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Let us not deceive ourselves; we must elect world peace or world destruction.
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Updated April 18, 2005 - 10:59 PM EDT
Talabani: Militias Could Beat Rebels
Hostage City, Exaggeration, or Hoax?
Iraqis Accuse Leaders of Faking Hostage Drama
Iraq Officials Retract Statements on Assassination
Officials: Bolton Often Kept Info From Rice, Powell
War Victims' Champion Killed in Iraq
Iraq Govt to Purge All Ex-Ba'athists, Against US Wishes
The High Priest of Empire
by Martin Kelly
Elephant-Dragon Dance
by Eric Margolis
They're Coming for Your Children
by Korrin Weeks Grigg
Waiting for DE-Day
by Steven Bodzin and Tom Engelhardt
Bonkers at the UN  by Gordon Prather
Blair's Last Stand  by Burhan Wazir

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Steps at Reactor in North Korea Worry the US
We Have No Reason to Apologize, China Tells Japan
Iraq Leaders Flexing Muscles
Top Secret Intel Unit to Quit Belfast for Role in Iraq
UK Army Recruits 'Beaten as They Slept'
Rice: UN Must Reform or Die
US and Israel Divided on How to Deal With Iran
Autonomy Hopes Hit as Hardliners Deny Moderate Basques a Majority
Bhutto's Husband Is Detained Upon Return to Pakistan
Anti-Japan Protests Rage in Shanghai
Today in Iraq
Iraqi MPs Call for Broad Offensive on Rebels South of Baghdad
Three US Troops Killed in Iraqi City of Ramadi
All 11 Escaped Iraqi Prisoners Recaptured
UK Antiwar Campaign
Blair's Labour Party Falters Over Iraq
Top Blair Supporter Quits to Join Antiwar Campaign
Former UK Officer Urges All to Rally Behind Single Antiwar Candidate Against Blair
Global Iraq Fallout
Straw: British Troops May Leave Iraq in Two Years
Iran Condemns Reporsts of Hostage-Taking of Shi'ites in Iraq
Iraq-Bound Australian Troops Start to Arrive in Kuwait
Iraqi Neighbors' Meet in Istanbul Postponed
Japan-China Talks Fail to Ease Tensions
Beijing Stokes Japan Hatred
Neighbors Face Off Over Koizumi War Stand
S. Korea Rejects US Role Should North Fall
Report: North Korea to Reprocess Spent Nuclear Fuel Into Plutonium
Taliban Bomb Trucks Carrying Oil for US Military
Blast Outside Afghanistan US Base
Report Says Soldiers Were Killed by Old Anti-Tank Mine in Afghanistan
War on Opium Falters in Southern Afghanistan
Burqa No Barrier for Afghan Women Poll Candidates in Taliban Heartland
Pakistan-India Peace Talks
Musharraf's India Visit to End With Statement on Peace Process
Musharraf Delivers 'Message of Peace' to India
Musharraf Agrees to Trade Deal With India at Cricket Match
India Offers Plan to Ease Kashmir Split
Musharraf: Pakistan Will Never Betray Kashmiris
Sale of Jets to India Could Be Boon for Lockheed
US Cool to India's UN Bid
India-Bangladesh Border Shooting
Maoists in Nepal Kill 10
Nepalís King, Maoist Leader Both Pledge to Win National Support
Indonesians Hold Anti-Israel Protests
Positive Developments in Aceh Talks
In Other News
Budget Cuts Worry NATO General
Survivors Mark Liberation of Nazi Camps
US Study Finds H-Bomb Tests Still Causing Cancer in Marshalls 50 Years On
US Military
Lost: One H-Bomb. Call Owner
Why Doesn't Uncle Sam Want These Troops?
General: Air Force Needs More Cargo Tankers
NASA's Dart Fails to Hit Target
The War at Home
US Outreach to Islamic World Off to Slow Start
Presidential Panel Criticizes Plans for CIA and FBI
Extending the No-Fly List
Green Party Holds Antiwar Rally in Albany
War on Terror
UK Police Chief Slammed for ID Card Proposal
International Experts Play Down Threat of Terrorists Acquiring WMDs
Sympathizers Move in to Gaza Settlements
Israel to Build Homes for Gaza Evacuees
Israeli Troops Remove Two of Three New Settler Outposts
Army Chief, Generals Hold War Game to Test Pullout Scenarios
Settlement Leaders May Meet With Sharon This Week
Israeli Leaders Call for Support of Diaspora Jews for Gaza Pullout
Prisoners' Relatives Denounce Palestinian PM
Palestinian Prisoners Hold Hunger Strike
Israel Agrees to Free Nine Jordanian Prisoners
How Hard Can Bush Push Israel?
Three East Jerusalem Men Held in Plot to Kill Shas Spiritual Leader
Middle East
New Leader of Lebanon to Focus on Holding Vote
Terrorism Tempers Shift to Openness in Arab World
Kuwait and IAEA Discuss Iran Nuclear Program
Yemen Vows to Catch All Zaidi Rebels
Egyptian MPs Sue Sharon
Three Russian Regions Vote on Merger
Kremlin Policies Rock Business Confidence in Russia, Grim Impact on Economy
Report: Chechnya Prevents Operation by Gunmen Donning Uniforms of Federals
Italian Govt on Brink of Collapse
Pro-EU Premier Wins Turkish Cypriot Vote
What if France Votes 'No' on EU?
Ivory Coast Factions Agree to Disarm
Pre-Election Violence Kills Seven in Togo
Senior UN Refugee Official to Visit Sudan and Chad
Ecuadoreans Defy Suspension of Civil Liberties
Ecuador's President Rescinds State of Emergency
UN: Troops in Haiti Fail to Halt Violence
Haiti May Get More UN Forces
Haitians Rally to Populist Priest

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