Iraq 'Uptick,' Superpower Downtick?: Tom Engelhardt
US Losing the War on Terror?: Ivan Eland
'W' Stands for Wilson: Paul Craig Roberts
The War for Intel Independence: Ray McGovern
The View From Saddam's Palace: Rory Cambell

We will bankrupt ourselves in the vain search for absolute security.
Dwight D. Eisenhower
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Updated April 26, 2005 - 11:24 PM EDT
Iraqi PM Draws Up List, Feuds Drag On
US Says Iraqi Insurgent Threat Grows Again
'Nothing': US WMD Inspector Finishes Iraq Work
No Evidence Syria Hid Iraqi Arms
US Says Zarqawi Fled During Raid
Blair Warns Iraq Anger Could Let in Tories
Lebanon Security Chief Resigns as Last Syrians Leave
US Prepares for Nuclear Standoff With North Korea
Call Me Unaccountable: Woodrow Wilson and George Bush   by Paul Craig Roberts
Bush's War on the Press
by Eric Alterman
Japan and China – Tempest in a Teacup  by Mike Rogers
The War for Intel Independence
by Ray McGovern
The Agony of War  by Bob Herbert
The View From Saddam's Palace
by Rory Carroll

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GOP Senator Casts Doubt on Bolton's Nomination
Former Colleague Speaks Out Against Bolton
British Complaint Could Be Last Straw for Bolton
Italy and US at Odds in Italian Agent Shooting Probe
US Clears Soldiers in Italian Agent's Iraq Death
Sunnis Drop Demand for Iraq's New Cabinet
Commander: Kuwait Fragging Altered Iraq Plans
With His Poll Numbers Down, Bush Gets Saudi Promise to Up Oil Production
Today in Iraq
Sunni Arab Set to Win Top Defense Post in Iraq
Brother of Jordanian Abducted in Iraq Pleads for His Release
Iraqi President Rules Out Islamic Regime in His Country
Bad News in Iraq Pushing US
Toughest Commute in Iraq? The Six Miles to the Airport
Attacks Escalating
Bolder Insurgent Tactics Unleashed in Iraq
Iraqi Insurgency Far From 'Fizzling'
Insurgents Improve Bomb Schemes in Iraq
Iraqi Bombers Frustrate US Troops
American Killed by Bomb in Iraq
Iraq Group Kidnaps Six Sudanese Drivers in Iraq
Global Iraq Fallout
Baghdad Accuses Syrian Soldiers of Firing at Iraqi Patrol
Romanian Opposition Urges Iraq Pullout
Seoul Says Nuclear Test Would Be Bad Move for North Korea
North Korea May Face Nuclear Dragnet
China & Her Neighbors
China Seeks to Isolate Taiwan's President
Letting Passions Burn May Backfire on China
Beijing Seeks Action After Apology by Koizumi
US Arrests Accused Afghan Drug Lord Tied to Taliban
Shells Fired From Afghanistan Kill Four in Pakistan
Afghan Police Say They Foiled Bomb Attack
Afghanistan Names First Female Governor
Six Killed as Afghan Troops, Taliban Clash
US Military Logistics Director in Philippines for Talks
Australia to Hold More Talks on Non-Aggression Pact With Asian Neighbors
Nepal's Army Launches Massive Attack Against Maoists
Bangladesh Says Indian Firing Kills Two Farmers
Six Aceh 'Rebels' Killed by Indonesian Troops
Thailand Reports Criticize Police
Russia & Her Neighbors
Putin Deplores Collapse of Soviet Union
Putin: Democracy Is Top Priority
Putin Touts Rule of Law to Reassure Investors
Putin's Olive Branch for the Oligarchs
Russia to Shut Down Bases in Georgia
Moscow Takes Calmer View on Destiny of Its Former Satellites
European Union
Bulgaria, Romania Sign EU Entry Treaty
Brown Casts More Doubt on Euro Entry
Serb War Suspect Flies to Hague
Balkan States Yielding to Hague
New Czech PM Named to End Crisis
New Czech PM Makes Ratifying EU Treaty Main Goal
'Anti-Capitalist' Debate Alarms German Business
Arabs Return to Investing in Europe
United Nations
After US Pushes, UN Rights Monitor Ousted
Annan Says Believes UN Reform Deal Reachable by September
In Other News
IAEA to Decide on New Leader Today
Pope Assures Muslims of Building Bridge of Friendship
20,000 Pay Their Respects at Gallipoli
British Elections
'I Must Stand Up to Blair for the Sake of My Tom'
Labour MP Defects to Lib Dems Over Iraq
Blair Unbowed as Iraq Emerges as Big Issue in British Campaign
New Controversy Over Iraq Forces Blair From His Chosen Battlefields
Opposition Leader to Voters: Punish Blair for War
UK Business Leaders Withdraw Backing From Labour Over War
Lib Dem Leader Seeks Iraq War 'Justice'
Lib Dems on Iraq
Majority of Britons Want Troops Home by End of the Year
British View: An Illegal War
Iraq Factor: Blair's 34 Words
Straw Under Fire Over Legality of War
Straw: Britain Joined Invasion of Iraq on 'Unequivocal' Legal Advice
Five Arrested in Scottish Antiwar Protest
The War at Home
Supreme Court Rejects Appeal by 1991 POWs in Iraq
DEA Arrests Alleged Afghan Drug Kingpin in New York
New Yorkers to Rally Against War and Nukes May 1
Lawyer Seeks Moussaoui Plea Change
Moussaoui Mother in France Plea
Torturing Justice
Latest Govt Documents Show Army Command Approved and Encouraged Abuse of Detainees
Human Rights Watch Calls for Accountability Into US Abuse of Detainees
War on Terror
Accused al-Qaeda Chief in Spain Denies Knowing 9/11 Hijacker
Belgium's Spies Lose License to Kill After Drunken Agent Opens Fire
Artists Experience Déjà vu in ‘Bioterror’ Case That Won’t Go Away
Syria Abandons Base as Occupation of Lebanon Ends
After 29 Years, Syrians Go Quietly
Lebanese Forces Move Into Bekaa Valley
Syrian Withdrawal From Lebanon Poses Tough Questions
Familiar Face Emerges in Iran Vote
Woman MP Seeks Go-Ahead to Run for President in Iran
Italy to Establish Three Industrial Research Centers in Iran
Abbas: Hamas to Disarm After Elections
Abbas Orders Palestinian Commanders to 'Halt Chaos'
Some Gaza Settlers Trapped in Purgatory
Palestinian, Israeli Killed at West Bank Roadblock
Amnesty Urges Israel to Stop Poisoning Palestinians’ Livestock
Middle East
US Turns Away Saudi Delegation Member: Officials
Yemen Intelligence Chief Escapes Assassination, Civilians Injured
Opposition Fury at Togo Poll Loss
Togo Leaders Deny Deal to Form Coalition'
Street Battles Follow Togo Poll
Aid Workers: Congo Woes Grow Worse
Fear Hinders Rwanda's Quest for Justice
Zanzibar Arrests After Explosion
Huge Protest in Mexico Backs Mayor in Campaign
Canada's Elite Soldiers Drained
Fighting Affects Children in Colombia
Ecuadoreans in the US Shrug: 'We've Had Many Presidents and It's All the Same'

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