We've Been Warned: Justin Raimondo
The New Kosovo War: Nebojsa Malic
Living Under the Bombs: Dahr Jamail
The Shi'ite Earthquake: Juan Cole
Nothing Accidental: David Smith-Ferri

Liberty and democracy become unholy when their hands are dyed red with innocent blood.
– Mahatma Gandhi
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Updated February 3, 2005 - 11:01 PM EST
First Returns Give Shi'ites Huge Majority

Bush: Iran 'Primary Sponsor of Terror'

Bush Hints Election May Facilitate Exit From Iraq

Top Military Officials Say US Forces Strained

28 Dead as Iraq Insurgents Launch Fresh Attacks
Senate Confirms Gonzales for Attorney General

Bush: Palestinian State 'Within Reach'

GE Halts New Business Orders With Iran – Inside Info?

Nothing Accidental About This Disaster  by David Smith-Ferri
One Small Step for Democracy, One Giant Leap Into the Unknown
by Arnaud de Borchgrave
How Chertoff Hid Torture
by Dave Lindorff
Living Under the Bombs by Dahr Jamail
Meager Payback for Wrecking a Country  by Simon Jenkins
The Shi'ite Earthquake  by Juan Cole

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Bush Vows to Spread Democracy

DeLay Mocks Capitalism, Says Military Makes Universities Possible
Sunnis Say Iraq Election Illegitimate

Bush Vision at Odds With Arab Allies

Chertoff Denies Advising on Interrogation Tactics

Casualties of Polling
US Invokes Secrets Privilege in Torture Lawsuit
Bush Offers No Timetable for Iraq Exit, but Warns Iran May Be Next
Today in Iraq
Allawi: Insurgents Will Be Defeated Within Months
Sunnis at Crunch Point: Mainstream Politics or Civil War
Basra Voters Wonder Who Will Mend the Drains
Iraqi Police Chief Threatens Militant Crackdown

Iraqi Refugees Overwhelm Syria

Survey: Iraqi Children Expect a Better Future
Mosul Police Chief Gives Insurgents Deadline
4 Out of 10 Desert New Iraqi Security Force When Under Fire

Baghdad's Blast Wall Art

Festival Show for Baghdad Blogger Movie

Iraqi Democracy
Possible Future PM Decries Allawi's Government as Corrupt
Iraqi Govt Admits Vote Flawed
Kurds Overwhelmingly 'Vote' for Independence
For Iraqi Vote, Sunnis Stayed Home
Second Phase of Vote Count Begins in Iraq
Top Shi'ites Push for an Islamic Constitution
UN: Sunni Turnout Higher Than Expected
Election Complaints Fuel Protests in Iraq
Iraq's Leading Sunni Religious Group Boycotts Drafting of Constitution
Bin Laden Deputy Urges Holy War After Election
Occupying Iraq
Allawi Thanks Britain for Helping With Occupation
Iraqi Soldiers Replace US in Mosul
India Queues Up for Iraqi Spoils
US Presence in Iraq Expected to Shrink in March
US Wants Salvadoran Troops to Stay in Iraq
Halliburton Proves Expensive for US
UN Envoy: No More Iraqi Money for Arms Inspectors
Seven UK Paratroopers May Face Charges of Murdering Iraqi
Violence Continues
Eight Killed in Iraq Insurgent Attacks
Rebels Kill 12 Iraqi Soldiers
Iraq Oil Pipeline Suffers New Sabotage
Zarqawi Vows to Avenge Killing of Four Prisoners in Iraq
Middle East
Kuwaiti Clashes Sign of Rising Militancy

Libyan Nuclear Evidence Could Point to Pakistan

US: Libya Got Its Uranium From North Korea
Yemenis Clash Over Disarming Civilians, Five Killed
US: Saudi Intelligence a Critical Problem
Russia and Her Neighbors

Russia Renews Its Old Role in Middle East

Russia: Disputed Kuril Islands Too Rich to Give Up

'Climate of Fear' After Yukos Takeover Puts Brakes on Russian Economy

Chechen Leaders Order February Cease-Fire

Freedom for Chechnya?

We're Going to Do It Again, Says Man Behind Belsan Bloodbath

Lawmaker: Ukraine Sold Iran, China Nukes

Dagestan Official Shot Dead


Colombian Army Finds Rebel Arms Stockpile

New Attack Kills Eight Colombian Troops

Chavez: Kidnapping Dispute With Colombia Could Have Led to War

Iraqis With Fake Passports Detained in Mexico


Somali 'MPs' Arrive in Mogadishu

US Urges UN Oil Sanctions Over Darfur

Rights Group: Angolan Army Abusing Separatists

United States
Bush Nominee Chertoff Pledges to Weigh Civil Liberties

Gonzales OK Could Be Seen as OK for Torture Rules

Elliott Abrams Named Deputy National Security Adviser
Press Miffed by White House Media Plant
US 'Blackballs' UN Briton Over Iraq
War at Home
Judge Rules Yale Can Ban Military Recruiters

Army Considers Extending Reserve Mobilization

Military Families Speak Out Against Iraq War
Our Heroes
Marine General: It's Fun to Shoot People
Soldier Blinded in Iraq Charged in Alleged Police Assault
War on Terror
Experts Warn EU Terror Finance Laws Could Hurt London Markets

US Asks Saudi Arabia to Indict or Return Terror Suspect

Turkish Police Defuse Bomb at Bar Used by US Troops

Jane's Warns of New Terror Group More Radical Than al-Qaeda
Judge: CIA Must Turn Over Detainee Records
Gitmo Videos Raise Yet More Questions of Misconduct
Guantanamo Abuses Caught on Tape, Report Details
UK Descent Into Tyranny
UK's ID Card Plan Could Violate Human Rights Law
Blair Defends House Arrest Plans
Blair Hit by Rising Outrage at House Arrest Without Trial
Hercules Crash
Witnesses Offer Little Sympathy to Victims of Crashed Hercules
Why Did That Hercules Crash in Iraq?
Who Wants to Kill the Israel-PA Truce?
Palestinian Militant Factions Holding Talks in Cairo on Possible Cease-Fire
Egypt to Host Israeli-Palestinian Summit Next Week
Palestinian TV Goes Moderate

Report: Israeli Army Killed 963 Palestinians in 2004

Rice: US Could Help Train, Equip Palestinian Forces

King in Nepal Names Cabinet; Dozens Are Arrested
Censored Nepali Press Details Takeover

World Scorns Nepal's King for Usurping Democracy

Too Scared to Protest in Nepal

Human Rights the First Casualty After Nepal's Coup

Britain Halts Nepal Army Training


Iran Envoy Hits at Europe Over Nuclear Deal

Namibia: Iran Did Not Buy Uranium

South Asia

Kabul Rejects UN Aid Conditions

US Training Pakistani Units in Air Assault Operations

Pakistan Denies Directing US Weaponry

Pakistan Seeks Foreign Investment to Fight Terrorism


China, Russia to Hold First Ever Joint Military Drill

China, US Discuss Setting Up Defense Hotline

Putin Hails Military Ties With China

Rice Warns EU Over Ending China Arms Ban


Okinawa Leaders Travel to US to Lobby for Base Closures

Japan to Regain National Army?


Rejected in Madrid, Basques Call Early Elections

IRA Withdraws Offer to Disarm


We've Been Warned
The state of our union:
perpetual war

The New Kosovo War

Are Iraqi Elections a Panacea?

Elections and Torture

Ilana Mercer
His Rhetoric, Our Reality

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part One

Ran HaCohen
The Threat of Peace

Sascha Matuszak
Issues for East Asia: A Sinocentric View

Praful Bidwai
Hopes for Indo-Pak Peace in '05

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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