Toward a Sensible Israel Policy: Michael Scheuer
Free Commerce vs. National Security: Ivan Eland
Be Proud of What You've Achieved: John Pilger
Where Is Your Money Going?: Rep. Ron Paul
Oops! I Helped Start a War: Leon Hadar

Men are fighting...because they are convinced that the extermination of adversaries is the only means of promoting their own well-being.
Ludwig von Mises
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Updated March 22, 2005 - 11:10 PM EST
Blast in Mall Near Beirut Kills 3
Pentagon Reaffirms Globocop Role
Economists: Deficit a Bigger Risk Than Terrorism
Army Raises Enlistment Age to 39
North Korea Says It Added to Nuclear Arsenal
Rice: US, Allies Discussed 'Options' Against North Korea
Polls: Most Americans Say Bush Handling Iraq Poorly

Toward a Sensible Israel Policy
by Michael Scheuer

Washington Establishment Fails Logic 101  by Arianna Huffington
Military Voices Essential to Ending This War  by Geov Parrish
Oops! I Helped Start a War
by Leon Hadar
Where Is Your Money Going?
by Rep. Ron Paul
Be Proud of What You've Achieved
by John Pilger

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Supreme Court Blocks Witnesses for Moussaoui
Jordan's King Orders Return of Envoy to Iraq
Iraq: Jihad Express
Iraq Sees Largest Militant Toll in Months
Senior UK Soldier: Troops Suicidal, Likely to Be Stupid
3,500 New Homes to Link Settlement to Jerusalem
Israel, Palestinians Agree on 2nd Handover
Gaza Pullout Faces Rising Hurdles
Insurgents Recycle Iran-Iraq War Weapons
Iraqi Politics
Sistani Unhappy With Government Delay
Iraq's New Leaders Wrestle With Role of Islam
US Avoids Role of Mediator as Iraqis Remain Deadlocked
Hussein Judge Steps Out of the Shadows
Young Iraqis 'Will Make or Break' Democracy
Attacks Continue
Car-Bomb Attack a Baptism by Fire for New Arrivals at Iraq Medical Facility
US-Insurgent Street Battle Erupts in Ramadi
7 Iraqi Civilians, 3 Iraqi Troops Killed by Insurgents
45 Dead in Iraq Unrest on 2nd Anniversary of US-Led Invasion
US Details Shootout Around Trapped Convoy in Iraq
The New Iraq
Iraq: Focus on Threats Against Progressive Women
Tide May Be Turning on Iraq's Street of Fear
US Joins Old Foes to Build New Iraqi Army
Poll: Iraqi Youth Want Democracy, but Not Sure How
Fallujah, Samarra Paralyzed From Military Operations
Iraq Plans to Build New Refinery
Global Iraq Fallout
Anti-Iran Militants Return Home From Iraq Under Amnesty
Saudi Soldier's Journey to Death in Iraq
Dreams of Work in Iraq Turn Into Nightmare for Chinese
Pakistan's Tribes on Brink of War With State
Pakistan Clashes Kill 17 Minority Hindus
Pakistan Arrests Militant Hurt While Making Bomb
Pilgrims Flee Pakistan Village After Blast
Pakistani's Black Market May Sell Nuclear Secrets
India Mulls Iran Pipeline Despite US Concern
Ignoring Delhi, US Reaffirms Ban on Modi
Hindu Nationalists Torch Pepsi Warehouse in Protest
Musharraf's Family Meets Indian PM
Opposition Seize Second City in Kyrgyzstan Election Revolt
Kyrgyz Protesters Seize Sites in South
Under Opposition Assault, Kyrgyzstan Orders Probe Into Elections
2,000 Kyrgyzstan Protesters Storm Ministries
Will Kyrgyzstan's Protests Follow Ukraine's Lead?
'Tulip' Revolution Takes Hold in Kyrgyzstan
Indonesia to Outlaw Jemaah Islamiya, Group Linked to al-Qaeda
Three Dead in Indonesia Blast
Indonesia Plans for Nuclear Power
East Asia
Rice Says US May Need New Ways to Deal With North Korea
Rice Asks Chinese Leaders to Press North Korea on Nuclear Talks
US Chill Gives Europe Cold Feet on China Arms Sales
Britain: China Threat Complicates Embargo
Rice Urges China to Embrace Religious Freedom
South/Central Asia
Afghan Election System May Undermine Karzai
No Terrorist Links in Bangladesh, Minister Says
Azerbaijan's Leader Pardons 114 Prisoners
Two Rebels Killed in Sri Lanka
African Union to Double Troops Protecting Darfur Civilians
Sudan Leader: World Must Pressure Darfur Rebels
Somali Row Continues Over Peacekeepers
Dutchman in Liberia War Charges
In Zimbabwe, People Power Fails to Ignite
United Nations
Security Council Faces Radical Change After 60 Years of Domination by WWII Victors
UN General Assembly to Hear Annan Overhaul Plan
Annan Offers New Human Rights Body to Placate US
Annan Announces Shake-Up to Halt Decline of UN
Wolfowitz at the Door
Wolfowitz Choice May Lead to a New Nomination Process
Wolfowitz Closing in on Bank Job
Schroeder Backs Wolfowitz for World Bank
US Military
Army's Top Civilian Leader Says Service to Pull Out All Stops to Boost Force
Court-Martial Set for SEAL in Abuse Case
The War at Home
Megahawk Bolton Faces Confirmation Fight
Stocks Retreat, but Gasoline Futures Jump $1.75
Father of Slain Soldier Looks for Logic Amid the Pain
Orange County Register First Major Paper to Call for US Pullout in Iraq
Ex-Halliburton Man Charged With Defrauding US of $3.5 Million
Iraq War Hits Home in 300-Plus Books
Homeland Security
US-Mexican Border as a Terror Risk
Two Labs Confirmed Errant Pentagon Anthrax
City Says It Can't Afford Security for Presidential, VP Visits
War on Terror
Red Sox Partner Confirms CIA Has Chartered Private Jet to Gitmo
How a Chechen Terror Suspect Wound Up on the Dole in DC
US Using Anti-Terror War to Gain World Oil Reserves Soviet Intelligence Chief
Judge Orders Madrid Bombings Suspect Held
Syria Says US Inciting Trouble in Middle East
Syria's Assad: Man on a Tightrope
Syria Says Taking All Steps to Leave Lebanon
After 5 Years of Softer Rule, Syria's Leader Moves to Consolidate Power
Hezbollah Plays Its Sway in Lebanon
Lebanon's Pro-Syrian PM Insists on Unity Cabinet
Pro-Syrian Lebanese Warned Over Civil Strife
Standoff Jeopardizes Lebanese Elections
Lebanon's Karami: A Conservative With Close Ties to Syria
Now Syrians Want to Pull Out Bank Deposits From Lebanon
Kuwaiti Papers Underline Syria's Sacrifices for Lebanon
Beirut Businesses Breathe Again
From Threats to Bombs: Hariri's Fate
Nuclear Spat Boosts Critics of US in Iran Poll
Iranian Leader Says He's Ready to Battle to Death
IAEA Urges Nuclear Arms Talks With Iran
Palestinians Warn New Settlements Will Close Door to Peace
Israel's New Jerusalem Plan Angers Palestinians
Israeli Settlment Plans Unearth Trouble
Peres Fears Derailment of Pullout
PFLP, DFLP Factions to Run in Palestinian Elections
Israel to Evacuate Palestinian Collaborator Camp in Gaza
Arabs Scrap Israel-Backed Jordanian Plan
Stir Over Palestinian Church Land Sale
Palestinians Save Millions of Dollars in Corruption Clampdown: Minister
Middle East
Al-Qaeda Suspects Admit Plans to Attack Western Targets
Qataris Protest at Terrorist Attack
In the Arab World, a Blog Can Mean Prison
Rights Group Slams Russian Abuses in Chechnya
Russia's Human Rights Record Under Fire
Fresh Plea Over Chechnya Missing
Oligarchs Go Mainstream, but System 'Screwed Up'
US Chessmaster Fischer to Get Icelandic Citizenship
New Dog Learning Old Tricks in Ukraine
Macedonian Delays Hague Plea
Estonia's Prime Minister Resigns
US Cuts Nicaragua Military Aid
Honduras Busts Three for Colombia Arms, Drugs Deal

Dirty Tricks Revisited

Free Commerce vs. National Security: Is There Really a Contradiction?

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Dealing with China

Nebojsa Malic
Eastern Empire Rising?

Ilana Mercer
The International Highway to Hell

Ran HaCohen
Democracy, a Free Press, and Other Fantasies

Praful Bidwai
India Talks Down to Its Neighbors

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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