Sex, Lies, and Jeff Gannon: Justin Raimondo
A Glimpse at Kurdistan: Aaron Glantz
Levantine Complications: Alan Bock
First, They Attack the Past: John Pilger
Remember Pearl Harbor: Christopher Manion

War will exist until that distant day when the conscientious objector enjoys the same reputation and prestige that the warrior does today.
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Updated February 18, 2005 - 10:28 PM EST
Bush: US Would Back Israel Attack on Iran
35 Iraqis, 5 US Soldiers Killed in Attacks
Allawi Warns of Iranian Influence in New Govt

Bush Tells Syria to Withdraw From Lebanon

Israel Halts Palestinian House Demolitions

Treasury Involved in Illicit Iraq Oil Sales

Army Files Document Abuse of Afghans

Japan to Back US on Taiwan Policy

Help Your Peace-Loving Child Avoid the Draft by Helen James
National ID: The Beast Is Back
by Brian Doherty
Who Benefits From Hariri's Murder?
by Pepe Escobar
Remember Pearl Harbor
by Christopher Manion
First, They Attack the Past
by John Pilger
Show Us the Bodies by Ari Berman

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Pentagon: Iraq Insurgents Can Conduct 60 Strikes Daily

Elliott Abrams, Iran-Contra Villain Turned Democracy Czar

Rumsfeld Declines Request to Guess Size of Iraq Insurgency

CIA, Pentagon Reject Recommendation on Paramilitary Operations

A Glimpse at the Coming Kurdistan
Cold Warrior Reputation Hangs Over Negroponte

Groups Preparing New Push Against Iraq War

Outsourcing Torture


Negroponte Pick as Intel Chief
a Win for Realists

Occupying Iraq

US Troops: Destroying Fallujah Pinnacle of Our Lives

Ukraine to Reduce Troops in Iraq by April

Australian Iraq Embassy Cost Spikes by $10 Million

Troops Tread Softly in Iraq's 'Wild East'

Iraq Today

'They Are Arabs and You Can't Trust Them'

In Najaf, Will Rebuilding Be Enough?

Iraqi Politics

Chalabi: Disgraced, Despised, Exiled, but Still in Line for Top Job in Iraq

Wrangling Over PM Delays Iraqi Government

Iraq Results Confirm Shi'ite Victory, Amid Political Haggling

Basra Secularists: Maybe Next Election

Allawi Cautions Shi'ites on Ba'ath Ban

Shi'ite Party, Backed by Clergy, Holds Majority

Iraqi Exile Voters Put Christian in Iraqi Assembly

Iraq Attacks

10 Iraqi Troops Killed in Oil Pipeline Attacks

Iraqi Politician Kidnapped


Lebanon Government Comes Under Mounting Pressure to Unearth Hariri Killers

Mourners Call for Lebanese Govt to Resign

Lebanese Opposition Accused of Exploiting Hariri's Death

Gulf Investors Jittery Over Lebanon

Lebanon's Central Bank Strives to Soothe Markets

Chronology of Lebanon's Modern History


For Sharon and Abbas, Political Victories Buoy Cease-Fire

350 Militants to Join Palestinian Forces

Israeli Army Panel Wants House Demolitions Ended: 'They Have Opposite Effect'

US Presbyterians Consider Divesting Over West Bank

Widow's Trees 'Threaten' Israeli Security

Palestinian Woman Forced to Give Birth at Checkpoint

Jewish Settlers Attack Italian Activist

16 Palestinian Deportees Allowed to Leave Gaza

Evacuating Gaza

Extra Security Around al-Aqsa Compound During Gaza Pullout

Sharon Wins OK for Gaza Withdrawal

Arab Billionaire Offers Sharon to Buy Assets of Evacuated Gaza Settlements

South Asia

CIA Still Trying to Get Access to Pakistani Nuclear Scientist

Militants Threaten to Disrupt Kashmir Bus Service

Washington's Afghan Poppy Policy Withers

Nepal Launches Corruption Panel

Southeast Asia

Hundreds of Civilians Flee Philippine Clashes

US Moves to Reinstate Indonesia Military Aid

East Asia

US Envoy Sees Threat in Korea as 'Deadly'

Nuclear Talks Begin in Beijing, Without North Korea

China Slams CIA Report on Weapons Buildup

Handling of Mainland Dissidents Ties Taiwan in Knots

The Shadow of Iwo Jima


Spanish PM Predicts EU Embassies if Constitution Approved

Panicked Chirac May Call Early Vote on EU

ETA Suspects Arrested Before Key EU Vote

Del Ponte Takes Swipe at Croatia

For EU and NATO, a Race for Influence


Bush Sees More Time for Diplomacy Over Iran...

...but Iran-Russia Deal Could Make Him Rethink

Attacking Iran Would Be No Two-Minute Task

Iran Warns of 'Swift Reaction' if Attacked

Psywar Keeps Tehran on Tenterhooks

War at Home

Floridian Conscientious Objector Released From Prison

Schools Chief Apologizes for Antiwar Assignment

MA College Faculty, Students March for Peace

DoD Tries to Resume Anthrax Vaccinations

Prisoner Abuse

David Kay: Australians Did Interrogate Iraqi Detainees

AP: Iraqi Died While Hung From Wrists

US Army Files Reveal More Abuse


Gitmo Inmate Tells of Libyan Death Threat

Psychiatrist: US Probably Tortured Freed Aussie Gitmo Detainee

Terror War

Allies Resisting as US Pushes Terror Label for Hezbollah

Canada Frees Accused Terrorist

UN Team Predicts Rise in Terror Attacks

Europe Is Pipeline for Muslim Extremists

Reward Offered for bin Laden in Pakistan

United States

Negroponte's Relationship With Bush Will Be Key

Bush Visits a Europe Ever Further Away

Bush Aims to Placate Europeans on Foreign Policy

PATRIOT Act Sparks Credit Card Cutoff in Distant Marshall Islands

Energy Secretary Pushes to Ramp Up US Ability to Test Nukes

Ex-Boeing CFO to Be Sentenced in Air Force Scandal

WWI Ordnance Showing Up in Driveway Material: Did Navy Dump It at Sea?

United Kingdom

UK Nuke Agency: Missing Plutonium 'Just on Paper'

Families of Six British Soldiers Killed in Iraq Allege 'Cover-Up'

UK Says No to EU 'Propaganda' Funds

Middle East

Study: Arabs Don't See West as Crusaders

France Strengthens Military Ties With Libya

Amid Rising Strife, Kuwait Targets Extremists Who Target Westerners

Russia and Her Neighbors

Suspected Bomber Detained in Moscow Subway

Activists: Govt Ignoring Kidnappings of Hundreds of Chechens

Kremlin Aide: Terrorists Recruit in Russia

Parents in Beslan Tragedy Target Politician

Experts: Russian Plans Won't Stop Terror, but Will Shield Govt from Backlash

New Georgian PM Approved


Rwandans Sue French Troops Over Genocide

War of Succession Looms in Ghana

Togo's Turmoil Holds Meaning for All of Africa


Expert: Mideast Oil Will Become More Important

OPEC Warns of Tightening in Oil Market


Chile: Rights Criminal Castro Could Face Arrest if He Visits

Goss: Latin American 2006 Elections Threaten US Plans

Honduras' Horror: CIA Funded and Okayed


Sex, Lies, and Jeff Gannon

Levantine Complications

The 9th Nuclear State?

A Fresh Approach to North Korean Nukes Is Needed

Nebojsa Malic
Quislings Do It Better

Ilana Mercer
Ink Stains and Blood Stains

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Ran HaCohen
The Threat of Peace

Sascha Matuszak
Issues for East Asia: A Sinocentric View

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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