Bargains, Rumors, and Lies: Nebojsa Malic
Arab Spring Not Quite in the Air: Peyman Pejman
Detainees? What Detainees?: William Fisher
Billions for Contractors and Bases: Aaron Glantz
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Updated April 14, 2005 - 11:05 PM EDT

Bush: Iraq Part of Democratic Revolution

Dozens Killed in Fresh Iraq Attacks

Karzai Wants Permanent US Bases

Democrats Could Insist on War Spending Debate

UK FM: Troops to Start Leaving Iraq Next Year

American Hostage in Iraq, on Video, Urges US Withdrawal

Negroponte and Bolton Beating the Democrats  by David Corn
Negroponte Should Have No Trouble Spotting Terrorists
by Paul Laverty
Bush Is Right, but Sharon Won't Listen  Salt Lake (UT) Tribune
Don't Be Fooled by Iraq Spin
by Jonathan Steele
A Free-Fraud Zone
by Ari Berman
A Sanitized History of the Nuke Age by Greg Mitchell

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Arab Spring Not Quite in the Air

Pentagon: Detainees? What Detainees?

Billions More for Military Contractors and Permanent Bases

Negroponte Vows to Unify US Intelligence Agencies

US: UN Should Sanction Countries That Refuse to Obey Sanctions

Rumsfeld: US to Meet Pakistan’s Defense Needs

Settlement Issue Could Split Bush, Sharon


Israel 'Not Planning Attack on Iran'

Iraq Today

Iraqis 'Suffer a Lack of Rights'

Baghdad's Blast Walls Protect Occupiers, Annoy Iraqis

US Forces Hope to Rebuild Mosul Police Force

In Fallujah, US Envoy Greeted by Complaints

Hostage Crises

Romania in Contact With Iraq Kidnappers

US Rules Out Iraq Hostage Negotiation

Iraq Attacks

In Mosul, a Battle 'Beyond Ruthless'

12 Iraqi Guards Killed Trying to Defuse Bomb

Blast Near Baghdad Green Zone Kills Five

Bomb Kills 12 Iraqi Guards Near Kirkuk


Israeli and Palestinian Mayors Gather to Declare Civilian Truce

Abbas Blasts Sharon at Bush Summit

US Seeks to Strengthen Abbas' Position

Rachel Corrie's Parents Target Caterpillar in Boycott

Israel Demolishes 'Unlicensed' Palestinian Homes

Hamas Militant Adds Ballot Box to Armoury

Vanunu Wants Release Restrictions Removed

Palestinians Struggle to Stop Smuggling Along Border


Sharon Asks US to Pressure Iran to Give Up Its Nuclear Program

Russia Delays Nuclear Shipment to Iran

Iranian Pleads Guilty in Arms Export Sting


Thirty Years On, Lebanese Society Turns to Face Its Past

US Calls Karami Resignation a Political Opportunity for Lebanon

Lebanese Cabinet Talks Collapse, Pro-Syrian PM Resigns

Nine Lebanese Indicted for Smuggling Arms to Syria

Middle East

Muslim Leaders Say Democratic Reform Is Inevitable, but Disagree on US Role

Egypt to Deploy Helicopters Along Israeli Border

Turkey Defies US With Syria Visit

Turkey Won't Expand Military Ties With Syria


Rights Group: UN Troops Knowingly Gunned Down Congo Civilians

West African Youths Bounce Between Wars as Mercs


Bulgaria and Romania Set for EU in 2007

Chirac Push Too Late to Save EU Constitution?

Ukraine PM Delays Russian Visit After Finding Out She's Wanted

US/War at Home

Iraq Veteran Holds Seven Mexicans Hostage at Gunpoint in Arizona

Halliburton Unit's Work in Iraq Is Called 'Poor'

Widened Veterans' Benefits Pass Senate

Terror in the UK

UK Police Make 100 Arrests Against Suspected al-Qaeda Network

UK Plotter Had Ricin Ingredients 'For an Attack on Jewish Center'

The 'al-Qaeda Plot to Poison Britain'...Punished With 17 Years in Prison

The Ricin Ring That Never Was

Watchdog Delays Anti-Terror Report After UK Govt Plea


UN Adopts Nuclear Terror Treaty

Indictment Cites Plans to Target Financial Hubs


Graner Breaks Silence, Makes Statement About Abu Ghraib Abuses

Gitmo Detainee Suing US to Get Video of Alleged Torture

Lawyers Sue Over Alleged Guantánamo Camp Abuse of Bosnians

East Asia

EU May Link Rights to China Arms Sales

Gas Dispute Widens China-Japan Rift

Japan to Allow Drilling in Disputed Sea Field

Naval Clash Feared in Japan-China Dispute

China Cites Progress on Human Rights Violations


Rumsfeld Visits Afghanistan, Expected to Discuss Permanent US Bases

Afghan Govt to Continue Poppy Farm Destruction

Afghan Opium Farmers Battle Soldiers

German Official: Bin Laden Bribed Afghan Militias for His Freedom

Afghanistan Introduces First New Coins in Three Decades


Private Schools Resist Maoist Terror Threats

Traffic Resumes, Businesses Open in Nepal as Maoist-Ordered Strike Ends

South Asia

Pakistan Covers Its Bets on the US

India Intensifies Efforts to Enter UN Security Council

India Opens Rail Link to Kashmir

Opposition Walks Out of Pakistani National Assembly

In Other News

Dutch Airline in Showdown With US Over Snooping on Passenger List, Plane Reroute

US Slams Cuba on Human Rights


An Iraqi Potemkin Village

Bargains, Rumors, and Lies

Coexisting with a Rising China?

Laowai and Zibenren

Alan Bock
Is Iran Next?

Ilana Mercer
About a Boy

Ran HaCohen
Democracy, a Free Press, and Other Fantasies

Praful Bidwai
India Talks Down to Its Neighbors

Joseph Stromberg
An Anti-Imperialist's Reading List: Part Two

Matthew Barganier
Et Tu, Pat?

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