Concern
After Vote, Sunni Bitterness Stirs
Turks to Kurds: Hands Off Kirkuk
Iraqi Kurds See Chance to Press for Statehood
Iraq Occupation
Iraq Wants UN to Lift Sanctions
US Gives More Power Over Rebuilding Funds to Iraqis
No More Iraqi Money for Arms Inspectors - UN Envoy
Questions Raised About UN Official on Oil-for-Food Plan
US Border Patrol Lending a Hand in Iraq
Soldiers Demoted for Robbing Iraqi Store
The Insurgency
Insurgency Won't Stop, Expert Says
Militant Video Claims Abduction of Four Iraqi National Guardsmen
Handicapped Boy Who Was Made Into a Bomb
Global Iraq Fallout
Sunni States Fear Rise of Shi'ite Government
For US and NATO, the Election Soothes Wounds
Palestinians Ambivalent Over Iraq Poll
Mother of First Australian Combatant Killed in Iraq Criticizes Invasion
Who's Afraid of Rashid Dostum?
US Media: Quitting Kabul
Pakistani Army Helps US Troops Fire Artillery Across the Border
Heated Debate on Balochistan Likely in Pakistani Senate Today
Bomb Blast in Balochistan Kills One
Balochistan Plunges Into Darkness
Pakistan Seeks Modern Military Hardware From US
Pakistan and Israel Cautiously Move Closer
Protests Erupt During India-Controlled Kashmir Elections
India’s New Army Chief Wants to Win Kashmiri 'Hearts and Minds'
List of 182 Indian Prisoners in Pakistani Prisons Prepared
Rumsfeld Set to Visit China to Boost Military Cooperation
China Envoys to Visit Taiwan
Nepal's King Dissolves Govt, Troops Surround PM's Home
Nepal King's Biggest Gamble
Chaos on the Roof of the World
Nepal: State of Emergency Deepens Human Rights Crisis
Profile: Nepal's King Gyanendra
Crisis Cuts Nepal Off From World
Restore Democracy, UN Urges Nepal
Philippines, US Open Meeting on Security, Terrorism
Indonesia Cleric Denies Bali Link
European Union
One-Third of EU Citizens Have Not Heard of EU Constitution
Blair Considers Delay on EU Referendum
Spain Rejects Proposal on Basque Independence
Basque Leader Addresses Spain MPs, Urges Separation
Rebels Rocket Colombian Military Base, Killing 14 Soldiers in Worst Attack in Two Years
Marines Land in Haiti for Aid Mission
Haiti Sets Date for New Elections
Torturing Justice
Sergeant Pleads Guilty to Abu Ghraib Charges
British Soldier 'Threatened Naked Iraqi Prisoners With Metal Pole'
Soldier Tells of UK War Crimes
British Rights Lawyer: Torture Is the Recipe for the Destruction of Human Rights
UK Plane Crash in Iraq
Doubts Grow Over Cause of Hercules Crash
Britain Probes Cause of Hercules Crash in Iraq
British Crash Probe Could Take Weeks in Hostile, Marshy Terrain in Iraq
SAS Men Could Dodge Missiles, so What Downed the Hercules?
US Politicos Speak
US Politicians Jockey Over Iraq Vote
Rumsfeld: Iraq Self-Sufficiency Will Determine Pullout
Bush Urges Iraqis to Include Sunnis in New Assembly
Don't Talk of Iraq Exit Strategy: Rice
Bush Talks to Leaders of Iraq 'Momentum'
The War at Home
Bush Proposes Doubling GI Death Benefits, Dems Want Wider Application
Military Chiefs Slam Curbs in Plan to Raise Death Benefits
Pentagon Boosts Plan for Anthrax Inoculations
Plame Investigator Patrick Fitzgerald Is Relentless
Kerry: Troops Should Stay in Iraq
Woman Who Lost Father in Iraq Loses Husband, Too
Wounded Kentucky Soldier Flees to Canada
Fighting the Iraq War - on the Texas Plains
CIA Urged to Release Nazi Records
US Homeland Security
Infighting Hindering Homeland Security
Rights Groups Urge Gonzales to Commit to Independent Probe
Senate Rift Deep in Debate Over Gonzales
Homeland Security Nominee Likely to Face Ethics Questions
Washington, DC, Approves 90-Day Hazmat Ban
Passenger Screening, Take 10
UK Homeland Security
Release of Terror Suspect Increases Pressure on UK Home Secretary
Second Foreign Terror Suspect Released in Britain
UK Taxpayers' Money Used to Promote ID Cards
War on Terror
White House to Appeal Guantanamo Ruling
FBI Links Saudi Agent to Qaeda Plotters
Terrorist Explosive Blows Up Without Flames
Canadian Judge: Deporting Terror Suspect to Torture 'Unreasonable'
Mideast Peace?
Israel to Slow Pullout From West Bank Towns
Palestinians and Israel Near Deal on Security Transfer
Israeli DM: Abbas Won't Use Terrorism
Israeli Army: Settlers Are Still Building in Illegal West Bank Outposts
Rice Backs Palestinian Statehood
Evacuated Gaza Settlers Won't Be Placed in New Homes in West Bank
Israel Opens Rafah Border Crossing Between Gaza Strip and Egypt
Israel to Launch Two Military Satellites
Egypt, Militants in Deadly Clash in Sinai Peninsula
Egypt Jails Lawmaker Pushing Ballot Reform
Egypt Cracking Down on Opposition
Kuwait Passes New Security Law
Family Denounces Kuwaiti Terror Suspect
Middle East
Iran's Bloggers Get Caught in Crossfire of US 'War on Terror'
Libyan PM Woos Big Oil Companies
Russia and Neighbors
Protests Hit Putin's Poll Ratings

Beslan Head: People Want Someone to Blame and They Chose Me

Bomb Blast Kills Three in Georgia
Sudan Is 'Relieved' by UN Findings
UK Caught Between US and EU Over Sudan
Zimbabwe Announces Election Date
Zimbabwean Exiles Challenge Mugabe for the Right to Vote
Chirac Visits Senegal as US Raises Military Profile

Liberal Wimps for War

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Elections and Torture

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The Threat of Peace

Sascha Matuszak
Issues for East Asia: A Sinocentric View

Praful Bidwai
Hopes for Indo-Pak Peace in '05

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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