In Defense of Marla Ruzicka: Justin Raimondo
North Korea, 6, and Bush, 0: Nicholas Kristof
Another War With North Korea?: Jude Wanniski
Horowitz's Gang Smears the Dead: Joshua Frank
Intervention Spin Cycle: Norman Solomon

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Updated April 27, 2005 - 11:10 PM EDT
US Admits Insurgency Undiminished
Data Shows Major Attacks in Iraq Soared in 2004
Iraqi Stalemate Continues, Deal Delayed Again
Once Taboo Words 'Civil War' Now Spoken in Iraq
Iraqi Assembly Member Assassinated
US May Sell Bunker Buster Bombs to Israel
40,000 Israelis Protest 'End' of Gaza Occupation
US Official Says North Korea 'Running Out of Time'
New York Times: What Dead Palestinians?  by Alison Weir
Horowitz's Gang Smears the Dead
by Joshua Frank
US Takes the Brakes Off Nuclear Arms Race  by Dave Zweifel
North Korea, 6, and Bush, 0
by Nicholas Kristof
Another War With North Korea?
by Jude Wanniski
A Bolton From the Bush
by Karen Kwiatkowski

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Ex-Officials Say Bolton Inflated Syrian Danger
Iraqis Losing Confidence in Political Process
Marines Forced to Use Dummies to Fool Insurgents
Iraq Assembly Talks Flour and the Koran Amid Political Stalemate
Iraqi Kidnappers Say They Will Start Killing Romanians, American Today
War Bill Shields ID Act From Ax
Bush, Saudi Fail to Reach Deal to Lower Gas Prices
Human Rights Watch: Abu Ghraib Just Tip of Iceberg
Berlusconi Warns US Friendly Fire Inquiry 'Not Over'
Today in Iraq
Zarqawi Escapes, but US Nabs His Laptop
CIA Report: Interrogators 'Botched Hunt for Iraq's WMD'
CIA Warns Iraqi Insurgents Trying to Fashion Chemical Weapons
Death Business Booms in Baghdad
Freed Iraq Hostage Says US Report Insults Italy
Knight Ridder's Baghdad Chief Says Journalists Remain in Deep Danger
Iraq Occupation
US Diplomat Says Federal Germany a Model for Iraq
Report: US Troops May Have Killed Canadian in Iraq
Roadside Bomb Kills US Soldier in Iraq
US, Iraqi Troops Detain 130 Militants
Iraqi Detainee, 20, Dies in US Custody
Global Iraq Fallout
70% of Romanians Would Exit Iraq to Save Journalists
Most in Poland Want End To Iraq Deployment
US Concerned Over Repatriation of Philippine Workers in Iraq
South African Soldier Fined for Moonlighting in Iraq
Echoes of Iraq Ring Through Vietnam
US Seeks German Expertise on Iraq Constitution
Permanent US Bases? Afghans See an Election Issue
Taliban Deny 'Heroin Baron' Link
Karzai Wants UN to Stay in Afghanistan
Romania Suspends Military Patrols in Afghanistan
Taliban Blamed for Pro-Kabul Commander's Death
How the New Voice of Afghan Youth Has Made Conservatives Hopping Mad
Iran Air Opens Office in Kabul
India to Press Annan for Permanent Security Council Seat
EU Proposes Four-Fold Aid Increase to Pakistan
Seven Dead in Kashmir Violence
Prominent Student Leader's Arrest Could Galvanize Nepal Protests
Analysts: India's Resumption of Arms to Nepal Not Due to China
East Asia
China Parades 'The Guilty' to Placate Japan
Today Anti-Japan, Tomorrow Anti-Beijing?
Taiwan Opposition Chief Returns to China, Hundreds Protest
Beijing Welcomes Taiwanese Nationalist Leader
Seoul Takes Gentle Tack in Dealing With North
China and Indonesia Sign Trade Accord
Russia & Her Neighbors
Protest in Urals Seeks Ouster of a Putin Ally
Putin to Visit Israel, First Russian Head of State Ever
Putin on First Middle East Tour
Russian Economy Minister: Ex-Yukos Unit Could Remain With State-Run Rosneft
New Social Activism Bedevils Putin
European Union
UN Prosecutor Keeps Croatia's EU Hopes on Hold
Poll Boost for Dutch Euroskeptics
Franco-German Plea for Yes Vote
Italy Prosecutors Want Berlusconi Charged
Gypsies Are 'Europe's Most Hated'
Rice Begins Latin America Visit
Venezuelan Arms Buildup Slammed in Colombian Memo
Violence Threatens Haitian Elections
Peru Ex-Spy Chief to Sue for $20m
Chile Lifts Freeze on Pinochet Accounts
Libya Throws Open Its Doors to the Global Market
24 Suspected Terrorists Seized in Algeria
Port Boost for Peace in Liberia
Boycott Blow for Burundi Cabinet
British Elections
Blair Rides Out Criticism on Iraq Stance: Polls
As Vote Nears, Tories Can't Get Started
Blair Plays Down Former MP's Defection to Lib Dems
The Teflon Prime Minister
Liberal Democrats: Iraq Statistics
US Military
Marines Take Stand in Iraq Murder Hearing
The Mission to Seek and Employ: Enlistment Plan Falters on Front Line – Schools
Refugee or Deserter?
War Resister Pablo Paredes Denied Conscientious Objector Status
Kin Testify in Kuwait Grenade Attack Trial
US Army Again Raises Enlistment Bonuses
Guardsmen Denied Ground Zero Retirement Credit
Army Hospital Gets Civilian Aid
The War at Home
White House Shifting Debate Away From Bolton
Foreign Policy Disputes Are Subtext in Battle Over Bolton
Gallup: 50% of Americans Now Say Bush Deliberately Misled Them on WMDs
Heartache Goes on for MIA Families
New Gaps in Controlling the Spread of Nuclear Arms
UN Warns of Nuclear Loophole
Homeland Security
Florida Planning Son of Matrix
Air Marshals Break Hiring Drought
War on Terror
Experts Call Spy Agency Practice an Eye-Opener
Spain 'Al-Qaeda' Suspect: Terrorism Is Violation of Islam
Asset Freeze Ordered for Arms Entities
Islamic Scholar Convicted of Urging Followers to Join Taliban
New Lebanese Government Seeks Vote of Confidence
With Syria Out, Lebanon Clout Grows
Syria's Ba'athists Loosen the Reins
Russia Reassures Israel on Arms Sale to Syria
Plan to Move Settlers Feeds Turmoil in Israel
Palestinians Plan for Israeli Exit From Gaza
Hamas: Arms Linked to Occupation, Not Elections
Abbas Appoints New Security Agency Chief
Israeli Army 'Expects' New Palestinian Attacks
Israel Probes West Bank Killings
Israeli Settlers Poisoning Our Sheep, Say West Bank Farmers
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia Confident of Joining WTO This Year After Bush-Abdullah Talks
Diplomatic Hand-Holding
Middle East
Women in Egypt Protest Detention of Male Relatives Since October Resort Bombing
Jordan Bans Islamists' Blood Donation Bid
Qatar Draws Up Plan to Sell Off al-Jazeera
Opposition Fury at Togo Poll Loss
Togo Youths Protest Election Result
Congo Ex-Rebels Attack UN Convoy
Congo Rebel Ninja Leader Promises to Disarm

Congo Refugees to Head Home Across Rainforest

UN Alarm as Darfur Village Burned
Aid Group Criticizes US Policy on Sudan
Sudan to Take Part in Nigeria Peace Talks With Darfur Rebels
In Other News
Investigator: Annan 'Not Exonerated'
Uzbek Capital's Center Blocked

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