"We had an accountability moment, and that's called the 2004 elections."
~ George W. Bush

He believes it – and intends to act accordingly. Even as the dead come home in body bags in ever-increasing numbers.

The president and his neocon advisors have been unleashed on the world for another four years – and it isn't going to be pretty. It will be bloody, tragic, and hard to follow – that is, it'll be hard to know just what's going on if you have to depend on the mainstream American media to get at the truth.

Our president is smiling because Congress isn't holding him accountable. The "mainstream" media is cravenly kowtowing, and opponents of the war find themselves under increasing attack from authoritarian "patriots" who would love to shut us down – and they may very well get their wish.

Unless we raise the money we need to keep going, Antiwar.com will shut down, permanently, and soon. That is not hyperbole, but a brutal fact. No wonder Bush is smiling…

Click here to wipe that smile off his face.


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Updated February 10, 2005 - 10:34 PM EST

Bush: World Must Unite to Stop Iran

N. Korea Admits Nukes, Suspends Talks

Bush Seeks Cash Rewards for War Partners

9/11 Report Cites Many Warnings on Hijackings

20 Dead Truckers Found Amid Today's Violence

Pentagon Confirms Sexual Torture at Gitmo

Experts: US Intelligence on Iran Seen Lacking

EU Snubs Rice to Lift China Arms Embargo

Tough US Stance on Iran Brings Echoes of Iraq Debate

How to Protect Your Child from the Coming Draft by Dr. Teresa Whitehurst
Winners and Losers in Iraq
Jonathan Schell and Tom Engelhardt
UN's Looting of Iraq Nothing Compared to CPA's by George Monbiot
A Spacey Vision for Democracy
by Leon Hadar
More Election Juju by William S. Lind
'It's Fun to Shoot Some People'
by Brian Cloughley

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Military Describes War Plans in Iran as Routine

Pentagon Plays Games With War Funding Requests

Bush to Seek 50 Percent Increase in Military Aid to Poland

US-EU Tensions Surface Over Arms for China

US Resigned to EU Ending China Embargo

Rumsfeld to Visit China, Eyes Defense Hotline

US Aims to Oust ElBaradei

'Improperly Processed' Ballots Delay Iraq Election Count
Iraq Today
Coming to Terms With Sistani

Mosul Christians Fleeing for Their Lives

Iraqi Army Commandeers Women's Shelter, Evicts Clients

Violence Leaves Long Lines at Gas Pumps

Minister: 18 Lebanese Hezbollah Members Detained in Iraq

Iraq's Power Plays

Iraq's Post-Election Big Bang

Ballot Strength Leads Kurds to Press a Role as Deal Makers

Since Election, Shi'ites Build Bridges to Iraq's Minorities

Iraq Attacks

Iraq Suffers Bloody Day of Assassinations

Growing Death Toll as Iraqi Insurgents Target State Officials

US Soldier Killed in Northern Iraq

Soldier Killed in Iraq After Finding Out He Would Be a Father

Militants Gun Down Iraqi Journalist Working for US-Funded Television


Italian Newpaper Has Contact With Journalist's Kidnappers

Marine Platoon Rescues Egyptians

Ba'athists on Trial

War Crimes Trial for Hussein Nears Next Stage

Trials for Saddam Regime Members to Start

The Nuclear Age

Saudi Arabia Denies Buying Nukes

Pakistan Rejects Reports on Saudi Nuke Link

Pakistan's Nuclear Scare Tactics Yielding Results

US Keeping 480 Nukes in Europe

Rice: No Deadline on Iran Nuke Program

US Asks China to Press North Korea on Nuclear Issue

Middle East

Egyptian Dissidents Arrested on Eve of 'National Dialogue'

Saudis Prepare for Start of Elections

In Iran, Political Prisoners Held With Violent Criminals


Nepal's New Reality

In Nepal, Danger of 'Disappearances' Escalates

Nepal Police Vow Not to Allow Any Protests

Nepal Says 43 People Have Been Arrested

Nepal Seeks India's Help Fighting Maoists

Despotism a Selling Point for Nepali Tourism Board

Nepal's King Faces Legal and Street Defiance After Power Grab

Russia and Her Neighbors

Liberalism Rising in Ex-Soviet States

Russia Said to Sign Weapons Deal With US

Russia Still Fields Cold War Army of Spies

Yukos Owner Sues Russia for $28 Billion

South Asia

South Waziristan Militant Rejects Peace Agreement

Pakistan Paid South Waziristan Tribe $540,000 to Settle al-Qaeda Debts

Baloch Governor: No Insurgency Here

India to Discuss Gas Pipelines With Pakistan

India Makes a Play for US F-16 Fighters

Southeast Asia

Freedom Slipping in Southeast Asia

More Troops Sent to Quell Revolt in Philippines

US Chief Praises Reform of Philippine Military

Philippines Battle Toll Rises to Over 50

Indonesian Christians Go on Rampage

East Asia

Japan Claims Lighthouse on Disputed Islands

Japan-North Korea Soccer Match Underscores Countries' Rising Tensions

Rummy and Rice Go to Paris

Rice: US 'Patience' With Iran Will Not Last Forever

After NATO Talks, Rice Is Optimistic on Iraq Help

Rumsfeld, in France, Warns of 'Bumpy Road' in Iraq

Rice, Rumsfeld Beg NATO for Help

War at Home

Antiwar Soldier Finds His Sincerity Under Scrutiny

Antiwar Display Stirs Controversy in Sacramento

Army Says It Will Reduce Reliance on Guard, Reserve in Future Rotations

Iraq War Vet Arrested After Standoff With Police

Military Doctor Reverses Toxic-Drug Diagnosis

Pentagon to Retool Pay Rules

Marines Revoking 11 Purple Hearts

United States

US to Deport Muslim Fund-Raiser

The Secretary of State Spreads Her Wings

Pentagon to Broadcast to Millions of US Homes

CIA Covers Up Drug War Shootdown of American Missionary and Her Baby

Professor Who Called WTC Victims Nazis May Be Fired

United Kingdom

UK's Top Iraq Abuse Soldier Takes Stand

UK Soldier 'Not Trained to Deal With Civilians'

UK FM: Severe Consequences if Voters Reject EU Constitution

UK Judges May Have Some Say in House Arrest Orders

Blair 'Sorry' for State Terror Against Irish Innocents

UK Business Says 'No' to EU Constitution

Hercules Crash

Bomb 'Likely Cause' of Hercules Crash

General: Hercules Downed by Hostile Action

War on Terror

Torture by Proxy

Britain Accused Over CIA's Secret Torture Flights

Al-Qaeda Militant Dies in Custody in Kuwait

Kuwaiti Militant's Death Raises Torture Questions

CIA Prisoners Tortured in Arab Jails

US Wants to Find Out What Makes a Terrorist Tick


Lawyers Say Canadian Teen Abused at Guantanamo

France, US Agree to Repatriate French Prisoners From Guantanamo


Israel Eases Restrictions on Travel

In Palestine, One Family Counts the Cost of the Dead and Jailed

Israeli Troops Kill Palestinian Man Near Gaza Settlement

Palestinians React to Abbas-Sharon Summit

Peace Talk Met With Skepticism in Mideast

Hamas, Islamic Jihad Reject Truce

Arabs Hope Mideast Ceasefire Can Hold

Hezbollah’s New Agenda?

Italy: Syria Says It Would Make Hezbollah Respect Israeli-Palestinian Truce

Israeli FM Seeks Referendum on Pullout Plan


Car Bomb Explodes in Madrid

Italian Army Pilots Cleared of Cowardice

An American Accent as Professional Liability


Somali Gunmen Kill Top BBC Propagandist

Togo President Promises Elections

In Other News

'Deadliest' Hit on Colombian Army: Leftists Kill 20 Troops

Black Army Chaplain's Discharge a Century Ago Ruled Unfair


Americans Die for Sharia in Iraq

Quislings Do It Better

Ink Stains and Blood Stains

Iraq: Purple or Still Black and Blue?

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Alan Bock
Now for the Hard Part

Ran HaCohen
The Threat of Peace

Sascha Matuszak
Issues for East Asia: A Sinocentric View

Praful Bidwai
Hopes for Indo-Pak Peace in '05

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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