John Paul II, Peacemaker: Justin Raimondo
Does Freedom Prevent Terrorism?: James Payne
Tenet's Pack of Lies: Gordon Prather
Just Say No... to Empire: Karen Kwiatkowski
The Costs of Hyping Terrorism: Paul Robinson

Total war is no longer war waged by all members of one national community against all those of another. It is total...because it may well involve the whole world.
Jean-Paul Sartre
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Updated April 4, 2005 - 10:48 PM EDT
Bush: US to Bear Burden of Iraq Costs
Iraq Takes Symbolic Step Toward New Govt
Zarqawi Group Claims Iraq Prison Assault
Syria Pledges to Leave Lebanon by April 30
5,000 Brits Leave Iraq to Hunt for bin Laden in Afghanistan
Study: Al-Qaeda Recruits Well-Educated Professionals
Does Freedom Prevent Terrorism?
by James L. Payne
Just Say No... to Empire
by Karen Kwiatkowski
What Kind of Revolution Is This?
by Pepe Escobar
Muscular Utopianism  by David Rieff
Tenet's Pack of Lies  by Gordon Prather
The Costs of Hyping Terrorism
by Paul Robinson

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The Fight Over the PATRIOT Act
Iraqi Unit Falls From Grace in Tragic Misstep
President Outmaneuvers Lott on Base Closings
Panel: US Ignored Work of UN Arms Inspectors
Did Bolton Try to Intimidate Spies?
Iran Cash Linked to Hezbollah Attacks on Israel
Israel Honors Egyptian Spies 50 Years After Fiasco
Israeli Army Storage Areas Burgled, Large Number of Weapons Taken
Calm Before the Storm as Gaza Settlers Vow to Fight
Iraqi Politics
Iraq Breaks One Political Logjam
New Iraq Speaker Recognized as Moderate
Deadlock Risks Disillusion, US Warns Iraqis
Some Iraqi Legislators Withdraw and Resign
Attacks Continue
US Soldier, Marine Killed in Iraq
Mortar Strike Near Iraq Foreign Ministry
At Least One Iraqi Killed in Mosul Double Car Bombing
Rebels Stir as Afghan Cold Ends
Afghan Soldiers Killed in Taliban Raid
Persian New Year Celebrations Unite Afghans
DEA Team to Fight Afghani Opium Trade
Islamic Radicals Ambush Road Race in Pakistan, Call Female Competitors Indecent; 18 Injured
Several Killed in Kashmir Attacks
Historic Kashmir Bus to Roll Out Under Heavy Guard
Former PM Calls on Nepali King to Restore Democracy to Defeat Maoists
Nepal's Ex-PM Won't Consider Allying With Maoists
At Least 10 Maoist Rebels Killed Ahead of Nepalese Strike
Vehicles Travel Under Tight Security After Maoist Blockade
Protests Are Muted, but Nepal Is Uneasy
China & Her Neighbors
US Warns EU on China Arms Embargo
Wen Vows to Reinforce Sino-Pak Friendship
Southern California Split Over Taiwan's Future
Akayev to Resign Monday
Change May Elude Kyrgyzstan
US Envoy Shuns North Korea Apology Request
Multiple Bombings in Thailand Kill at Least Two
Okinawans Slam US Plan for Offshore Base
Koizumi Said to Be Ignoring Diplomatic Issues
Report: 50,000 Public Figures Ask Russia to Ban 'Racist' Jewish Groups
Russian Official: 17,000 Draft Dodgers in Russia
Pro-Moscow Chechen Leaders Try to Portray a Return to Normality
Spain Rejects ETA's Offer of Talks
French Opposition to EU Treaty Intensifies
Blair Expected to Announce National Elections for May
Yushchenko Visit Shows Thaw With US
New Phase in Sudan Peace Begins
Thatcher Denied US Visa Over Role in Equatoguinean Coup
Ivory Coast Foes Meet for Peace Talks in South Africa
The Real Star of Hotel Rwanda
Death of the Pope
Israelis, Palestinians Unite in Homage to Pope as Champion of Peace
Pope John Paul II on Nuclear Disarmament
Ancient Christian Sect Mourns Pope in Iraq
Bush to Attend Pope's Funeral
Would-Be Assassin Mourning Pope's Death
Pope's Address to the Muslims of Damascus
The Pope's Speech at the Dehaisheh Refugee Camp
US Military
Sergeants Advise Fellow Female GIs to Put Plans for Starting Family on Hold
Army Report Cites Flaws in Troop Transporter
High Stakes for High-Tech War
The War at Home
Student Protest Stops CIA at NYU
66 Former US Officials Line Up Behind Bush's UN Nominee
Art Show Puts Faces to Names of the Fallen
Homeland Security
Montana House Condemns PATRIOT Act
Private Volunteers Patrol a Porous Border
Plea for Vigilante Patrol on Mexican Border Fails to Interest Americans
Judge Refuses Request for FBI Records on 1996 Flight 800 Crash
Terror Case Puts Muslim Leader's Words on Trial
Terror Drill to Test Medical Repose Systems in CT and NJ
Iran Supports Syria in Lebanon
France Condemns Spate of Bombings in Lebanon
Palestinian Politics
Palestinian Intelligence Chief Withdraws Resignation
Abbas Moves to Challenge Militant Groups
PA Source: Abbas Seeks to Disarm Militants Wanted by Israel
Committee to Meet Over Settlers' Compensation
Israel Plans to Dump 10,000 Tons of Garbage a Month in the West Bank
Tragedy of the Traumatized Children of the Intifada
Middle East
'She' TV Gives Voice to Arab Women
Three Militants Executed in Saudi Arabia
Saudi Raid Turns Into Deadly Firefight
Foreign African Observers Congratulate Zimbabwe on 'Transparent' Elections
Zimbabwe Monitors: Voters 'Were Gripped by Terror'
Zimbabwe Opposition Seeks Fresh Elections
Zimbabwe Opposition Rules Out Demonstrations
Mugabe Plans to Rule Until Age of 100
Mugabe May Boost Size of Parliament
Two Police Officers Held After Massacre Left 30 Dead in Brazil
In Bolivia, a Political Landscape Shaped by Protests
At OAS, Venezuela's Draft of Rights Charter Irks US

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