A Fascist America: Justin Raimondo
Lebanon: Hope and Trepidation: Alan Bock
Blair's Bloody Hands: John Pilger
Nuclear Threat Dwarfs Treaties: Jim Lobe
800 Years of Liberty at Risk: Spectator

The time not to become a father is eighteen years before a war.
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Updated March 4, 2005 - 10:58 PM EST
Probe: Suicide Bomber Killed Hariri
Bush Rejects Partial Pullout by Syria
GIs Wound Freed Journalist, Negotiator Killed
Saudis Join Calls for Syria to Leave Lebanon

Report: Syria to Announce Partial Withdrawal

Bush Denies US Giving Up Osama Hunt
Kurds, Shi'ite Agree on Leadership Positions
Diplomats: Iran Building Tunnels for Arms

House Caves on War Funding

Abizaid: Iraqi Forces Must Protect Themselves

800 Years of Liberty at Risk ­ and No One Cares The Spectator (UK)
US, Indonesia Together Again – but Were They Apart? by David Isenberg
Are Soldiers Allowed a Conscience? by Staughton Lynd
Blair's Bloody Hands by John Pilger
Negroponte's Dark Past by Robert Parry
Vermont Votes No to War
by John Nichols

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Bush Warns of Continuing Terror Threat

Bush Visits CIA to Reassure It About Reorganization

Report: Rogue Nuclear Networks Still a Danger

4 US Soldiers Killed West of Baghdad

US Short $574 Million for Troops' Death Benefit

Nuclear Threat Dwarfs Existing Treaties

China, Others Criticize US Double Standard on Rights


US Army Faces Recruiting Woes Amid Iraq War


Iraq Extends Martial Law for Another 30 Days

Jaafari and Talabani Speak Highly of Chances for Iraq Alliance

Iraqi Gypsies Call for Greater Rights

Jordan Charges Zarqawi With Bombing Embassy in Baghdad

Recruits, Insurgents Face Off in Iraq

Putin Eyes Iraq Training Business

Judges Stage Practice Run for Saddam Trial

Turkey Deploys 1,357 Troops in Northern Iraq to Fight Kurds

Iraq Continues to Struggle With Fuel Shortages

Israel: Iran the Next Nuclear Threat

US Says Iran Obstructing UN Inspectors

Iran Starts Work on Reactor

UN Nuclear Board Backs EU Offer of Incentives to Iran

Iranian Labyrinth

Tehran Accuses IAEA of Leaking Secrets

Attacks Kill Five Iraqi Police Officers

Iran: US Attack Will Force Blockade of Gulf Oil


Abbas Asks Mubarak to Oversee Implementation of Truce

Israel to Sieze More Palestinian Land in West Bank

Libyan-Israelis Seek Compensation From Gadhafi for Nationalized Property

Peres: Israeli Economy May Grow 6% on Gaza Evacuation

Rebuilding Palestine's Economy for Peace

A Political Dawn for Palestinian Women

Sharon Rejects Demands for Referendum on Gaza

Car Bomb Explodes in West Bank City

Abbas to Visit White House

Egypt Promises to Help Abbas

The Illness: Breast Cancer; Cause of Death: The Occupation

Middle East

Kuwait’s Islamists Vow to Thwart Women's Rights

Kuwait Moves to Tighten Grip on Islamic Charities

Shot at Democracy Stuns Egyptians

Arab Women in Govt Doubled in Past Five Years

Saudis Vote in Force in Shi'ite Area


EU Aims to Be Global Military Superpower

Ex-Bosnia Army Chief 'Not Guilty'

Milosevic's Army Chief Surrenders to Tribunal

Belgian Muslim Woman Quits After Threats

Russia and Her Neighbors

The Next Ukraine?

Potential Putin Rival Spurring Speculation

Russian Youth Brigades Prepare to Prevent Peaceful Revolutions


West Africa Teeters Between War and Peace

UN Downplays Congo Massacre

Congolese Outraged After UN Kills Dozens

Exiled Togo Opposition Chief to Run for President

UN Military Dismisses Claims Civilians Got Shot in Congo Crackdown

Zimbabwe to Free Eq. Guinea Coup-Linked Mercenaries


Italian Troops Start Arriving in Afghanistan

Kabul's Dance With the Taliban


US Proposes $698.3 Million Financial Aid for Pakistan

Pakistan Offers Waziristanis Cash for Arms


Police Crush Protest in Nepal, Arrest Activists

India Denies Role in Crackdown on Nepal Maoists

Seven Party Activists Held in Nepal


UN Calls for Probe of Colombia Massacre

Colombia Denies Army Massacred Children

Haitian Soldiers, Police Accused of Mass Rape

Venezuela: US Is 'Totally Out of Control'

US Court Reverses $54m Verdict Against Salvadoran Generals Convicted of Torture


FBI to Assist Azeri Murder Probe

Azeri Opposition Calls for Protests Over Journalist's Slaying


US Official: Vote Could Benefit Lebanese Militants

Lebanese Uprising Issues Demands

Hezbollah Braced Against the Tide of Change

Hezbollah Faces Dilemma Over Links With Syria

Bankers Urge Swift End to Lebanon Crisis

Syria Seeks Arab Solution in Lebanon

The Buzz on the Syrian Street: Let's Leave Lebanon

Ganging Up on Syria

Arabs Try to Control Storm Over Syria

Russia, Germany Urge Syria to Leave Lebanon

Arab Officials Urge Syria to Leave Lebanon Quickly

Pressure to Quit Lebanon Corners Syria

US Military

Rumsfeld Looks to Fill Key Posts

Maximum Pain Is Aim of New US Weapon

Navy to Sink Aircraft Carrier

'Bunker Buster' Bomb Production Halted Again

US Soldiers Investigated for Shooting Afghan Villagers

CIA Officer Promoted Despite Killing Afghan in Detention

Army Mechanic May Lose Objector Status

DoD to Add 2,300 Special Forces Troops

Lawmakers Hear About Red Tape Facing Wounded Soldiers

Bush Wants Military to Be Able to Pollute More

Washington Military Bases Affecting Your Garage Door?

United States

Jailed Nun Won't Pay Missile Silo Fine

Minnesota Students’ Antiwar Effort Stirs Controversy

The Coming Crackdown on Blogging

Wolfowitz No Longer in Race to Head World Bank

Indiana Man Charged With Trying to Sell Secrets to Iraq

Boston Teacher to Be Railroaded Back to Ivory Coast by Homeland Security

Critics Slam Funding for Permanent Prison at Guantánamo Bay

CIA Avoids Scrutiny of Detainee Treatment

NY Exhibit Gives Faces to Fallen Troops

War on Terror

Search for bin Laden Faces Complications

Grand Central Sketch Seized From Terror Suspect

Caught in Terror's Tangled Web

Fairness of al-Arian Trial Questioned

Missing Imam's Trail Said to Lead From Italy to CIA

Al-Qaeda Branch Launches Webzine

Briton 'May Face Execution' in US for Running Website

United Kingdom

Antiwar Stance Could Help UK's Liberal Democrats

Police Chief: UK Faces Threat From Afghan-Trained Muslims

Blair Under Pressure to Give Way on Terrorism Laws

Tories Back Terror Bill So They Aren't Called 'Soft' on Terror

East Asia

Anti-Secession Law Rattles Taiwan

North Korea Ends Missile-Test Moratorium

Beijing Tightens Its Grip on Hong Kong

Southeast Asia

Indonesian Cleric Sentenced to 30 Months in Prison Over Bali Bombing

Australian FM Slams Indonesian Cleric's Sentence as 'Too Light'

Philippines to Seal Pact With Muslim Group

Vietnamese Sue US Chemical Companies Over Agent Orange Poisoning


US Govt Fluctuates Between Anger, Denial on Missile Rift With Canada

Canada's Martin Wins Enthusiastic Backing for Staying Out of Missile Defense

US Anti-Canadianism Spreading?

In Other News

New Standards for UN Troops?

OPEC: Oil Prices Could Hit $80 in Next Two Years


A Fascist America

Lebanon: Hope and Trepidation

Consequences of the Hague Inquisition

George W. Bush Fails to Learn from Jimmy Carter's Naive Human Rights Policy

Ran HaCohen
Democracy, a Free Press, and Other Fantasies

Praful Bidwai
India Talks Down to Its Neighbors

Ilana Mercer
Syria Out Doesn't Mean U.S. In

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Sascha Matuszak
Issues for East Asia: A Sinocentric View

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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