Real Test of Iraqi Freedom: Charley Reese
Token Balance: Teresa†Whitehurst
Impossible Dream in the SOTU: Gordon Prather
Messy Messianism: Benjamin Marks
Uncurious Media on Iraq: Norman Solomon

We know more about war than we know about peace, more about killing that we know about living.
– General Omar N. Bradley
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Updated February 6, 2005 - 11:24 PM EST
Top Shi'ite Welcomes Sunni Overtures
Shia Landslide to Put Islam at Heart of Iraqi Power
Islamic Parties Surging Ahead in Provincial Vote
22 Iraqi Police and Soldiers Killed Near Baghdad
Iraq's Likely PM Says He Will Bring Sadr Into Govt
Rice Issues Tough Warning to Russia Over Reforms
Sunni Clerics Want Troops Withdrawal Timetable for Drafting Constitution
The Real Test of Iraqi Freedom
by Charley Reese
Messy Messianism  by Benjamin Marks
The Media on Iraq: Too Much Stenography, Not Enough Curiosity
by Norman Solomon
Token Balance  by Teresa Whitehurst
The Impossible Dream in the SOTU
by Gordon Prather
Four Steps Toward Abolishing Torture  by George Hunsinger

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Hawk-Realist Impasse Could Persist in Second Term
Partial Iraqi Election Results
Rice Reassures Turkey on Iraq
Kurd Leader Warns Turkey Not to Intervene in Iraq
Allawi Says Iraqi Politicians Request He Remain as PM
Annan Under Fire From UN's Former Chief
Secret Indictments, Arrests Over Ukraine-Iran-China Nuclear Missile Deal
Louisiana National Guard Hold Memorial Service in Baghdad for Fallen Troops
Today in Iraq
Attacks Kill 2 Gis, at Least 33 Iraqis
Iraq Poll Result Within Five Days: Electoral Commission
Iraq Shi'ite Bloc to Demand Prime Ministership
Video Shows 'Iraqi Deaths'
More Than 220 Complaints Over Iraq Vote; More Problems in Mosul
Attacks Continue
Bomb Kills Iraqi Soldiers Near Basra
Militants Kill 7 Abducted Iraqi National Guards
'We Do Not Get Many Bombs Like This Here... We Feared This Would Happen'
Sunni Tribal Leader Killed in Iraq
Stryker Soldier Killed in Iraq
Iraqi Oil Pipeline Sabotaged
Translator Describes Hostage Abduction
Abducted Italian Journalist
Second Call Made From Abducted Journalist's Phone
Rome Rally Presses for the Release of Italian Journalist Kidnapped in Iraq
Italy Pleads for Release of Kidnapped Journalist
The New Iraq
Iraqi Police Use Kidnappers' Video Tactics
Iraqi Policeman Who Tackled Bomber Is Election Hero
Iraq Occupation
National Guardsmen Unit in Iraq Includes Families
Troops 'Under More Under Threat' in Iraq
Elation, Reflection for GIs Going Home
Chattanooga TN Naval Reserves Going to Iraq
Global Iraq Fallout
Canadian Troops to Iraq?
Seoul Denies Deaths of S. Korean Soldiers in Iraq
Rice Thanks Poland for Iraq Role
Danes Rally Against Iraq War
Russia's Duma Backs Iraq Election Outcome
Philippines Still Considering What Contribution to Make to Help US-Led Coalition in Iraq
Americans Keep Dying
Scotts Valley Marine (CA) Never Held Daughter
Family Plans for Marine's (TX) Funeral Instead of Wedding
Woman Loses Dad Then Husband (TX) in Iraq War
Family Thought Arkansan Killed in Crash in Iraq Was Coming Home
Ft. Worth (TX) Marine With Ties to Pennsylvania Dies in Iraq
Belarus-Born Soldier (TX) Died for His 'Adopted Country'
Long Beach (CA) Soldier Paid Ultimate Price
Funeral Services Set Monday for Arkansas Soldier
Suburban Chicago (IL) Marine Killed in Iraq
Valley (TX) Soldier With Ties to New Mexico Killed in Iraq
Michigan Sailor Dies in Non-Combat Incident
Cincinnati (OH) GI Killed in Iraq
Navy Reservist From Irvine (CA) Among Those Killed in Baghdad Embassy Attack
Neptune (NJ) Soldier Killed in Iraq
Brooklyn Park (MN) Soldier Dies in Collision in Iraq
Grayslake (IL) Marine Killed in Iraq
Virginia Marine Killed in Iraq
La Grande (OR) Soldier Dies in Iraq
Roadside Bomb Kills Missouri Soldier in Iraq
Valley (TX) Marks Bitter Arrival of Its 15th Slain Servicemember
Virginian Marine Remembered as Man Who 'Lived for the Day'
Flying Was 'Heaven' for Marine (TX) Killed in Iraq
Local Soldier (OH) Is Killed
Jacksonville (FL) Native Dies in Iraq
Sniper Kills Roland (OK) Soldier
New Jersey Marine Killed in Iraq Blast
Ohio Marine Dies in Helicopter Crash
Former Corpus Christi (TX) Resident Died in Marine Helicopter Crash
Baltimore (MD) Marine Killed in Iraqi Helicopter Crash
Family and Town (MA) Mourn 'The Best of What America Has'
Oxnard (CA) Soldier Killed in Iraq Accident
Combat Medic (TX) Killed After Return to Iraq 'Proud of What He Did'
Krotz Springs (LA) Soldier Killed
Navy Medic (CA) Dies in Iraq
Hendersonville (NC) Resident Dies in Iraq
Weymouth (MA) Marine Dies on His 31st Birthday
Midlothian (VA) Family Suffers Loss of Son in an Ambush in Iraq
Sacramento (CA) Family Grieves for Son
Insurgent Ambush Claims Soldier's Life (TX)
Ex-Covina (CA) Resident Among Victims of Iraqi Copter Crash
Illinois Marine Killed in Iraq a Week Before Tour to End
Wyoming Marine Killed in Iraq Helicopter Crash
Pennsylvania Marine Dies in Helicopter Crash
Weekend Reviews
The Real Dr. Strangelove
A New Standard for the Use of Force?
Film Review: Why We Fight
Holding Nations in Custody
US Military
Study Urges CIA Not to Cede Paramilitary Functions to Pentagon
Pentagon to Probe Web Site Payments
Controversial Soldier Receives Bonus for Re-Enlistment
Pentagon Aims to Reduce Stigma for Troops Seeking Mental Health Care
Medical Personnel at Landstuhl Dealing With Stress of Job
Torturing Justice
UK Army Probes 160 Iraq Abuse Cases
British Commander Says Soldiers Have Been Let Down by Abuse Inquiry
Papers Barred From Evidence in Abuse Case
US Drops One Charge Against Abu Ghraib Defendant
New Evidence Shows Report on Abu Ghraib Protected Officials
Detaining Justice
Former Prisoners Tells of 'Hellish World of Guantanamo Bay'
Detainee to Sue UK Over Alleged Role of British Agents in Arrest
Revealed: Britain's Role in Guantanamo Abduction
Three Guantanamo Detainees Ordered Released
The War at Home
Dealing With Deployment
Gonzales to Take 3 White House Lawyers With Him to Justice Dept.
In Harm's Way: Abuses Endangered Veterans in Cancer Drug Experiments
Documents Reveal CIA Recruited Five of Eichmann's Associates
Battles of Britain
Blow to UK Chancellor as US Snubs His 'Marshall Plan' for Africa
Antiwar MPs Fear Blair Will Be Dragged Into US War Against Iran
RAF Names Final Victims of Crash
War on Terror
Londonís Top Cop Says Al-Qaeda Attack Inevitable
Italian Police Investigate US Agents for Kidnapping Militant for Torture in Egypt
Non-Air Transit Is Vulnerable Due to Funding, Experts Assert
Target: Iran
Rice Urges 'United Front' on Iran
Senators Examining Quality of CIA Intelligence on Iran
Iran to Allow UN Agency to Search Military Complex
Mideast Peace?
Israel to Receive $50-80m of US Palestinian Aid
Rice Pledges Support for Aid to Israel, Palestinians
Israeli Defense Officials Disagree on Approach to PA
Israel, PA to Form Joint Committee on Prisoner Release
Abbas Orders Palestinian Television to Clean Up Its Act
Abbas Talks With Fatah Before Summit
Sharon Makes Last-Ditch Bid for Majority on Gaza Pullout Bill
Israel Braces for Rice's Visit
Hamas Takes Over Gaza Councils
US to Examine Censorship in Israel
Palestinians Free Attack Suspects
IDF Kills Two Men in Gaza No-Go Zone
Saudi Arabia
Saudis See Long, Bitter Fight Against Terror
Saudis Call for Global Counter-Terror Center
Middle East
Foreign Militants Arrested in Kuwait Raid
Egypt Policeman, Two Sinai Bombing Suspects Killed in Raid
Yemen Raises Al-Qaeda Sentences
Missing Afghan Passenger Jet Found
Tribal Militants Blow Up Pakistan Rail Line to Iran
Nepalese Journalists Arrested by Military
Nepal's King 'Targets Corruption'
North Korea Rebuffs Bush Speeches
South Korean Navy Warns North Korea Over Sea Border Dispute
Bush Discusses N. Korea, Iraq With S. Korea's Roh
Ex-US Officials Back Bush Claims on North Korea
N. Korea Probably Spent 30% of Income on Military
Africa Readies Troops for Somalia
UN: Darfur Is 'Key to Peace in Sudan'
Senior Ugandan Rebel Surrenders
Man Dies in Nigeria Oil Protest
Malawi President Quits His Party
Togo's Eyadema Dies, Military Installs Son in 'Coup D'Etat'
Poland in Uproar Over Leak of Spy Files
Poland: 28 Arrested for Insulting Putin
Political Associate of Dead Georgian Prime Minister Commits Suicide
US Drops Criminal Inquiry of CIA Antidrug Effort in Peru
US Assistant Secretary of State: US 'Can Adjust' to No Venezuelan Oil

We've Been Warned
The state of our union:
perpetual war

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