A Pattern of Deception: Justin Raimondo
Mending Fences With Russia?: Alan Bock
Pipes Plants New Seeds: Jim Lobe
The Trouble With Democracy: Juan Cole
Hariri's Murder Only the Beginning: Ramzy Baroud

Sovereignty must not be used for inflicting harm on anyone, whether citizen or foreigner.
Ludwig von Mises
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Updated February 25, 2005 - 11:18 PM EST
Bush: US Troops to Remain in Europe
Kurds Hold Out for Power in Political Wrangling
Iraqi Women Officials Vow to Implement Sharia
Tel Aviv Suicide Bombing Kills 4, Wounds 50
3 GIs Killed, 9 Wounded in Baghdad Blast
US Scrambles to Preserve Coalition
Bush, Putin Agree on Nukes, Not Democracy

World Bank, US: Make Palestinians Pay for Israel Checkpoints

Torture-Lite Always Leads to the Real Thing  by Deborah Pearlstein
1942-Style Bigotry Targets Muslims in the US Today  by Lillian Nakano
Sick of Reality TV? You'll Love the Pentagon Channel by Arianna Huffington
Hariri's Murder Only the Beginning
by Ramzy Baroud
The Trouble With Democracy
by Juan Cole
Lessons From the Hidden Afghan War  by Mark Scaramella

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President Presses Putin on Reform in 'Friendly Way'

Putin: I'll Be a Democrat – Almost

'Anti-Islamist' Crusader Plants New Seeds

Student in 'Rendition' Case Returns to US for Trial

UK: Torture All You Want, but Leave the Cameras at Home

Antiwar Movement Gears Up for Global Protests on War Anniversary

Private, Vulnerable 'Armies' Deploy for Modern-Day Wars

Putin Loses His Smile After Lecture From Bush on Democracy
Occupying Iraq

Aussie Churches Attack Iraq Troop Plan

Ukraine Confirms Iraq Pullout

PM: Iraq Won't Be 'Bottomless Pit' for Australian Troops

Halliburton Gets Bonuses for US Army Work

The Dread Zone

Iraq Today

Saddam Nemesis in Execution Dilemma

30 Iraqis, 2 GIs Killed in Bombings

Retired Australian General: Iraq to Be Another Vietnam

Ramadi Residents Flee City After Latest US-Led Attacks

In Iraq, Just Buying Bread Can Be Deadly

Iraq's Neighborhood Councils Vanishing Under Threats

Death Lurks Everywhere in Baghdad

'Foreign Fighters'

Underground Network Helps Saudis Go to Iraq for Jihad

Secret Media Penetrates Saudi Arabia


Horrors of the Holy City of Hebron

Israeli Army Okays Guidelines for Dealing With Settler Aggression

Israel Plans Air Force 'Umbrella' in Evacuated Gaza

Israel Plans New West Bank Settlement After Gaza Withdrawal

NATO Wants to Work With Israeli Military

Palestinian Cabinet

Palestinian Cabinet Dominated by Academics

Palestinians Signal End of Arafat Era With Cabinet of 17 New Faces

New Generation Fills Abbas Cabinet as Arafat's Men Exit

Palestinian MPs Back New Cabinet

Russia and Her Neighbors

Chechnya: Russia's Forgotten War

Chechens Charged With Killing US Editor

Thousands Protest Before Kyrgyzstan Vote

Russia, Brazil Arms Deals Called Defensive Move

EU Court: Russia Committed Abuse in Chechnya

In Russian Media, Free Speech for a Select Few

South Asia

UK Supports India's Security Council Bid

India to Raise Defense Budget, Eyes New Arms

Musharraf Says al-Qaeda Forces in Disarray

Pakistan to Stay Neutral if US Attacks Iran

Bus Service Drives Kashmir Peace Process

Seven Die in Kashmir Rebel Attack

UN: Afghan General Election Delayed

Nepal War Hits Stalemate for Rebels, Army


US: Canada Has Relinquished Sovereignty Over Its Airspace by Not Joining Missile Defense

Canada Budget May Raise Military Spending


Togo's Leader Flies Across Africa Seeking Allies

After Decade of Sanctions, Togo Capital Looking Worse for Wear

Nigerian Military Destroys Oil Village, Slaughters 14 Civilians

UN Says Aid Workers in Darfur Detained, Harassed

Eq. Guinea Despot Will Testify on Thatcher Coup Attempt in a British Court


Lebanon Says Syria Will Withdraw Troops

Syria Says It's Ready to Work With UN on Lebanon Exit

Syria to Move Its Lebanon Troops Closer to the Border

Framing Syria?

Captured Rebels Confess to Beheadings on Iraqi TV, Syria Implicated

Iraqi TV Airs Tape of Alleged Syrian Officer Involved in Insurgency

US Military

Army Setting Limits on POW Interrogation

Scams Target Troops, Families of Those Killed in Iraq

The War at Home

Guard Facing Troop Shortage for Iraq in 2006

Iraq War Objector May Face Court-Martial

Abuse Trial

Closure of Soldier Hearing Illegal

US Still Investigating Iraq Insurgent Death

'Insufficient Evidence' to Charge Marine Who Killed Injured Iraqi

United States

Hollywood's Dirty Little Secret

Witness in Plot to Kill Bush Is Dead

Peace Coalition to Assist Conscientious Objectors

Condoleezza Rice Dresses for Imperial Success

Bush's 'Charm Offensive' Offends the Germans

United Kingdom

British Soldiers Guilty and More to Come

Blair: National Security the 'Greatest Civil Liberty' of All

Terror War

Two Australians Jailed in Lebanon on Terrorism-Related Charges

The Remaking of al-Qaeda

Britain Fears al-Qaeda Attack During Election

UK Police: Prince Charles' Wedding Is Terror Target

Guantanamo Briton: I Saw Americans Kill Terror Suspects

Madrid Suspect Found Hanged in Jail

Virginia Prosecutors Deny Suspect's Torture Claims


Bush Changes Step on Europe's Efforts With Iran

Iran Rejects US Role in Nuclear Talks

EU, US Leaders Fear Iran's Nuclear Ambitions Could Destabilize Middle East


Abu Sayyaf Suspects Planned to Bomb Manila Malls

Philippines: Arrests Halted Terror Plot


Taiwan Open for Eventual Unification With China

Train Heads for Tibet, Carrying Fears of Change

Is EU Choosing China Over US?

In Other News

US Spy Ship Adds Twist to Korean Nuclear Saga

Will Dublin Turn on Gerry Adams?

Bin Laden: A Brand You Can Trust

Japanese Uncover Fate of US WWII POWs

Cairo Crackdown Undermines Talk of Reform


A Pattern of Deception

Mending Fences With Russia?

India Talks Down to Its Neighbors

Convergence in Kosovo

Ilana Mercer
Syria Out Doesn't Mean U.S. In

Ivan Eland
Saber-Rattling Against Syria

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Ran HaCohen
The Threat of Peace

Sascha Matuszak
Issues for East Asia: A Sinocentric View

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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