Which brings the total up to nearly $300 billion so far and that's just the money we know about. You can bet there's plenty of "off the books" spending that it would take three congressional committees and a couple of subpoenas to find out about.

We, on the other hand, don't require that much. All we're asking for is $60,000.

It takes that much to run this Web site every quarter: and believe me there are no frills. Not a one. Unlike the U.S. government, however, we don't coerce the money out of you: Antiwar.com depends on your voluntary tax-deductible contributions to keep going.

Take a good long look at your tax bill and think of where it's going: to an unjust war and a grinding military occupation that are draining our moral credibility as well as our purses. You don't have much say in how your tax money is spent, but you can make a decision that will make it possible for antiwar voices to be heard: by making a tax-deductible contribution to Antiwar.com today.

We can't hope to match the resources of the War Party: they have access not only to the U.S. Treasury, but to the war chests of big corporate and mainstream "philanthropic" donors. They have the Big Media, as well as columnists on the government payroll. They have the Washington think tanks where the scheme to conquer Iraq was cooked up. They have billions at their disposal, and they're spending it to keep the tom-toms for war beating ever louder and more insistently. Iraq has only whetted the War Party's appetite for conquest: they're looking to Iran, Syria, and beyond.

Against this well-funded Goliath, Antiwar.com is an under-funded David with a very well-aimed slingshot but we need you to keep us going. We manage on a shoestring budget, but we depend on you our readers to make sure the string doesn't break.

It comes down to this: would you rather give your hard-earned money to the government, which will spend it on the implements of war or do you choose to make your 100 percent tax-deductible contribution to Antiwar.com, which is fighting to prevent the War Party from winning the battle for public opinion?

The choice is yours to make, and we're asking you to make it today. We'll be asking all this week. Because Antiwar.com is needed now, more than ever it's urgent that we make our fundraising goal this year. Only you can make it possible for us to continue our work by clicking here.


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