Carnival of the Absurd: Nebojsa Malic
Why World War IV Can't Sell: Brown/Engelhardt
Iraq Intel Report: Expect Another Whitewash: Nader/Zeese
Condi Rice Talks Down to Europe, Asia: Leon Hadar

There is danger from all men. The only maxim of a free government ought to be to trust no man living with power to endanger the public liberty.
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Updated March 31, 2005 - 11:02 PM EST
Bush Panel Rips US Intelligence Abilities
Intel Report: 'Dead Wrong' on Iraq
FBI at Crossroads in AIPAC Probe
Wolfowitz Named as World Bank President

US to Iraqi Assembly: Snap Out of It

Rumsfeld: Iraqis, Not US, Must Defeat Insurgents

US Holds About 10,500 Prisoners in Iraq

Four GIs Killed in Action in Iraq
Iran Reveals 'Secret' Nuclear Plant
Abbas Retreats on Crackdown After Fatah Attack on HQ

US General Approved Extreme Interrogation Methods

US, EU: Syria Trying to Keep Control of Lebanon

Iraq Intel Report: Expect Another Whitewash by Ralph Nader and Kevin Zeese

US Media Sleepwalking Into Another Disaster by Scott Ritter

Iraq Does Matter to the English People by John Kampfner
Condi Rice Talks Down to Europe, Asia by Leon Hadar
John Bolton, Drugrunner by David Corn
Revelations From an Insider
an interview with Daniel Ellsberg

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Fresh Skirmishes in the Information Wars

'Ghost Prisoner' Resurfaces in Guantanamo

Draft May Be Needed in a Year, Military Analysts Warn

State Department Defends Bolton Nomination

With UK Election in Sight, 17 Labour MPs 'Rebel' Over Iraq

Tanks Take a Beating in Iraq
Iraq Today

Iraq's Women of Power Who Tolerate Wife-Beating and Promote Polygamy

Rise of Extremism, Islamic Law Threaten Iraqi Women

UN: Many More Iraqi Kids Suffer From Malnutrition Since Invasion

Shi'ites Salve Uncertainty by Serving Traditional Dish to Thousands

Dubai-Iraq Ferry Sails on a Tide of Wonder

UK Army Apologizes for Accidental Raid on Basra MP's Home

Documents: Iraqi Detainee Plotted Chemical Attack

Iraqi Forces Arrest 476 Gunmen, Confiscate 1,804 Weapons in Baghdad

Iraq Attacks

Car Bomb in Baghdad Kills One

Iraqi Insurgents Assault Shi'ite Pilgrims

Six Iraqis Killed in Gun Battle


'Government Ministers' Battle Over Somali Town

Somali Cleric Threatens Jihad Against Invaders


Zimbabwe's Drop in Violence Before Vote Kindles Hope in Opposition

Rallying Cry Belies Mugabe's Fear of Voter Revolt

Mugabe's Vote-Rigging and Bribery Set to Secure Easy Victory

Zimbabwe, a Land That Lost Hope

Mugabe: Voting Against Me Is Treachery


UN Imposes Asset Freeze, Travel Ban in Darfur

Sudan Slams UN Sanctions Over Darfur


Sharon and Netanyahu Agree to Slash $78 Million From Defense Budget

Abbas Unhurt After Palestinian Gunmen Fire at His Compound

Hamas and Islamic Jihad Likely to Take Part in Upcoming Elections

On Visit to US, Israeli DM Says PA Is Not Fighting Terror, Implementing Reforms

Palestinian Women Have Suffered Most in Intifada

Israel Doubts Egyptians in Border Town Will Halt Weapons to Palestinians

Palestinians Lightly Wound Three Israelis in Attack Along Road to Jerusalem

Central Asia

Kazakhstan Opposition Promises Change

Key Figure Quits New Kyrgyzstan Government

Ousted Kyrgyz Leader Surfaces in Moscow

Akayev Told Not to Return

Kyrgyzstan Opposition Jostles for Position

South Asia

India Turns Its Back on US Arms

Taliban Claim to Be Behind New Afghan Violence

Militants Warn Kashmiris to Shun Bus Service

Nepal, Pakistan Begin Talks to Strengthen Economic Ties


Pakistan Denies US Access to Nuke Supplier

US Dilemma: F-16s or Democracy


Journalists Rally in Nepal to End Censorship

Orphans Bear Brunt of Nepal's Brutal War


Venezuela Rejects US Criticism About Human Rights

Spain Risks US Anger by Selling Arms to Chávez

Bolivian Human Rights Lawyer Barred From Entering US

Wolfowitz at the World Bank

EU Ministers Endorse Wolfowitz Nomination

Wolfowitz Wins Over Critics With Hint of Senior Post for European

War at Home
Experts Criticize Intel Panel's Findings

Teachers for Peace

Sen. Boxer Wants Deadline for Leaving Iraq

State Legislator Charged in Anthrax Hoax

Armed Volunteers Plan to Patrol US-Mexico Border

Bush Tightening Grip on Advisers?

US to Step Up Security on Border With Mexico

US Military

Top Military Adviser Says Base Closures Necessary

White House to Award First Medal of Honor for Service in Iraq

Rumsfeld: Large Number of Returning Troops Should Reduce Military Base Closings

Study: Stryker Army Vehicle Puts Troops at Risk

Witnesses Praise US Soldier Who Shot Unarmed Iraqi

Soldier: Shooting Wounded, Unarmed Iraqi 'The Honorable Thing to Do'


Halliburton Sued by Family of Slain Employee

Halliburton Employee Says He Was Gang-Beaten by Co-Workers at Baghdad Airport


FAA Records Back Arar Lawsuit's Claims

Agencies Vie Over Scenario of Terror With Nuclear Waste

Tribunal: 38 Freed Not 'Enemy Combatants'

Muslims to March Against Terror in Washington

New 'Reverse Rendition' Case

German Official: Zarqawi Could Be Planning Chemical Attack in Europe

Philippine Guerrillas Vow More Attacks, Warn US

UN Scandal

UN Grapples With Fall-Out Over Scandal Probe

Another Day, Another Scandal for UN

Swiss Firm in UN Scandal Draws Harsh Criticism

Uneasy Reprieve for Defiant Annan


Lebanon's Failure to Form Cabinet Threatens Poll Delay

Golan Elephant and the Lebanese Crisis

Election in Lebanon Becomes Doubtful

Syria Ignores Demand to Pull Agents

Syrian Security Forces Depart Lebanon in Disarray


Iranian President Inspects Key Nuclear Facilities

European Poll: Iran Not a Nuclear Threat

Fearing US Attack, Iran Strengthens Its Defenses


Slain Yemeni Cleric's Backers Clash With Security, 33 Killed

Press Limits Taint Yemeni Reforms

Middle East

Growing Push for Democracy in Mideast Increasingly Anti-US

Turkey Set to Begin Crackdown on Press

East Asia

Beijing Rejects Tokyo's Concerns Over Rise in Defense Spending

Taiwan Opposition Hopes to Break Impasse With China

EU Unlikely to Lift China Arms Ban by June

In Other News

The American Civil War's Antiwar Movement

Koizumi, Richard Gere Dance, Condemn China

Poll: No Nation Should Have Nuke Weapons

Russia Lawmakers Brawl in Parliament


Iraq: An Exit Strategy

Carnival of the Absurd

Three Strikes for Empire

Signs of Imperial Sclerosis?

Ilana Mercer
Second Thoughts, First Principles

Sascha Matuszak
Bumpin' It in China

Ran HaCohen
Democracy, a Free Press, and Other Fantasies

Praful Bidwai
India Talks Down to Its Neighbors

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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